The strong lion

The Ruler
With the
Will to live
and that
with the

The light bearer, a person who consciously lets his inner sun shine into the world.

Powerful traits and big tasks Leo has, but usually gets caught up in its own self-created drama first.

power and penetrating force

Leo belongs to the element of fire, which symbolizes our will, strength, endurance and penetrating power. That which we are and what we want.

With our willpower we have the possibility to take our life into our own hands. We can use it to turn off the autopilot and take the wheel. Fire makes us impulsive, active and future-oriented.

Analogous to our body

Analogous to our bodies, Leo corresponds to our heart, circulatory system and back, spine, gallbladder and spleen. Typical lion diseases include heart disease, circulatory disease, anemia, arteriosclerosis and diseases of the spine.

The metal of the lion is gold and the plants that belong to it are the passion flower, sunflowers, marigolds, daffodils, lavender and celandine. His gemstone is sardonyx and his salt is magnesium phosphoricum.

Sweets and chocolate, which the lion loves very much!

General characteristics

The general characteristics of the lion include strength, optimism, warmth, which we radiate to our surroundings, vitality, clarity, joy, friendliness, inner freedom, spontaneity and creativity.


He is very creative and has an eye for art and other forms of expression.

Criticism does not hurt him. He is the conqueror type, who goes forward without hesitation, draws all the attention to himself and puts himself in the center of attention.

He is courageous, fearless, generous, proud and dignified.

he loves preciousness and luxury and likes to surround himself with important and famous people. Friendly and amusing he moves in their midst. One may always smile at him, but never laughing, he does not forget!

The lion likes it when he can share his joy of life. He is self-confident and knows that he is important. He enjoys the attention and admiration, he cannot be overlooked. He also needs confirmation from his environment, he wants to be seen, wants to shine, just like the sun does. And what disturbs this state of being, like suffering and pain, he can not stand and makes short work of it.

He is aware of the fact that his qualities can be shown and can present himself excellently. Lions develop best in a creative, leading position, where they mainly delegate and enjoy prestige.

The king of the emotional world

His energy can be seen very well in the figure of the king. The king is a person who is creative and sets the tone and recognizes himself as a unique being. He rules as a king over the animal kingdom and can tame the inner animal energies and thus calm the emotional water (emotions) and walk on water!

To become this king, the lion must first overcome his own animal energies and the soul pain they can cause. With his strength and courage he finally frees himself and finds the way out of the darkness. Thus he forces the respect of his environment. The lower energies now recognize in him the king whom they serve and obey.

The connection with the fire

If we are too weakly connected with the element of fire, we move only in the learned patterns. We imitate everything and keep ourselves imprisoned in the old structures. The head is dominant and the heart is systematically suppressed. If now and then an impulse for freedom rises from the depths of our soul, it is immediately suppressed.

Associated with this behavior are the following phrases: I don’t dare to do that, that fails with me anyway, I can’t do that, etc. We lack love for ourselves and feel better in negativism and self-criticism than in love and self-assertion.

The still unconscious Leo

The still unconscious Leo is hardly aware of his great power and is morally retarded. He makes disparaging remarks about the problems of others with his sarcastic humor and enjoys mocking and belittling people.

He behaves like a small arrogant cat. Self-satisfied, he takes from love only what flatters him and goes on deprecatingly. He is not looking for a solution to his problems, just attention and for that he will do just about anything. He sees life as a stage on which he can act out his personal drama and expect the world to applaud him for it.

The conscious lion

The conscious lion is aware of his position as king, his great strength and overflowing joy. He uses his radiant nature and sunny disposition to enlighten the world, warm it up and make others happy.

He is the king of the animal world in man and shows how to successfully walk the royal path.

With torch held high, it stops at the gate, illuminating this way. The lion comforts and makes us forget human suffering with his courage to live and his power.

It symbolizes the royal human being, who will no longer sink below the level reached.

Leo is the divine promise that we as human beings on this planet will always be sufficiently provided for in order to be able to develop further. It gives us royal prestige and gives us stamina and strength to go our way with our heads held high.

Through the power of Leo, fear completely gives way to love, and from our innermost sounds a gentle, always quiet and knowing voice on which we trust. Our light shines far into the darkness and we stand strong and steadfast as the divine man on earth.

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