The thing from hell: this is why i’ll never use a soft tampon again

"A tampon without a string, perfect for period sex" or as our editor would say, "The thing from hell.". Why she never uses soft tampons again.

The thing from hell: That's why I'll never use a soft tampon again

Sex, spa, sports, swimming – all no problem, thanks to cordless soft tampon. And quite honestly: They already had me at "Sex". A small sponge, which one introduces and quasi a period-free life is imminent (unless one has pain). So. Actually super. If there were not the removal. Which led me to make a proper cons list here. Because we don’t really need these things. for reasons.

The effort in removing it is out of proportion

For all those who are in an unspeakable position right now and are googling in a panic: We have the step-by-step instructions for removing the soft tampon here. Exceptionally I spoil the most important tip: Let the tampon run completely full – it can be removed afterwards a little easier.

So there I sat, completely desperate, calling my colleague who had written the instructions, just before my best friend’s birthday party – the damn tampon just wouldn’t come out. I’ve never wanted a tampon string so badly before. Actually, a small indentation in the sponge should make the thing tangible with the index finger. No chance. I had left the soft tampon in overnight, but my period was just too weak.

What to do if you can not remove the soft tampon itself?

Should you not be able to remove the soft tampon yourself, visit a gynecologist / gynecologist. Unfortunately, the whole misery happened to me on the weekend, so my only option was to call the emergency medical services (yes, this really happened). The consultant on the other end may have already had experience with this issue. With a "Well, I see. You have to go to the gynecological ambulance" he referred me to the hospital. A bit pressed for time, I did try one last time and finally got this thing out of my body, rock-solid determined to write this article.

Pro period sex

Honestly: What’s so bad about period sex?? If you feel comfortable with it, there is nothing to prevent you from doing so. If your partner disagrees, that’s his problem. The fight with this sponge really does not stand for it. If you are one of those lucky ones who can wear soft tampons without any problems – go for it. To the rest I say just put a towel under it. By the way: Studies have shown that menstruation does not have a negative effect on the sensation of pleasure. And: Orgasms help against period cramps.

You see the lace – so what?

If you’re worried about tampon lacing in the pool, at sports, or anywhere else – realize that half the population menstruates. A tampon string is completely normal. If it comes out, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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