The witchessisterssaga by marah woolf: book review

Do you actually have a Reading Buddy? A friend with whom you can talk about your favorite books on a regular basis? I am happy every day anew that I have my dear Freedi, who regularly and passionately tells me about her latest reading experiences. It was through them that I recently became aware of the HexenSchwesternSaga by Marah Woolf. The consistently positive reviews on the Internet did the rest – I really wanted to get to know the story about the three witches Vianne, Maelle and Aimee. A few years ago I had also read a book by Marah Woolf, and found her writing style very pleasant at the time. So let’s go to the nearest bookstore!

By the way, this trilogy is also very tempting to buy the books simply because of the beautiful covers and the great presentation. I actually catch myself doing this very often, do you know this about yourself as well?? And relatively rarely are both the dust jackets and the books as a whole so beautifully designed as here with the HexenSchwesternSaga – great cover and design love, I absolutely have to mention that here right at the beginning.

Beautiful books: The WitchesSistersSaga by Marah Woolf

"Some things you miss forever." Four years ago, Vianne was bitten by a sylph. In the following demon fever she lost all her witch powers. In order to survive, she had to leave her homeland and the love of her life Ezra Tocqueville. Now she returns cured to France, which is now behind a huge wall that protects the world from the demons. Vianne is determined to get back her magic and Ezra. Before that, however, she must convince the current Grand Master of Mages to make a pact with the demons. But Ezra has his own plans and Vianne is no longer part of them … A magical adventure full of danger and romance in a world where legends have become reality.


The WitchesSistersSaga: That’s what it’s about

You mustn’t come here alone at this hour, Vi. – With this sentence from Ezra, Vianne’s first, great and unfortunately unfulfilled love, begins the part of the story from her life that we are allowed to accompany in the HexenSchwesternSaga. Only because of a stupid, careless moment a few years before Vianne was bitten by a sylph and infected with the treacherous demon fever, which not only robbed her of all witch powers, but also acutely threatens her life. Ezra sees an abbey in Glastonbury, and the ancient magical knowledge of the witches there, as the only salvation for them. Also because he fears that the so far successfully banished demons will soon descend upon their homeland, France. With no great choice, Vianne embarks on the journey and, after nearly two years of intensive care, does indeed recover – though her magic seems lost forever to the insidious fever.

At this point the real story begins, namely with the return of Vianne and her two sisters to France, which is now shielded from the rest of the world by a high wall – to protect the people from the ever advancing demons. Maelle is the middle of the three sisters, who always has a little of her own mind. Aimee, the eldest, is always careful to protect her two younger sisters.

Together they have to convince Ezra, the grand master of the mages, to take a different way in the fight against the demons. For the one he chooses seems to spell doom for all mankind. The key role is of course played by Vianne, who is supposed to have a positive influence on Ezra because of her special connection to him – at least that’s the idea and plan of the Mage Lodge. But unfortunately, not even Vianne herself is sure if this connection was ever real and existed from both sides, because Ezra – as so often – just acts ice cold. And how can she defend herself without magic in an emergency, when France is now infested with demons??

The writing style of Marah Woolf& the world of witches

I just have to say it again, I really like the writing style of Marah Woolf. The books read again very easily and fluently, one flies only in such a way by the sides. There are almost no disturbing sentence structures, no strange sounding phrases, nothing seems stilted. Absolutely perfect, at least for me. Very admirable I find also all the partly complex ideas about the world of witches, wizards and demons, which Marah has created here. In each of the three books you will find great information on the front and back covers, such as the most common witch runes, the yearly cycle of witches with the most important days and festivals of the year, or a list of spells and curses – use at your own risk!

I dedicate this book to all of you who believe in magic, witches and demons. Stay brave!

Marah Woolf

The HexenSchwesternSaga is set, at least I think, in our time and also in our world. Except that there are also magical beings and demons. The latter were bound in long past times by a pact to keep away from our world. Through some kind of concealment spell, we humans can’t recognize the magic. For example, in Glastonbury Abbey we can see only an old ruined building. The main setting of the three books is the huge, magical forest area of Broceliande in High Brittany in France. There are, distributed on various clearings, smaller places, and also the home of the three sisters.

Even its name had long been forgotten by humans. Broceliande – the magic forest. He got this name from the Celts. Today, the realm of the druids, the fairies and the goddesses had become a place from which evil came.

Marah Woolf – Sister of the stars

Many of Marah’s ideas I find really great, like for example the house of the three sisters, which first has to be appeased with a spell, because it is offended that it was left alone for so long. I also like all the magical witch stuff: the runes and rituals, the enchanted food, and of course the little store that once sold magical candles, herbal mixtures for every possible ailment, love talismans, incense, and many other bewitched items.

Marah describes these things so vividly that I would like to start my own little herb garden right away and begin making magic potions. In the third book, you’ll even find a recipe for making moon water, wrapped up in a beautiful ritual that you can use to spiritually cleanse your body or home. I always like something like that, you do too?

As dark as the story is because of the demons, for me it also always exudes domestic comfort. Smells of freshly baked goods flow from the kitchen into the living room, delicious tea is drunk constantly, coffee is refined with spices … I constantly felt while reading as if I would like to have all that right now. I believe that this is intended by Marah, why else would there be a recipe for French Madeleines à la Adelaise at the end of the first part??!

The yearly cycle of the witches in the first part of the WitchesSistersSaga

Aimee can predict the future – do you think I can do the same??!

My conclusion to the HexenSchwesternSaga by Marah Woolf

All in all, I found the books very enjoyable, for the above reasons. Because Marah writes very pleasantly and fluidly, and because of the great witchcraft atmosphere. Unfortunately, the plot often just plods along, and there isn’t really much suspense. I also find it a pity that Vianne gets so involved in her love for Ezra. He is neither lovable, nor super nice to her, nor has he ever really returned her feelings. Although she thinks of herself as not being the naive girl she used to be after her healing, it doesn’t come across.

For example, there was Ash, to whom Vianne owed much of her healing. The complete two years in the abbey he was always there for Vianne, sharing her fears, her deepest feelings and darkest thoughts. Actually, the two would make a great couple, but of course Vianne is too attached to her idea of Ezra to give such feelings even the slightest chance. In so many situations I would have just wanted to shake it! By the way, my absolute favorite character is Caleb, the "good" demon. He just has such a wonderfully refreshing way, and saved many a chapter where otherwise there just wouldn’t have been much going on.

The books are a real eye-catcher on the shelf

The witch sisters saga is told in 3 books

On a total of over 1.For 500 pages, you can follow Vianne, Maelle and Aimee as they battle demons and, of course, brew potions and mix magical herbs. And will Ezra ever return Vianne’s love??

    : Sister of the Stars – of runes and shadows / 480 pages : Sister of the Moon – of sigils and bones / 480 pages : Sister of the Night – of rings and blood / 608 pages

Well, did I manage to whet your appetite for the story of the three sisters with this review?? Have you ever read a book by Marah Woolf and do you like her writing style as much as I do?? I am very happy about your comment and possible book recommendations!

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The WitchesSistersSaga by Marah Woolf: Book Review

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