The wollnys: fortune – that’s how rich silvia wollny and co. Are. Really

Die Wollnys – assets: That’s how much money Silvia Wollny, Sarafina& Co. really on the account

It’s a question that will probably be asked by many RTL2 viewers. Are the Wollnys wealthy or rather not?

How wealthy Silvia Wollny, Sarafina Wollny, Loredana Wollny and the other children of the iconic extended family..? How wealthy "The Wollnys" actually are, is not publicly known, but nevertheless the income of the extended family can be broken down somewhat.

The Wollnys: Rich or poor – how much money do Silvia Wollny and her children have??

Like most employees in Germany, Silvia Wollny of course can’t go around blurting out what "salary" she gets transferred to her account for the show "Die Wollnys". But there is a whistleblower of sorts in the family: Silvia’s eldest daughter Jessica Birkenhauer, better known to many as Jessica Wollny.

Jessica has not wanted to be part of the family for a long time and has been at loggerheads with her mother for many years. This is also one of the reasons why she, together with her stepfather Dieter Wollny and the author Katja Schneidt, published the Wollny tell-all book "Die ungeschminkte Wahrheit" (The Unvarnished Truth), in which she spills the beans.

A few facts about the Wollnys:

  • "The Wollnys – A terribly large family" is a pseudo-documentary
  • "The Wollnys" ran on 17. January 2011 for the first time on RTL2
  • There are two spin-offs of the pseudo-documentary: "The Wollnys 2.0 – The next generation" and "Lecker Schmecker Wollny"
  • Head of the family Silvia Wollny was also on TV outside the family show. In 2021, she took part in the "Battle of the Reality Stars"
  • In 2018, Silvia Wollny won on "Celebrity Big Brother."
  • The entire episodes are also available on RTL Plus (TV NOW)

The Wollnys: How much money do Silvia Wollny and Co. earn?. per episode?

"The family comes, after all, from very poor backgrounds and came into the fortunate position of earning a lot of money through the series", reports Schneidt. The Wollnys are said to have made the proud sum of 14.000 euros per episode shot – is written in the book. Whether this is true or not is unclear.

If the sum is correct, it can also be assumed that the amount per "Die Wollnys" episode has risen significantly since Birkenhauer left the family – after all, the TV family’s profile has grown considerably since then. It’s hard to imagine the RTLzwei TV landscape without Silvia Wollny and her daughters. A reason for higher fees! Just based on an amount of 14.000 euros per episode, Wollny’s salary during filming would rise to around 56.000 per month add up.

The Wollnys as influencers on Instagram

Add to that the Wollny women’s activities as influencers. It’s no longer a secret that there’s money to be made on Instagram. Since the fee per commercial is based on the number of followers, Sarafina Wollny (552.000 subscribers) and Silvia Wollny (435.000 subscribers), but also Estefania Wollny (391.000 subscribers) and Loredana Wollny (258.000 subscribers) earn a fat chunk of money with their paid advertising on Instagram.

The online portal "" already made in January 2020 based on Silvia Wollny’s then follower count of 301.000, the family patriarch can thus expect to earn between 900 and 1.300 euros per campaign posting would get. With four postings per month alone, Silvia Wollny would have earned herself a chunk of around 4,000 euros.000 euros of additional income secured long before they won the 435.000 followers reached.

The Wollnys: Siliva Wollny’s fortune through other TV appearances

What else is known about the Wollnys’ fortune? In 2018, Silvia Wollny won the sixth season of "Promi Big Brother" and collected prize money of 100.000 euros from. According to her own statements, Silvia Wollny has donated the money. But rumor has it that she was nevertheless left with an appearance fee of 65.000 euros.

The "Berliner Kurier" is certain that Silvia Wollny loses at least 700.000 euros in the account. That leads the portal on data on the page, which determines the assets of prominent people on the basis of market analyses, salaries, divorces, court rulings, company sales, inheritance notices and insider information. This information, too, has never been confirmed by Silvia Wollny.

More about the Wollnys:

So how much the Wollnys’ fortune really is, remains an open question. What is certain, however, is that Silvia Wollny and her daughters can certainly live very well on their earnings!

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