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Our school

  • Founded in 1961
  • 960 students
  • quadruple
  • 82 teachers
  • Duration of a school lesson:
    60 minutes
  • All-day teaching i.d.R. from
    7:40 a.m. to 3:35 p.m. (Mon, Wed and Thurs)
    7:40 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. (Tues and Fri)

Everything else can be found in this section of the website – you are very welcome!


The curriculum offers the core subjects of grammar school education.
In its current profile, it does justice to the different talent emphases of the students as well as to the breadth of educational requirements in a united Europe with a global orientation.

Performance center

In addition to the regular curriculum of a grammar school, the Zum Altenforst grammar school offers special opportunities for specialization in the area of modern foreign languages and in the field of mathematics and science. These two focal points will also be incorporated into the regional performance center that is currently being set up at the Zum Altenforst high school.

Information for fourth graders

The school change is coming up? Here we introduce ourselves to you!

High school enrollments for the 2022/23 school year

We need your certificate of the 1. Your mid-year report card from the current school year, your transcript from last summer, your birth certificate, and a written application. This should specifically state a possible career aspiration and why they are choosing to go to high school at the GAT advertises.

The application can either be dropped off at our school (please call 02241-87470 in advance to arrange a drop-off date) or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots! JavaScript must be enabled to view! to be sent. Please attach the scanned documents to the mail.

Be sure to include a phone number and e-mail address as well.
We will get back to you.

Registration deadline is 22. February 2022.

In March there will be an information event where you and your parents will be informed about the legal basics of the gymnasiale Oberstufe.

If you have any further questions regarding the registration for the upper school, please contact Mr. Heimermann (e-mail).

We mourn the death of Hans Stachelhaus

† 22.12.2021

Hans Stachelhaus (*12. 4. 1941, † 22. 12. 2021) was a teacher at Altenforst for 32 years (1971 – 2003). He established the subject philosophy at our school – connected with the basic philosophical attitude: A grammar school, which cultivates a mathematical-scientific emphasis, must also give philosophy a space for thinking. The fact that he was able to convey – not only philosophically – the French-Mediterranean way of thinking and living, is proven not least by the popular study trips to Provence, which his Leistungskurs students could expect in the subject German. As chairman of the German student council, Hans Stachelhaus was instrumental in shaping the subject at Altenforst for almost twenty years.
We commemorate and remember him as a fine person and colleague.

Merry Christmas, happy vacations and a happy new year 2022!

After a special year 2021, which brought many innovations to the schools and cost all our strength, we wish you a reflective, peaceful and relaxing Christmas in the company of the people who are important to you!

Come well into the new year 2022 and return to Altenforst with fresh energy after the vacations – we wish you health and confidence!!

Finally another Christmas concert…

…even if this year, due to corona, it could not be again with the very big audience.

Nevertheless, the Christmas concert among the students provided a beautiful musical mood for Christmas and was a highlight in this, currently but often dreary, everyday life.

The moderator team charmingly led through the colorful program that the music faculty had rehearsed with their classes in class. The concert also provided a stage for those students who practice diligently on their instruments throughout the year but rarely get the opportunity to showcase their skills to an audience. This year’s concert, however, was less about artistic perfection and more about getting something great together and pleasing each other.

Open day 2021

Dear visitor,
at the moment it is not always so easy for you to visit our school just like that. We would normally take you on a little research trip and let you look behind all the doors. But as long as that doesn’t work out, we’ll just take you online on a big discovery tour through Altenforst!

On the following pages you will find information about our school, about us students, our timetable, the equipment of the rooms and gymnasiums, our subjects, our AGs, about our school life and much more. You will see that this information has mostly been collected for you by us students. Wow! And you will soon realize: we are looking forward to meeting you in person!

Below you will also find a virtual tour of our school and the materials for the Open Day 2020. The tour and the website were created in an extensive project by 2 students and have been revised since then.

You have decided to enroll your daughter or son at our school?

Then you will find all important information here.

For the School year 2022/2023 you can between Monday, 14. February 2022 and Friday, 11. March 2022 register in the secretary’s office of our school .

You can make an appointment by phone (02241 87470). We will then invite you to a personal intake interview.

As important Documents Please bring with you

  • the family record book (birth certificate of the child)
  • if necessary. proof of custody
  • the report card of the 1. Half term of 4. The school year with the report drawn up by the primary school teachers
  • the Competence Assessment Form (obligatory for all Troisdorf schools)
  • the registration form issued by your elementary school
  • a proof that you have been vaccinated against measles

Additionally we need some documents from you. You can download it here or pick it up and fill it out at the school’s secratariat before the interview. Thank you.

Please bring your child to the admission interview. We will prepare an excuse for the elementary school. We will inform you in writing about the actual admission.
We need a 3G confirmation from you, which you can show at the secretary’s office.

We look forward to the interview!

How does school work in Scotland?

We, class 8c have video-telephoned in English class with a seventh grade from Scotland about teams. The school is located in Inverurie (look at a map) and is called Kemnay Academy. Our main topic was food, for which the Scots showed us a short video. Through it we saw how them spend their lunch break. After that we could talk to each other. At the beginning were we, but also the pupils from Scotland, very shy. Fortunately, after some time a few learners dared to ask questions and so we were able to find out quite a bit:

At Kemnay Academy, classes start at 8:40 am and end at 3:15 pm. However, there are no short or long days, but 6 hours every day. You do not have a 10 min break between lessons and you change rooms for each next lesson.

As part of the project, the Scottish students cooked (z.B. (soup, homemade chips) and afterwards we were allowed to eat everything. We have asked which ingredients are frequently used. Answer: Fish and potatoes.

During their lunch break, all students are allowed to leave the school grounds, for example to go home or to buy food in a store. The lunch break is shorter than at our school.

Kemnay Academy is set in an almost idyllic location in the Scottish hills and there is even a river running beside the school, the River Don, where the older students are allowed to spend their lunch breaks.

All in all it was an interesting experience. We have learned something about Scotland and would like to talk to the Scottish students again, preferably one student at a time.

We would like to thank Mrs. Westhauser, Mrs. Theis and Mrs. Buchan for making this interview possible and we are looking forward to further talks.

I’m a Scientist – School meets Science

At I’m a Scientist – Get me out of here! This is an online project that enables students to have a direct exchange with scientists via a text-based live chat. The learners can ask questions for half an hour on topics that the participating scientists are currently researching. At the same time, the experts will tell you what everyday life in science is like, how they found their way to their profession and what they are interested in privately.

Through their own profile, students can find out in advance about the scientists with whom they will be in contact in the chat. Favorite experts* can also be voted on during the course of the project. The winners receive prize money at the end of the project.

The current round on "particle and astrophysics" (8.11.21-19.11.21) was carried out in cooperation with the Particle World Network. Also in this round the GAT participated with several classes (7e, 8e and 9d).

The students prepared questions for the scientists in advance. One answer usually led to many more questions, so that a very lively exchange quickly developed. Where does the universe expand to?? What happened before the Big Bang and what is the Higgs particle?? These and many other questions were answered patiently and vividly by the scientists*. The students also had a lot of questions about the LHC, the world’s largest particle accelerator.

In addition to technical questions, the students were also interested in how the experts found their profession. This was quite different: while some scientists* already had very precise ideas about a job in physics as a child, others only discovered their passion for a specific field of research later on.

The students found the question of what the experts like most about their job particularly interesting. "Always discovering new things", "developing logical connections" and "finding answers to questions of mankind" were some of the answers. Less popular, at least with some scientists, are formal matters such as z.B. different requests that have to be made regularly. However, all participating scientists had two things in common: they love different kinds of sweets and are enthusiastic about their research every day.

The time passed very quickly and the students were enthusiastic: "It was great that the questions were answered so well and that we also got an idea of how a scientist works ", said a student from 7e. We will definitely participate in the project again and are already looking forward to the next round!

Team Seas fundraiser at parents’ day of 20.11.2021

Where do we donate and what is Team Seas?

  • We as a class have decided to donate to the organization Team Seas because it is important to us that the animals that live in the sea also have a good and waste-free life.
  • Team Seas is about removing as much trash from the world’s oceans as possible. The first goal, which one sets oneself thereby, are approx. 14 million kilograms of plastic waste, scrap metal, etc. For every dollar donated, it should be possible to remove half a kilogram of waste from the world’s oceans. The current goal is to raise around 26.5 million dollars in order to be able to implement the project. This is how we are currently planning it before the year 2021 ends.

Info about our sales booth:

  • We, class 8e, sold food such as waffles, wraps, vegetable sticks, muffins and cakes at the parent-teacher conference and strictly adhered to the hygiene regulations.
  • Drinks such as water, coffee, tea and other beverages were also offered. Juices offered.
  • At our booth there was a donation box for Team Seas, where all the money was donated to this organization.
  • Half of the proceeds, such as food or drinks, were donated to Team Seas.

Donation amount:
In total, we were able to donate $200 to #TeamSeas.

We think that such projects should be supported further and therefore say THANK YOU to all who have supported us in this!

Luke Strunk (Class 8e with Ms. Jaschner)

Vincent Cui wins our reading competition 2021

The 6th grade reading competition. The first class is always a big event at our GAT, which Jutta Bohmann has been organizing for years. Under corona-compliant conditions, it has been possible for the students of the 6. The students were able to come together in the auditorium and not only hear samples of the best readers from their classes – but also listen to the violin recital by Chelsea Bauer, who performed during the reading breaks.

For the past 13 years, the program has been moderated by Jan Mebus, whom Reinhard Schulte, the school’s principal, has called "Mr. Reading competition" is one of the. Jan Mebus, now working himself, has remained loyal to the reading competition since he himself was in the 6th grade. Class participated. Moderating alongside him now for the fourth year was Claudia Toma, herself a member of our 11. Class attended.
The 4 class winners Vincent Cui from 6a, Valeriia Marzu from 6b, Ouijdan Hussein from 6c and David Herzog from 6d competed against each other in the school’s internal reading competition. Vincent Cui from class 6a, who read from John Mc Barnett’s "Miles&", came out on top Niles" and now represents the GAT as the best reader at the district-wide reading competition – we wish him good luck!
We would also like to thank our jury and the sponsors, without whom the reading competition would not be possible: Mayersche bookstore (Ms. Sturm and Ms. Schroter), Klett publishing house (Mr. Alexander Ott) and the Troisdorf public library (Ms. Haase and Mr. Barion).

GAT to be diverse

If every human being had his own individual c o l o u r , how colorful would we be?

Imagine a world where you can be the color you want to be. A world where you can freely develop and be who you want to be without fear of being judged, excluded or discriminated against.
A nice but unrealistic idea. Perhaps a little too good to be true. However, you can get one step closer to this idea. Cohesion is the key, because with it we can achieve great things. Our project "Gat to be diverse" serves to start at our school and take a step forward.

Who we are?
We are currently a group of students from Q1 and welcome anyone who wants to join (from grade 9).

What we want to achieve?
We want everyone to feel comfortable and included here at Gymnasium zum Altenforst and that no one has to suffer from experiences of racism or discrimination at school. To make this possible, we want and we must educate especially young people at an early age and show that it does not matter if you follow the social ideal or. Standard corresponds or not. In addition, we would like to offer everyone at the school a support, help, or. Provide contacts and lead by example.

How do we want to achieve this??
Our implementation idea is to first focus on grades 6-8 and use playful interactions, such as role-playing, to inform students about racist situations, terms, and privileges. This takes the form of class visits.

How you can get involved and become part of this project?
If we have piqued your interest, feel free to contact one of us on teams at. More information will follow.
Contact persons: Sehra Juma-Basch and Sarah Faraje

We are looking forward to making our school a little more colorful together with you, because: Cohesion is the key!

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