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Gopili helps you compare all available train tickets and find the cheapest train tickets for Mannheim to Wiesbaden. You will also find other useful information: Timetables, prices, interesting offers etc.

Calendar of cheap train tickets from Mannheim to Wiesbaden

With the calendar below you can find cheap tickets from Mannheim to Wiesbaden. All you have to do is click on the desired date and all prices available for that day will be displayed.

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Best prices found for a train ride from Mannheim to Wiesbaden

We compare all available train tickets for a train ride from Mannheim to Wiesbaden and find the best price for you. Below are the most interesting prices for the coming days.

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Travel information for your rail journey

Route from Mannheim to Wiesbaden

Travel time
Departure point Mannheim, Germany
Arrival location Wiesbaden, Germany
Distance 0 Km

There are many trains that run from Mannheim in Germany (Baden-Wurttemberg) to Wiesbaden in Germany (Hesse).The two cities are 0 km apart. A train ride is often the fastest and most environmentally friendly solution for a journey from Mannheim to Wiesbaden.

Rail travel in your area

Many trains run between Mannheim and Wiesbaden, but there are other options near you:

Book a cheap train Mannheim Wiesbaden

You have several possibilities to book your ticket for a Mannheim Wiesbaden train to book:

  • Online : On the website of Deutsche Bahn you can use an online booking service. After booking, you will receive your ticket in PDF format and you can print it out or save it on your cell phone.
  • By phone : Another option is to call the DB travel service (you can find the number on the Internet). You can pick up your ticket at a ticket machine directly after booking or before departure.
  • At the station : you can buy your train tickets either at the counter of a DB agency or at a ticket machine.
  • Our tip : Use our quick and easy search engine! This is the most practical way to find your cheap train ticket. Find your train ticket Wiesbaden Mannheim also with Gopili.

Different types of train tickets

If you’ve already been looking for a cheap train ticket, you’ll almost certainly have noticed that there are several types of train tickets available in Germany. Below you will find some explanations about the main types of train tickets for your convenience.

  • Train tickets that are booked in advance. The prices of train tickets vary depending on whether you want to book them immediately before departure or much earlier. In general, the following rule applies to ticket prices: the earlier you book your train ticket, the lower the price. So it is recommended to buy your train ticket in advance of the departure date. "Earlier" means 10 to 12 weeks before your trip. 12 weeks earlier would be ideal.
  • Sparpreise. Formerly called "Dauerspezial-Fahrkarten," you can get cheaper train tickets at the Sparpreis that are valid for a one-way trip throughout Germany. Rail fares start from 19 € (only up to 250 km in the 2.class) at. In general, a Sparpreis ticket costs 29 € in second class and 39 € in first class. Such train tickets are sold online or on cell phones and in limited quantities.
  • The Schones-Wochenende-Ticket. When traveling on weekends only? This ticket will interest you! Valid on Saturdays or Sundays until 3 a.m. of the following day. It can be used on all regional trains (RB, IRE, RE) throughout Germany. So you change trains as often as you like. It is also interesting to travel in groups, as fellow travelers only pay a surcharge of 4 € each. Instead of paying €120 for three passengers, you’ll pay just €48 – so a savings of €72. Let’s start with the "Schones-Wochenende-Ticket" (nice weekend ticket)!
  • The Quer-durchs-Land ticket. If you want to discover several places in Germany and still want to use cheap train tickets, this is now possible with the Quer-durchs-Land ticket. With this ticket you can take all regional trains. The validity of your ticket depends on the day: Mondays to Fridays, the ticket is valid from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. the following day. For example, you can leave on a Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. and return on Thursday at 2:30 a.m. On weekends you travel the whole day until 3 o’clock the following day. And all this from 44 € for 1 traveler.
  • The Europe Special. You would like to travel to a country in Europe, but you are afraid of the plane? From now on you can travel by train! For this purpose you can buy a cheap train ticket with the "Europa-Spezial. Many European countries are accessible by train: France, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, etc. In the second class you can travel from 39 € and in the 1st class from 10 €.Class from 69€ offers with the InterCity Express or the Thalys (u.a.) book. Moreover, with the Bahncard25 you get a 25% discount.

ou travel regularly by train and you don’t want to pay the normal price every time you travel? The right solution for you is the Bahncard! Whether you travel from Mannheim to Wiesbaden every day or only occasionally – there is the right Bahncard for you. Among the various Bahncards, you may not find the right offer for you at first glance. The following table will give you a better overview:

  • Bahncard25: 25 % discount
  • Bahncard50: 50% discount
  • Bahncard100: 100 % discount
  • Youth Bahncard25: 25% discount
Normal price (1) With the Bahncard savings Number of journeys to make the Bahncard worthwhile
Railcard25 50 € 38 € 13 € 5
railcard50 50 € 25 € 25 € 10
Bahncard100 50 € 50 € 82
YouthBahncard25 50 € 38 € 13 € 1

(1) Average price in the last 6 months for a one-way trip

You do not want to travel by train?

There are other means of transportation for your trip from Mannheim-Wiesbaden:

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