Travels to candy island in family island as of now

Family Island has received another update and you can travel to new islands. Melsoft from Cyprus means well with you and has added a lot more.. All players who have not yet reached Hay Day& Co. still have space on your smartphone should download this app, because it is very nicely drawn and entertaining. Familiy Island is available for free for iOS and Android in their respective stores (as of 1. February 2022).

And this is what awaits you in Family Island: Immediately after the installation you will start with a detailed tutorial. Here you will learn about the history, and immediately start to make room on your island, because on an island this game takes place.

Family Island is free to play

You learn how to remove bushes and shrubs, set up the stove and can improve your house already in the first level. A tip in advance: there are hidden gifts on the map; look for them.

Family Island

The islands open when you reach certain levels and close again after you complete all the tasks on the island.

Travel points are consumed when traveling in the world of Family Island. They are automatically replenished over time. You need travel points to visit the islands in the Family Island world. Android gamers get the game here.

In the list of islands you can see the number of points you need to travel. They renew automatically after a while. Important: If you want to return to your home island, no travel points are needed. Get the iOS version of the game here.

The 11 best tips for the farm game Family Island

  1. Cones can be found when felling spruce trees; you will receive fir cones when felling fir trees starting at level 15
  2. If you build a stove, you can make resin with pine cones (possible from 17. Level)
  3. Ashes are used to make items. It can be obtained as a reward for a series of commands from the shaman. It is used to create a palette at level 31 and improve some buildings throughout the game
  4. Torches are a rare commodity in the game that can only be obtained when performing a chain of orders for the shaman (you need torches to upgrade some buildings)
  5. Salt is important – perform orders for the merchant or the shaman. The gifts you receive for completing a chain of orders can be (!) Get salt
  6. You need animal food to feed your animals; the food is logically produced in the mill
  7. Clay deposits are present on many islands in the game. For example, you can easily find it in the upper part of your home island (clay is often used for buildings and for improvements). Sound is unlocked from level 9
  8. You can also update the shaman’s orders to see a different set of goods he may need
  9. You can exchange stored resources that you do not need for experience in the game
  10. The merchant comes in a boat and asks for a number of goods. The more goods you give him, the higher your reward will be
  11. One last tip: You can skip a type of merchandise and still get the maximum reward

You are looking for the Magic Ball 8?

You need this magic ball to complete orders for the shaman. It will also fall out of an abandoned hut in the left part of the home island. More game apps.

This is all new in the game (as of 1. February 2022)

  • Travel to the candy island and enjoy the treats.
  • Visit the hot Forgotten Island with Eva and Meira.
  • Participate in the Winter Games with your family: keep order on Fan Island and help Bruce light the main flare on the Island of the Games.
  • Organize a party for your friends on the Tropical Islands!

These are the features of the game Family Island

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Familiar gameplay
  • Cute characters
  • Connect with your Facebook account
  • Optional in-app purchases

Conclusion: Family Island makes a very nice impression. It’s easy to use, gives you a lot of options – but still I can’t give my own island a name (maybe this will come in a higher level). How far I will get in general without spending real money? This also remains to be found out, because it consumes a relatively large amount of energy units (for example, for cooking or cutting down trees).

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