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Completely absurd: The AfD nominates a candidate for the federal presidential election who is not a member of the AfD. And he – CDU man Max Otte – proudly accepts the proposal. And even says: "I feel the proposal as a great honor." The CDU now wants to kick Otte out as quickly as possible, but that shouldn’t matter to him. After all, there is at least one party in which he is always welcome.

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Dozens missing after boat capsizes off Florida

After the capsizing of a boat of suspected human smugglers off the coast of the U.S. state of Florida, emergency forces are searching for 39 missing people. The U.S. Coast Guard was alerted to the disaster after a "good Samaritan" had recovered one survivor. According to him, the boat had started Saturday night in the Bahamas and then got caught in a storm.

Presidential election in Italy: No winner in second round either

Also on the second day of the presidential election in Italy there has been no winner. As at the start of the campaign, none of the candidates achieved the necessary votes to be elected Two-thirds majority needed. Because the major parties still far from finding a common candidate, returned their electoral people blank voting cards Without names as of. On Wednesday it goes into the third round. Then, for the last time, a two-thirds majority is needed for a decision in the vote in the session hall of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome. From Thursday the absolute majority is enough.

As a candidate for the highest office in the state is still considered Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Besides Draghi, various other prominent politicians are considered contenders for the post. Explicitly as a candidate set up is officially nobody.

Biden warns of "biggest invasion since World War II"

A Russian invasion of Ukraine, given the massive troop presence near the border, could be the "largest invasion since World War II," according to U.S. President Joe Biden will be. Such a move would "change the world", Biden warned. According to U.S. data, Moscow is believed to have deployed along the Ukrainian border some 100.000 Russian troops in position. Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden said he "continues to expand the troop presence along the Ukrainian border.".

Presumably, Biden was referring specifically to Europe with his statement, because significantly more soldiers were deployed in the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. In Afghanistan, on the other hand, the presence of Soviet troops after their invasion in 1979 was estimated to be around 120.000 specified.

Dozens killed by storm in East Africa

In Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, many streets were flooded.

(Photo: imago images/Xinhua)

When tropical storm "Ana" passed through the country At least 46 people have lost their lives in three countries in East Africa. The worst hit was the island nation of Madagascar, where authorities there said 39 people died as a result of the storm, and nearly 65.000 more were left homeless. Three deaths reported in Mozambique, four in neighboring Malawi state.

  • The storm formed late last week over the east coast of Africa’s largest island, Madagascar. Heavy rains triggered floods and mudslides that destroyed numerous homes in the capital Antananarivo. Tens of thousands of people left homeless by storm, according to civil protection agency.
  • On Monday met "Ana to the African mainland and also caused heavy rains in Mozambique. The government and UN agencies estimate that in three provinces a total of 500.000 people could be affected.
  • In neighboring Malawi, Monday night’s storm plunged much of the country into darkness. The utility Electricity Generation Company was forced to temporarily shut down its power generators in light of the floods.

Videos of the day

CDU joins traffic light parties in supporting another Steinmeier candidacy for German president. But the AfD proposes its own candidate – from the ranks of the CDU. Their board responds posthaste, kicking Max Otte out of the party.

Ukraine: Selenskyj warns against panic

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selensky Calls for calm in the face of growing tensions on the border with Russia. One does not indulge in childish illusions about the Russian threat, but there is hope, he said in a televised address. "Protect your body from the virus, your brain from lies, and your heart from panic." Work is underway to ensure that the Negotiations with Russia, Germany and France Could be resumed as soon as possible. Negotiations in the so-called Normandy format aim to defuse tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

Elton John has Corona

British pop star Elton John has had to postpone several concerts in the U.S. because of a corona illness. "I caught covid", The 74-year-old singer wrote on Instagram. "Fortunately, I am fully vaccinated and boosted and my symptoms are mild."

Sir John has been on this tour since 2018, but because of the Corona pandemic, many dates had to be postponed. Most recently, the superstar also had to interrupt the concert series due to hip surgery.

CDU federal executive board decides to expel Otte from the party

The CDU wants to expel the head of the arch-conservative Werte-Union, Max Otte, from the party at the suggestion of the AfD because of his planned candidacy for the office of German president. According to information from participant circles, the Federal Executive Board decided unanimously on Tuesday to initiate appropriate proceedings.

French tourist sentenced to long prison term in Iran

Frenchman Benjamin Brière, imprisoned in Iran on espionage charges, has been sentenced to eight years and eight months in prison. Besides "espionage the 36-year-old has been accused of "propaganda" against the against the Iranian leadership, according to his lawyer Philippe Valent. Paris called the verdict "unacceptable".

Brière "had no right of defense, no access to the charges and no opportunity to prepare and present a defense", criticized his lawyer.

According to his family, the 36-year-old was traveling as a tourist in a converted camper van in Iran in the spring of 2020 when he was accused of "photographing forbidden areas" was accused of shooting. He reportedly used a drone to shoot footage in a nature preserve.

Canadian diplomatic families also leave Kiev

After the United States, Canada is also reducing the number of its citizens in Ukraine in view of the tense situation. "Due to the ongoing buildup of the Russian military and destabilizing activities in and around Ukraine, we have decided to temporarily withdraw the children of Canadian embassy personnel under the age of 18 and the family members accompanying them", announced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa.

Heidelberg spree killer was from Berlin

The man running amok at Heidelberg University is from Berlin. The dpa learned this from police circles. According to media reports, the man is believed to have grown up in the Wilmersdorf district of the city.

The 18-year-old biology student had shot fellow students in a Heidelberg lecture hall on Monday. A 23-year-old student died from a bullet to the head. A 19-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man were lightly wounded by the shooting. Police believe German gunman, who lived in Mannheim, killed himself outside building. He is said to have bought the rifles abroad a few days ago.

Read what else we know about the rampage here.

58 German tourists died in Austria’s mountains in 2021

In the Austrian mountains are 58 German tourists died last year. A total of 272 people were killed, the Alpine Security Council reported. These were slightly fewer than the long-term average.

Most of the victims died of Cardiovascular failure. Another main cause was Crashes. According to the Board of Trustees, the restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic were most noticeable in the number of injured, which dropped significantly to just under 5,000. In general more people injured in summer than in winter. A total of 18 people lost their lives in 130 avalanches.

Left faction leader Mohamed Ali: NATO must respond to Russia’s demand

Left-wing faction leader Amira Mohamed Ali has argued that NATO should exclude Ukraine’s membership in the alliance. This position corresponds to a Russian demand. "Russia should guarantee territorial integrity of Ukraine. But Nato must also guarantee not to accept Ukraine as an ally", said Mohamed Ali.

She appealed to Russia to end troop maneuvers on its border with Ukraine. At the same time, NATO "must also in the future rely on military actions in Eastern Europe," he said RELEASE. The Western alliance should "not continue to ignore Russian security interests". Weapons deliveries to Ukraine should not be allowed. Germany "must act as a peaceful mediator instead of pouring oil on the fire here".

19 killed in clashes at Indonesian disco

What triggered the dispute is still unclear.

(Photo: picture alliance/dpa/AP)

At least 19 people have died in violent clashes and a fire at a discotheque in Indonesia. As the police of the city of Sorong in the Indonesian province of West Papua said, 18 people died in the fire. Another person stabbed to death.

Police said Monday’s clashes were the result of a "prolonged conflict" had been, which had already begun on Saturday. According to a police spokesman, members of different ethnic groups attacked each other with machetes, arrows and incendiary devices.

Otte accepts AfD nomination – CDU wants to initiate expulsion proceedings

The Cologne CDU wants to initiate party expulsion proceedings against the chairman of the arch-conservative Werte-Union, Max Otte. This was decided by the district association together with the state association and the federal party, said the spokeswoman of the Cologne CDU. The AfD had proposed Otte as its candidate for German president. "I gladly accept the nomination of the AfD", Otte told the "Spiegel". He considers the proposal "a great honor."

Dispute escalates: Fire devils burn down God with giant penis

In the Peruvian town of Mocha, a cultural dispute is taking on bizarre features. The statue of a fertility god arouses tempers, several times it becomes the target of attacks. Now unknown set the effigy on fire at night. Remains only a black lump – and the determination of the mayor.

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One in five French people don’t answer the phone

Sacrebleu! Why can’t I reach my colleagues? Being reachable is no longer fashionable in France. More than 99 percent of the French have a telephone, but one in five does not answer or is very difficult to reach. When receiving a landline call, 17 percent generally do not pick up the phone and another 26 percent only do so if they recognize the caller by his or her number, the statistics office Insee reported after a survey in Paris. 2 percent of people ignore a call on their cell phone as a matter of principle, 30 percent only answer the phone if they know someone who is calling.

Documentary makes serious accusations against "Playboy Hugh Hefner

A huge mansion full of models, parties and luxury in abundance: the life of the late "Playboy"-Founder Hugh Hefner is considered a man’s dream. But behind the walls of the Bunny mansion, exploitative conditions are said to have prevailed. Former companions speak out in the documentary "The Secrets of Playboy.

U.S. sanctions could lead to cell phone shortage in Russia

The Russian mobile market is dominated by foreign corporations such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. If Russia invades Ukraine, the U.S. wants to levy sanctions, similar to what China did with Huawei, and exclude the Kremlin from global supply chains for telecommunications products.

Reuters learned from a senior U.S. government official that the Biden administration is considering such supply restrictions on microchips if they are designed or manufactured with U.S. software or technology. The U.S. could adjust the measures in place for Huawei so that Russia could no longer import smartphones and components needed for them. The country would also lose access to key aircraft and automotive components.

"Fight Club gets new end in China

23 years after its theatrical release, the cult film "Fight Club" is appeared in China – but with a new ending. Movie fans noticed the intrusion after the film, starring Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, was released on Chinese streaming platform Tencent Video. The message critical of civilization, which made the film by star director David Fincher a global success in 1999, was censored.

  • In the dark final scene of the original, the nameless narrator, played by Norton, watches as bombs destroy several high-rise buildings. The movie character’s plan to bring down modern civilization thus seems to be working out.
  • In the Chinese version, the entire explosion scene is replaced by a kind of epilogue. For many Chinese viewers, this ending caused outrage and perplexity.

Headlines at lunchtime

For months, the UK groaned under a strict lockdown, while parties were apparently held at the seat of government. Now the police are investigating. For Prime Minister Johnson, the situation is becoming increasingly desperate.

Meta builds large supercomputer for artificial intelligence

Facebook’s Meta group plans to build the most powerful supercomputer for artificial intelligence applications this year. The system should, for example, enable real-time translations that allow larger groups of people to converse in different languages, Meta explained in a blog post on Tuesday night. It is also expected to develop technologies over time for the virtual world Metaverse, in which Meta sees its future.

The supercomputer, called AI Research SuperCluster (RSC), has been developed from scratch at Facebook Group since the beginning of 2020, including solutions for cooling and cabling, he said. Fully developed by mid-2022 he will be 16.000 graphics processors are connected, currently there are 6080. Graphics processors are considered particularly efficient for the computational work involved in learning artificial intelligence. Meta relies on chips from market leader Nvidia for its supercomputer.

Turkey sentenced over detention of journalist Yucel

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has condemned Turkey over the detention of German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yucel. Turkey’s actions violated Yucel’s human rights to liberty and security and freedom of expression, according to the ruling, which was delivered in writing. Ankara must now pay 13.Pay 300 euros in compensation to journalist. However, the verdict is not yet final – the parties to the lawsuit can appeal it within three months.

Russia puts Navalny on official terrorist list

Russian authorities have placed detained opposition politician Alexei Navalny on an official list of "terrorists and extremists." set. Navalny’s exiled confidante Lyubov Sobol and other associates were also on the list maintained by financial watchdog Rosfinmonitoring.

  • Nawalny is the best-known critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In August 2020, he was assassinated in Russia with a Soviet-made nerve agent, which he narrowly survived.
  • After several months of medical treatment in Germany, Navalny returned to Russia last January, where he was promptly arrested. He is imprisoned in a penal colony a hundred kilometers east of Moscow.

Internet sports channel DAZN doubles subscription price

Internet sports broadcaster DAZN raises prices again. The streaming provider’s monthly subscription will cost from 1. February 29.99 euros instead of 14.99 euros, the cheapest contract for one year 274.99 instead of 149.99 euros. According to DAZN, this price increase applies to new customers and those "who reactivate their terminated membership".

  • Existing subscribers will continue to pay for the time being until 31. July the current price. How much they will have to pay afterwards has not yet been clarified, it was said. DAZN had recently invested heavily in media rights. Since the start of the season, the streaming provider has been allowed to show Bundesliga soccer matches live on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons.
  • In addition, almost all games of the Champions League are on offer. The pay provider, which has been active in Germany since August 2016, most recently raised the cost of a monthly subscription from 11.99 euros to 14.99 euros last year.

AfD wants CDU man Otte as new German president

AfD vice president Stephan Brandner has confirmed that the AfD has endorsed Max Otte (CDU), head of the conservative Values Union, as a candidate for the office of German president. The result in a shift of federal executive committee and state leaders on the eve was clear, said Brandner in Berlin. He spoke of a very clear commitment to Otte. They have found a politician who has a "good reputation in the public" ENJOY.

Asked if Otte had already agreed, Brandner said he had not yet spoken to him personally. "But as far as I know, he is still on fire to be our candidate for the federal presidency." The First Parliamentary Secretary of the parliamentary group, Bernd Baumann added that Otte had been nominated by the Values Union "and we assume that this is the case". Party and faction leader Tino Chrupalla is expected to comment on the issue in more detail at a press conference this afternoon.

North Korea carries out new weapons test

North Korea has conducted another weapons test, according to South Korean military assessment. Two suspected cruise missiles were fired from the country, the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul said. The South Korean as well as the US secret services are investigating the incident, he said.

If the cruise missile test is confirmed, it would be the fifth North Korean weapons test since the beginning of the year. In December, North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un had announced the modernization of the military. North Korea has fired several tactical guided missiles and apparently hypersonic missiles since early January.

Australia buys rights to Aboriginal flag for 12.4 million euros

(Photo: imago images/AAP)

After a long dispute, Australia’s government has bought the rights to the Australian Aboriginal flag for the equivalent of 12.4 million euros. His government has "liberated the Aboriginal flag for Australians", declared Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The 1971 flag designed by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas had been the subject of repeated disputes over rights of use.

  • Over the past 50 years, the flag has become an important symbol of protest and celebration for Indigenous Australians. However, there was a fierce dispute over the public use of Thomas’ design.
  • The artist had granted licenses to companies that wanted to use the motif on their products. One of those companies subsequently sent cease-and-desist letters to organizations such as the Australian Football League, which used the Aboriginal flag on garments.

Greece drowns in snow chaos

Actually one associates with Greece rather warmer climes. In winter, however, it can get pretty nasty there too. Due to heavy snowfall in the Greek capital Athens and throughout central Greece, thousands of motorists spent the night in their cars on highways. Most flights from the capital’s airport were canceled.


The wintry view of the Acropolis.

(Photo: imago images/Xinhua)

The military was deployed to get people out of their cars and put them up in hotels – as of Tuesday morning, some 1,200 cars remained stuck in the metropolitan area alone, Greek media reported. Some of those affected were now stuck for 22 hours.

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