Unemployment benefit 1 (alg 1): duration of receipt

Anyone can get into this situation, Losing the job or to have to quit for personal reasons. Not everyone is able to save enough assets for this case and is then dependent on the help of the employment agency.

Who has become unemployed, often has to deal with unemployment benefit 1 and its duration for the first time.

But before Hartz 4 is paid out, many unemployed benefit from the Unemployment benefit 1. Its duration is however limited and depends on various factors. How is the duration of ALG 1 regulated??

The most important facts about the duration of entitlement to ALG 1 in brief

In the case of unemployment benefit 1, the duration of the entitlement depends on the previously existing insurable employment relationships.

Those who are at least 50 years old may have a longer claim. You can find more information here.

If you have a residual claim from a previous unemployment, you may be able to claim it when you become unemployed again.

Who receives unemployment benefit 1 at all?

In the case of ALG 1, the period of entitlement is regulated differently than in the case of ALG 2.

Not every unemployed person receives before receiving unemployment benefit 2, which is also called Hartz 4, ALG 1 paid out. What is the reason for this??

In addition to the condition of not being gainfully employed, the payment of unemployment benefit 1 is also dependent on Duration and type of former job from. Only those who have received two years for at least 12 months of a employment subject to social insurance can also benefit from ALG 1 for at least.

Without this so-called Qualifying period you are not entitled to unemployment benefit 1. For the duration of employment subject to social insurance contributions are automatically paid into the unemployment insurance – without such employment there is also no payment and consequently also no payment.

How long will unemployment benefit 1 be paid for if the entitlement is?

With unemployment benefit 1 the Duration of payment limited. But not every beneficiary has acquired the same entitlements. For unemployment benefit 1 also counts, how long an employment relationship existed before.

  • You have worked for at least 12 months, but less than 24 months: This corresponds to a duration of entitlement to ALG 1 of six months.
  • You have worked for at least 24 months: Then the ALG-1 duration is twelve months.

Differences in age groups: How long is unemployment benefit 1 paid then?

In the case of unemployment benefit 1, the duration is increased for older employees

In the case of unemployment benefit 1, the duration is increased for older employees.

In addition to the period of employment, the duration of unemployment benefit 1 also depends on the age of the employee Age of the claimant one roll. From 50. Birthday this is the case. Then, for unemployment benefit 1, the duration of payments increases to 15 months. With 55 years of age 18 months of ALG 1 will be paid, from 58 years even 24 months.

However, the following also applies to ALG 1: The length of time for which payment is made depends not only on age, but also on the previously months worked subject to social insurance from. Only those aged 50 who have had a job for at least 30 months in the last two years can claim the extended duration of unemployment benefit 1. At age 55 and older, this applies for 36 months, at age 58 and older for 48 months.

How long do you get unemployment benefit 1 (table)?

The exact Breakdown of how long ALG 1 is paid for, you can see from the table below.

Months of employment subject to compulsory insurance after reaching the age of entitlement in months
12 6
16 8
20 10
24 12
30 50 15
36 55 18
48 58 24

Extension of the period of entitlement

In the case of previous unemployment, the Alg 1 duration may be extended by the remaining entitlement

In case of previous unemployment, the Alg-1 duration may be extended by the remaining entitlement.

Under certain circumstances, unemployment benefit 1 may shorten the Extend duration of entitlement. For this, however, the beneficiary must lose his or her job for the second time.

Because if the beneficiary in the last five years has already been entitled to ALG 1 once without having fully exhausted the period of entitlement at that time, then the period is extended if there is a renewed entitlement to unemployment benefit 1 by the previously unused entitlement.

Shortened entitlement: How long can unemployment benefit 1 then be drawn for?

Under certain circumstances, it is also possible to shortened entitlement of less than twelve months a claim to ALG 1 gave. How long will the benefit last then?

  1. At least six months employed subject to compulsory social insurance: Three months
  2. At least eight months of employment subject to compulsory insurance: Four months
  3. At least ten months Employed subject to compulsory insurance: Five months

However, various conditions must be fulfilled for the shortened entitlement Conditions conditions must be met:

  • The employment relationships of this time were from the outset limited to a maximum of six months (for example, in the case of seasonal work).
  • The Gross pay of these fixed-term employment contracts has in the last twelve months the sum of 34.020 euros not exceeded.

Further training measures with ALG 1

How long is unemployment benefit 1 paid? – This also depends on further education.

In the case of unemployment benefit 1, the duration of receipt also depends on subsidized further education measures. As a rule, this is done within the framework of a Education voucher financed by the employment agency if they are important for the professional reintegration of the entitled person.

During the subsidized measure the employment office also pays further benefits from. The period of entitlement to unemployment benefit 1 is actually extended by One day for every two days of measures.

minimum entitlement must not be undercut

As the further training courses are usually full-time, there is little time left for the actual purpose – finding a job. It is therefore all the more important that the minimum entitlement of 30 days at the end of the further training is not fallen short of.

This ensures that the entitled person still has some time left after the further education to write applications and, if necessary, find a job. Was already on start of further training a payment of unemployment benefit 1 for a period of less than 30 days is provided, then after the further training at most this Residual claim are entitled.

After ALG 1: What then?

Since the period of entitlement to unemployment benefit 1 ends at some point, unemployed persons may have to apply for other social benefits afterwards.

"How long do I get unemployment benefit 1?" – The answer to this question sobers many people who become unemployed, especially if they already receive worked for several decades have. Then the unemployment benefit 1 duration very low for many entitled persons.

However, even if no new employment relationship could be found within the ALG 1 claim period and the payments finally end, entitled persons may under certain circumstances be able to receive social benefits such as basic income support or housing benefit apply. So the subsistence level is secured despite unemployment.

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