Unemployment benefit 1: what employees over 50 should know

Unemployment benefit (also known as unemployment benefit 1) serves the purpose of providing social security for employees who lose their jobs. Unemployment benefit is an insurance benefit from the Federal Employment Agency and replaces part of the previous salary for a fixed period of time. For people over 50, however, there are special features regarding the duration of entitlement. Agenda 2010 also had an impact on the amount of money paid out. Here you can find out what you need to know about unemployment benefit 1 and how to apply for it, and for how long you are entitled to how much money.

AL 1: Which requirements must be met?

In order to be able to claim unemployment benefits, three essential criteria must be met.

Criterion 1: You must be unemployed

To be able to claim AL1, you must work less than 15 hours per week.

Criterion 2: qualifying period must be fulfilled

If you want to be eligible for unemployment benefits, you must have paid into unemployment insurance for at least 12 months in the past 2 years. It is important to have been employed subject to compulsory insurance during this period. However, substitute periods z.B. with sickness benefit included.

Criterion 3: Register personally as unemployed

It is important to register as unemployed as soon as possible. Even if the impending unemployment may still be weeks or months away. This is the only way you can be sure to receive your money in time and in full.

A fourth criterion is that you must be willing to make yourself available to the employment agency for job placement.

What is to be considered with the personal unemployment registration?

If no new job has been found by the time of dismissal, the person concerned must apply for a new job register personally as unemployed within the first three days of unemployment. If one does not manage to meet the deadline and at least contact the employment agency by phone, there is a threat of a blocking period. In addition, unemployment benefits are paid at the earliest from the day on which the employee personally registered as unemployed.

Notification of unemployment is also considered an application for unemployment benefit 1. The Federal Employment Agency’s final decision will be communicated shortly thereafter in the form of a written notification.

Do you get unemployment benefit 1 if you quit your job yourself??

If you have quit your job yourself, you will receive the following benefits not have received unemployment benefits for up to twelve weeks. The reason: The employment agency evaluates the situation in such a way that the unemployment was self-inflicted by the person concerned – provided there was no important reason to resign. So, should you be able to plausibly justify your dismissal, this must be urgently communicated when registering for unemployment.

How much unemployment benefit is there?

The amount of the unemployment benefit is regulated by law in Germany. It is based on the average earnings over the last 12 months as well as the wage tax class and last but not least whether one is entitled to child benefit. In principle, the unemployment benefit is 60% (without children), or. 67% (with children) of last net salary. In addition, AL1 recipients have statutory health, nursing and accident insurance through the employment agency and are even usually insured for pensions.

You can use an unemployment benefit calculator to find out approximately how much unemployment benefit you can expect to receive. However, this is only an orientation value, which is not legally binding.

And what about the imputation of additional income?

If you are employed for less than 15 hours per week, this income will be deducted from your unemployment benefit after deduction of social security contributions, income-related expenses and taxes. However, you are entitled to monthly allowance of 165 Euro at disposal.

How long is unemployment benefit 1?

Normally, unemployment benefits are paid only up to Maximum duration of 12 months paid out. Employees who are at least 50 years old at the start of unemployment, on the other hand, are entitled to financial support for a longer period of time. Depending on age, this can even be extended to 24 months with unemployment benefit 1.

In the following you see the maximum entitlement period in months, depending on age and previous insurable employment:

Compulsory insurance in the past 5 years before registering for unemployment (months) Full age Maximum period of entitlement (in months)
12 6
16 8
20 10
24 12
30 50. 15
36 55. 18
48 58. 24

What are my obligations as a recipient of unemployment benefit 1?

In order to be able to claim AL1 for the foreseen period, the recipient of unemployment benefit has to fulfill three obligations:

  • the obligation to register
  • the obligation to cooperate and notify
  • as well as the obligation to reimburse

Here is a brief overview showing that until February 2006, older recipients of unemployment benefits could receive their benefits for up to 32 months:

Age entitlement (by months) until 02/2006
45 12
47 18
52 22
57 26
Over 57 Up to 32

As it stands, the benefit period has now been reduced to 12 months in principle. Over 50 year olds are only entitled to 15 months, over 55 year olds are entitled to 18 months and over 58 year olds are entitled to a maximum of 24 months unemployment benefit 1.

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Comments and opinions of our readers (letters to the editor)

The federal elections are coming up soon and we should always be clear who is responsible for the Agenda 2010 and its vulgarities. The Agenda 2010 of the SPD/Green coalition was associated, among other things, with the unnecessary reduction of the top tax rate for high earners, the introduction of the low-wage sector and the outrageous discrimination of older unemployed people in the event of unemployment, as well as the increase in the pension entry age.

In February I will be 59 years old ,have 70% disability and from 01.11.2021 will be terminated and get unemployment benefit 1 to 24 months.After that from 01.11.2023 will get pension for severely disabled My question;
Am I still employable for the employment office, and can my unemployment benefit 1 be reduced if I receive severance pay?.

Well, with me to the 1. April also the unemployment devil struck… there I should have actually started a new job. The employer immediately gave me the night of 1. April the notice of termination in the mailbox thrown and diligently with the favorable assistance of relatives and acquaintances his store continued..
Now I’m unemployed, in my mid-50s, exposed to the arbitrariness of the employment office, or their employees (which actually WE pay) and have to report there every month on time, like a little schoolgirl, submit applications and z. T. I have to justify why I haven’t found a job yet and that I should also apply for a job on my own initiative, because otherwise my salary will be cancelled… and that especially in these times, when so many people are unemployed and therefore looking for a job and many companies don’t hire at all due to the situation..
Of course I want a job again. But I want it on my terms and not to whitewash the unemployment statistics as quickly as possible, so that I can possibly go back to the unemployment office in a few months… that doesn’t help anyone!
And then this sword that hovers over you all the time, and falls as soon as unemployment turns into Harz 4…
I think it would be nice to accommodate older people a little more, especially with regard to respect and the expectations of the authorities. Also the unemployment pay should be extended straight under these (Corona) times. This is also the case with the short-time allowance. I feel unfortunately politically not at all correctly treated… so enough whining&

Then you would have chosen accordingly in September !! Otherwise you do not need to complain !

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