What is love? 103 reasons why i love you

Love is generally the term for the strongest affection and appreciation that a person can show to another person.

Love is a strong emotion that goes beyond a useful and expedient relation to someone and is manifested by courteous behavior towards them. Love can be connected with sexuality and directed towards a specific person, but also towards family members or friends. The sexuality and the physical attraction to the beloved person does not necessarily have to be acted out. Love is distinguished from the temporary phase of infatuation.

103 reasons why I love you

  1. The loyalty you give me and others
  2. The empathy you give me and those around you
  3. The generosity and selflessness that I experience in everyday situations
  4. The integrity I can count on from you
  5. The strength and steadfastness of your character, no matter if you’ve had a bad day
  6. The humility you show me every day
  7. Your 100% honesty, no matter what it is about
  8. The kindness you show me and all the people I care about every day anew
  9. The way you always try to help others
  10. Your way of always wanting to help others
  11. Your mercy filling my heart with love
  12. Your self-confidence, which soothes and strengthens me in dicey situations
  13. The way you always look for the positive in everything
  14. Your sweet charm that brings butterflies to my stomach throughout the time I spend with you
  15. For someone to have goals in life and do whatever it takes to achieve them
  16. Your constancy, even in bad times
  17. The courage and bravery you show in disturbing situations that fascinate me
  18. Your esteem and respect for me and your fellow man
  19. The understanding of any situation even though you know you would do otherwise
  20. The many similarities we share with each other
  21. The way you can always make me laugh even when I don’t feel like it
  22. Your clumsiness that triggers a protective instinct in me and makes me laugh
  23. The fact that you resist growing up
  24. The crazy sounds, voices and imitations you make situationally and completely unpredictably

  1. Your love for animals, reminding me how lovingly you will take care of our children
  2. The fact that you are not afraid to show feelings and cry in front of me
  3. How you help me with every little thing, even when I don’t ask for it
  4. The passion in your eyes when you talk about things and experiences that take your breath away
  5. The way you hold me and show me your love and affection in front of other people
  6. The way you fill a room with life just by being there
  7. For teaching me so much about myself and life
  8. The intelligence in your actions, which always impress me anew
  9. The manual dexterity that saves me the one or other craftsman
  10. Your desire to actively participate in life, to travel to islands and continents and to discover adventures
  11. Your electronic and technical know-how
  12. Your excellent knowledge of human nature, which has already saved me from some false friends
  13. Your wonderful voice, which I miss as soon as we don’t speak
  14. Your beautiful strong hair that fascinates me
  15. Your craziness and sometimes wacky behavior that inspires me to be more serene
  16. Your wonderful eyes that let me see right through to your honest soul
  17. Your strong hands that warm me and fit very well in mine
  18. Your constant surprises that keep reminding me how beautiful it is to be loved
  19. Your uncompromising faith in God, family and other values that are important to me

More reasons why I love you

  1. Your way of handling the role of a parent well
  2. Your unmistakable walk, which makes me recognize you even among 100 people
  3. Your typical laugh, which immediately infects me and others around us
  4. Your creative love letters that touch me so much I read through them several times crying
  5. The fact that you combine the whole range of all desirable traits, which no other partner can top
  6. Your constant commitment to justice in life and seeing how much the issue affects you
  7. For being somehow good at everything
  8. The annoying fact that you are almost always right
  9. The great new experiences I have learned through you
  10. The way you are modest, giving everything for me, treating me like a princess
  11. For showing me your love every day
  12. The way you show your warm-heartedness in public without any problems
  13. How you give things up in my favor so that I am happier
  14. The way you touch and kiss me
  15. For the fact that you forgive my mistakes and always give me new chances
  16. The way you always encourage me and believe in me even when I lost faith in myself at that moment
  17. The way you are always concerned about doing well
  18. For your romantic nature and your surprises that keep our relationship on its toes
  19. The fact that you know how to be a real man/woman

  1. Your cooking that gives me glimpses of other cultures and new continents
  2. The fascination that I can foresee through your looks, your opinions and actions
  3. The way you opened up to me
  4. The fact that I learn something new about you every day
  5. The way you make me melt just by looking at you
  6. The love that feels so good that even when I’m sick, your love makes me feel like I’m in seventh heaven
  7. The way you always report great things about one to others
  8. How much excitement you bring to life every day
  9. How you always get the best out of others
  10. How you never take life too seriously
  11. Your musical vein that often puts me in a mood and good humor
  12. The way you are a big dreamer every now and then, like I am
  13. For the fact that you are like a soul mate to me
  14. The art that you live only for the moment
  15. The fact that you are the first and only person I love infinitely and feel truly loved by
  16. Your suggested, spontaneous and adventurous dating activities that often ignite a flame in our relationship
  17. How you are not afraid to take risks
  18. The incredibly big heart you have
  19. How you always find the right words for every situation
  20. The way you open the door for me so we can walk through it together

More reasons why I love you

  1. How you always try to scare me, especially when I least expect it
  2. Because of your belief in success and that everyone can achieve their goals in life
  3. Your ability to read my thoughts telepathically
  4. How we often think or do the same thing at exactly the same time
  5. Your extreme patience towards me, although I sometimes push it to the limit
  6. Your unique charm and charisma
  7. Your fit mind and your wisdom about stories from the past
  8. The support and shoulder you offer me to lean on when I need it
  9. Because I know you will always be there for me in good times and bad
  10. The extraordinary and fantastic things that happen to us many times, but never happen to others
  11. Because I am sure that we are meant for each other
  12. Your self-confident charisma and body language, which I would love to take a leaf out of your book
  13. The optimism you bring into my life
  14. Your determination and conviction of something, so that no one can shake it
  15. Your incredible goals and visions about our future together
  16. How much bad you know about me and yet see only the good in me
  17. How much you appreciate your parents and are grateful for them
  18. Every single detail that makes you the person you are
  19. For being able to help fulfill each other’s dreams myself
  20. How you manage to drive someone crazy with small gestures without even realizing it
  21. Your discretion with which you treat the most intimate details of my soul

Do not use your declaration of love as a phrase

Especially at a young age, many couples tend to be very generous with "I love you". Whether it’s breakfast, watching TV in the evening, before I fall asleep, or at the end of a phone call, I always hear the magic three words. However, this also makes them less important.

It is much more romantic to take time for the declaration of love. An "I love you" doesn’t have to be said every day!

It is much nicer when we look our partner deeply in the eye, put our arms around him or her, give him or her a kiss and then declare how important he or she really is to us. Because then the partner also knows that these words really come from the heart and we do not degrade the statement to a phrase.

Love can also be shown through deeds

As beautiful as a confession of love may be, it is just as beautiful to let action speak for itself. Often it is the little things that really move us to tears and show us that the partner really sincerely cares for us.

For example, if your partner is sick, there is hardly anything more caring than tucking the other person in, preparing a hot water bottle, making soup and buying sage candies. Because by caring in this way, we show our partner that we are there for them, even when they are physically unwell. Subconsciously, we avoid close contact with sick people because we don’t want to infect ourselves, but we are happy to overcome this hurdle when it comes to our partner.

Similarly, it is a gesture of love when we know exactly what time our partner will be home from work and we have cooked his or her favorite dish as a surprise.

In the same way, it is a gesture of love when we relieve the other person of tasks he or she is dreading. For example, when we explain in the evening that we have made the long-delayed call to the health insurance company or we have settled the matter with the landlord, although actually the partner wanted to take care of these matters.

Consider also that people tick differently and also express their feelings in different ways. You can learn more about this in the five love languages.

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