Who is sad becomes happy again

While the Corona numbers in Germany are soaring to unprecedented heights, Robert Geiss and his wife Carmen continue to travel the world.

Dubai/Monaco – While in Germany the Corona numbers are shooting up to hitherto unimagined heights, traveling Robert Geiss (58) and his wife Carmen Geiss (56) continues to blithely through the world.

Robert Geiss (58) and his wife Carmen Geiss (56) let their souls dangle in Dubai. © RTLZWEI

In the new double episode of the reality docu "The Geissens", which will be broadcast on Monday evening on RTLZWEI, the Cologne celebrity couple is still popping the champagne corks in Dubai. And for good reason: Robert’s birthday is coming up!

Carmen wants to make a very special surprise for her spouse of God and therefore puts herself in the hands of friend Elias, who runs a hairdressing salon in the desert metropolis. A type change is pending, because the high-society lady wants her Rooobaaart gladly "a new woman" give.

But the hair artist doesn’t quite agree with the template that Carmen presents on her smartphone. "That’s way too orange", he complains. His suggestion: "I would make you a few strands of ash brown and a few strands of copper!"

However, the former fashion model is not sure about it. Fortunately, they have raised stylish offspring in recent years. And so Carmen calls her daughter Shania in faraway Monaco without further ado.

The 17-year-old and her older sister Davina (18) must continue to fulfill their school obligations in the Principality and therefore did not travel to Dubai.

Dubai is one of the Geissens’ favorite travel destinations

Shania Geiss with sweet declaration of love to her mama

The 56-year-old high-society lady has her hands full in the desert metropolis. Because it is her husband’s birthday. © RTLZWEI

When Carmen tells her youngest about the project, there is still one ambiguity to be cleared up. "What is copper?", Shania wants to know from her mom. "So reddish", answers the cult blonde and thus gives the decisive hint. The 17-year-old’s advice is: "No, don’t do it!!"

When Carmen then tells her daughter, in a guarded tone of voice, that she misses her, the conversation suddenly takes a completely unexpected turn. "I’ll be glad when I’m back with you", the 56-year-old lets her offspring know.

Afterwards Shania reveals that she cried the whole evening before yesterday. "I can’t do this anymore, that I don’t see you all day long. That made me so sad", tells the 17-year-old.

Carmen apparently did not expect so much sweet talk from her youngest daughter. The "Jetset-The performer has to swallow hard until it finally bursts out of her and she can no longer hold back her tears.

This does not remain hidden from Shania. "Are you crying?", want to know the teenager. "No… It only rains in Dubai", Carmen sobs into her phone while she tries to fan the tears away with her palms.

Around 831.000 fans follow Carmen Geiss on Instagram

Does Robert Geiss like the type change of his wife?

A few professions of love later, the sworn mother-daughter team finally says goodbye. And the actual reason for the phone call pops back into the millionaire’s wife’s head.

"I should definitely not change my hair color", Carmen remembers her offspring’s words, "but it’s a little too late for that now!" Elias has long since started to apply the paint..

How do you think Robert will react to his wife’s type change?? And what role does the sexy realtor play?? All this is available in a new double episode of "The Geissens – A terribly glamorous family" on Monday at 20.15 o’clock with RTLZWEI to see.

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