Wiesmann roadster

Wiesmann Roadster MF5 original line top by CK-Cabrio
Wiesmann Roadster MF5 original line top by CK-Cabrio

That such a thing actually still exists!
And then even in Germany!

All respect for so much enthusiasm, courage and stamina.
The expertise of the "Wiesmanner (and -women) is outstanding!

What the Bangle group did in parallel at BMW is poor in ideas and execution by comparison.

The "Wiesmanner" Martin and Friedhelm ("MF") show how it goes!
Small series of the very finest with BMW Drivetrain, finely tuned to the Gecko Roadster:
Sticks to the asphalt like a gecko to the ceiling – by the way both are true!

The fact that quality is stable in value is shown by the used car prices of Wiesmann Roadsters.
Especially since the offer is quite thin, because once you have a Wiesmann, you definitely don’t want to give it away again without compelling reasons. Better is not possible.

The Wiesmann Roadster is a (men’s) dream come true?-)Dream.
Not only me the association came: Batman’s / Catwoman’s company car.

That such a thing actually still exists!

This customer ordered a U-shaped zipper and an orange hemming additionally from us.

Fabric selection

Soft top covers for Wiesmann Roadster MF30/MF3/MF4 and MF5 can be ordered in TOPLINE-Classic/Sonnenland-Classic/ARESMA-Classic, Sonnenland-A5/TOPLINE 3000, HAARTZ Stayfast/TOPLINE Sunfast and all colors of the Color-Line (Stayfast/Sunfast) will be produced.

With the Wiesmann Roadster it is in the sense of the company philosophy particularly interesting to make use of our possibility of individualization:
See the description of the "Total customizing" under "COLOR-Line"!

Such a thing is of course not cheap – but it will not be expensive either.
We include an advertising effect for us in favor of the customer.

Standard color is black.

Regarding the availability and suitability of colored soft top fabrics, we ask in advance for their phone / email contact in advance.
These usually have a surcharge.

We have – in our opinion for this model here – ideally suited
Stayfast fabric in the color "British-Racing-Green" exclusivly remanufactured!

Soft tops for the sturdy British roadsters (and moreover the convertibles/spiders/roadsters/convertibles of an origin beyond the island inspired by them) can be manufactured from August 2018 – until further notice – on order from it!

A surcharge of 20% is to be added to all prices mentioned below!

Classic Line

Black, blue and dark brown are the standard here.
For all other colored classic fabrics you have to expect a surcharge (10-100%)!).
Please ask extra.

So more colors are (still) in stock – delivery and prices on request.

Color Line

Other colors on request.
The canopy fabrics of the Color-Line have approx. 30% surcharge!

Convertible top variants

Within the Wiesmann MF30/MF3/MF4 series changes have been made to the convertible top over and over again during the long construction time.

These circumstances will not be discussed in detail here. The essential details are known to us. In the following description we also do not differentiate between the MF30/MF3/MF4 and MF5, although both the cars and the soft top constructions are completely and totally different.

But again, since the observations made apply generally to all these types (albeit in a different form and in other places), it is described here together:

The hood covers of the Wiesmann Roadster are created individually by hand – just as the CK-Cabrio is produced!

This means that we can reproduce the Wiesmann Roadster convertible top cover 100% exactly.

But we do not! We only copy the original version on explicit request, if the disadvantages of the original version are accepted by the customer.

The original covers have a tendency to form scuff marks.
The owners already know where. Exactly that we can fix by some changes. So to speak a small model care at the Wiesmann tops.
The Roadster must be used for two working days to us.

Not scare! We manufacture individually (as it is appropriate for a MF), after the Wiesmann Roadster is with us and everything has been selected (materials, colors, etc.).).
At Wiesmann MF4 must even 3 days be scheduled, since gluing with special adhesives that dry out overnight is carried out on the canopy.

Wiesmann MF30/MF3/MF4/MF5 tops: original line tops from CK-Cabrio

The prices for a Hood renewal in Wiesmann roadsters move at about € 4.200,00 (MF30/MF3) and € 5.300,- (MF4/MF5), depending on the level of customization in the choice of materials, finishes, etc. may incur additional costs.

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