Window installation – a guide

When installing windows, it is not always necessary to use a specialist. Even the do-it-yourselfer can install his own window with the appropriate materials and accessories.

However, in order to avoid many common mistakes, you will need step-by-step instructions, as well as appropriate tips and tricks for installation. For example, when screwing the window frames can lead to unwanted thermal bridges, if the frame is not optimally aligned.

The following instructions will show you in detail how to do everything correctly and install your window professionally.

  • The new windows
  • Building foam
  • Building foam cleaner
  • Window frame screws
  • Washers
  • Vapor-proof foil
  • Vapor diffusion open film or Compriband
  • Alternative trioplex sealing tape
  • Drilling machine
  • Impact wrench or. Impact drill
  • masonry or wood drill bit (6er)
  • Inch stick
  • spirit level
  • Construction foam gun

As with the installation of doors or other work, you will also need the appropriate material for window installation, as well as suitable window installation tools. So that you can install your new window perfectly prepared.

When installing your windows, the first priority is safety. Therefore, make sure that you have work gloves and protective goggles ready for perfect preparation for installation.

1. Preparatory work

Before installing your window, make sure you check that you have all the tools and materials you need.

If you still need to remove the old building element, first read the instructions for removing the window.

Then check the following requirements:

  • If the window reveal of all walls in the house is smooth and dust-free? When you install your windows, there must be an impeccable surface condition here: Only in this way can the sealing tape later hold optimally and the window installation be guaranteed according to RAL standard (Fig. 1).
  • Do the dimensions of the reveal openings fit your windows? To ensure that you can successfully install your window, match the lengths, widths and depths again for safety’s sake.

If all requirements are met, you can install the window. We recommend that the installation be carried out by two people and that you allow 2-3 hours for installation.

2. Prepare windows

Before the actual window installation, first pull off the protective film adhering to the window frame: it is difficult to remove after installation and should therefore be loosened in advance (Fig. 2b). The remaining foils protect the surface during installation and remain in place for the time being.

  • Mount the window handle on the window sash so that it can be opened (Fig. 2c). Then unhook the sash: To do this, remove the top locking pin by pulling it down with a flat-blade screwdriver (Fig. 2a). Now open the window sash and pull it out upwards. You can find a detailed explanation of how to unhinge the sashes in the instructions for installing windows.
  • Protect the unhinged window sash from damage by placing it on a soft surface. Especially wood and aluminum, as well as white and other light colors are prone to scratches that are difficult to undo later on.

3. Sealing method

When installing your windows, you always have to choose between different types of sealing. Three levels are distinguished:

  • Interior" level: it separates exterior from interior climate. (Fig. 3a)
  • Level "center": it refers to the space between the window frame and the wall. (Fig. 3b)
  • Exterior" level: This serves as a level for weather protection and must therefore be permanently impermeable to driving rain. (Fig. 3c)

This results in different requirements:

  • The inner sealing should be vapor diffusion tight.
  • The middle seal should be completely filled with heat-insulating materials.
  • The exterior waterproofing must be designed to be open to vapor diffusion.

To ensure that the window remains tight, different materials are required for the individual levels, which are described in more detail on the PE round cord page:

  • Interior: Use vapor-tight foil or, alternatively, acrylic grouting.
  • Middle: Here, a 1-component PU assembly foam is suitable. The alternative is stuffing materials such as mineral fiber building materials, cotton braids and round cord.
  • Outside: The best solution here is a pre-compressed sealing tape or a vapor-diffusion-open film. It is also possible to grout using silicone.

The materials required for sealing can be found quickly and easily in the accessories shop.

When installing your windows, you should always pay attention to the fact that sealing is an important protection against construction damage.

4. Insert and align frame

In the next step of the assembly the frame is inserted. Here you will need a spirit level and, if necessary, washers.

  • Attach the selected window seals to the frame (Fig. 4a) and insert it into the openings (Fig. 4b).
  • Align the frame with the help of the spirit level (Fig. 4c). To compensate for unevenness, always use the washers supplied when installing your windows.

When you install windows, they must be perfectly in the water, so that they close well later.

5. Screw the window frame

In order to install your window securely, the frame must be screwed tightly to the wall (Fig. 5).

  • To do this, pre-drill holes with the drilling machine. The masonry can be of different nature: In older buildings, splintering can occur quickly, causing damage to furniture, window sill or floor. Prevent difficult cases with a frame dowel and cautious approach.
  • With the help of the drill, screw in the screws. The window frame is now connected to the brickwork. In the next step, the gaps are filled with foam to ensure good insulation.

6. Foam and seal the gaps

If you have chosen a sealing tape on the outside and a foil on the inside for your window, you must wait with the foaming until the sealing tape has risen on the masonry.

  • To finish with the installation of the window, foam the cavity between the frame and the wall. Dose carefully, as the foam still swells (fig. 6a).
  • Now, as the case may be, stick the inner film to the masonry over the entire surface (fig. 6b) or joint the layer accordingly (Fig. 6c).

Now, in a final step, the window sash must be hung in place.

7. Hang and align the window sash

If you have successfully completed all steps, you can now mount and adjust the sash.

You can find detailed steps for the correct setting in the window setting guide.

  • Hang the window sash and check whether it opens and closes easily (Fig. 7).
  • If it is sticking or squeaking, adjust the window sash according to

Hang up window sash

With these instructions, even a layman can easily install any modern window.

Short and sweet. The most important steps at a glance.

Adjust window

A contemporary installation: The window installation according to RAL.

RAL window installation

From preparation to the perfect result.

Cleaning in the window

Thermal and sound insulation made easy.

Sealing windows

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