“Worrying score”: joko winterscheidt spontaneously changed the show rules for him

Thrills and nose kisses in the penultimate edition of the ProSieben quiz series "Who’s stealing my thunder??": Mark Forster scored with frightening precision. Riccardo Simonetti fought for a chance to reach the finals. And Anke Engelke caused anarchy in the studio. Still: After the ESC sensation in the previous week, the bar is high.

At the end of a long evening of TV, a quiz is just a competition after all. And no wishful thinking. That is why at the end there was again a bitter duel for prestige, power and dignity. And it germinated the hope that there could be perhaps nevertheless still something like a fair Show God, which would have helped also times Riccardo Simonetti to the (felt) deserved assumption of the Joko Show. It was a long beautiful dream – and a rude awakening.

In fact, it looked for a long time not only like a sensation, but almost like two very big surprises in the fifth and thus penultimate edition of the ProSieben high-flyer music quiz and hide-and-seek game series "Who’s stealing my thunder??" from. On the one hand, Mark Forster, who had already deprived Joko Winterscheidt of his power once in the current season and had "his The contestants, who had turned the show into a Palatinate soccer festival, quickly sipped from the cauldron of magic potion before the recording began. Or was it the little kiss he got from Joko on his nose and called it his "favorite moment"? fluttered through the social media, which gave him such a boost? The little man with the big mouth was surprisingly, even sensationally in a good mood and scored this time like a world champion. After a round of guessing with confused word cascades and jumbled sayings, he already had more points than all the competitors put together!

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Even Joko would have liked to see Riccardo in the final fight

On the other hand, the man in the green glitter jacket with the perfectly colored eye make-up also caught a great evening: Riccardo Simonetti looked for a long time as if he would finally make the actual sensation, for which one had still waited in the Joko show, come true on this Tuesday evening. The lovable Influencer did more than well, made it to the final round of candidates, and thus almost got into the position of having to give the loudmouthed "landlord" a run for his money To take the show off the air. Would have, would have, would have: In the end it was not to be like that!

Joko Winterscheidt, who not only hosts the show but also co-produces it via the TV company he runs with colleague Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, was open about it. A victory of Riccardo would have pleased also him well. And the series as a whole would have benefited from it. "We want this to become something", he said, when Riccardo Simonetti even had a chance to catch up with Mark Forster’s crazy lead shortly before the end.

"Worrying score": Mark Forster scored as if on drugs

Yes, it would have been only fair, if in this season not only the musician and the last so grandiosely appearing Anke Engelke would have boarded the transmission. Probably every fan would have been delighted and curious to be able to marvel at a version of the show that Simonetti had turned upside down. But it can come now no more to it. It is a quiz and not a "who has not yet, who wants to again" quiz-Event.

But it wasn’t because of Joko Winterscheidt’s often unpleasantly cold ambition that the green angel Riccardo didn’t get a chance to compete. The only thing that seemed important to Joko this time was obviously to prevent a second triumph for Mark Forster.

"We have a worrying score", Joko could only stammer when Mark Forster had raised his score to the top 32 before the infamous teleprompter game. For comparison: Anke Engelke and before that already the luckless "Wildcard-Candidate Sarra were already eliminated. Riccardo Simonetti made it to the final round with 22 points.

"Out of the prostitute’s boots"

And then something happened that was quite revealing: without further ado, Joko Winterscheidt even changed the rules of the game in order to give the green-clad fashion man another chance. Instead of ten points, there were now 15 points to be gained by filling in the gaps. Only in this way would Riccardo have been able to equalize and move into the final. Stupid only that it was not enough nevertheless simply. "He didn’t make it, unfortunately", Winterscheidt summed up – and Simonetti joked: "I’m still here! Even if it sounds like I died."

Maybe this time it shouldn’t be so much about winning, but about the crazy fun. And fortunately, Anke Engelke once again provided an extra kick of anarchy. In any case, she loves the wild game of catch and hide "Ready or Not, here I come, You can’t hide" especially. As we all know, it’s a matter of hunting through the vast, dark studio like a tarantula, in order to "disappear" as well as possible. Anke burned for it. She put on sporty sneakers in no time at all in order to dash particularly fast. "I have to get out of the prostitute boots", she screeched. And already she was gone.

Debilitated and burnt out: When nerves flutter in the final duel

However: Surprisingly, even in Engelke’s favorite discipline, Mark Forster was unbeatable this time. And that, although he had complained at the beginning: "I hate hide and seek, I’ve always hated it." And then the little man found his way into the game after all – and how!

Mark Forster’s lucky streak did not last until the very end. In the final duel, his nerves fluttered surprisingly clearly. And through carelessness he wasted good opportunities to publicly humiliate Joko Winterscheidt a second time. In the end, even his three coins were of no use to the chart-topper. Joko won. "I am so relieved", he moaned. "I can’t put it into words."

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