Writing e-mails was yesterday – speaking e-mails is today!

Writing emails was yesterday

In Germany, on 3. August 1984 at 10:14 CET the first Internet e-mail received. (Source: Wikipedia). Nowadays, sending and receiving emails is no longer a big deal. Back then the Writing e-mail a completely new communication medium.

Today it looks completely different: We almost suffocate in the daily flood of e-mails.

Therefore, in this article I would like to show you some ways how you too can get a better grip on your e-mails in the future. You will also learn how to You can communicate faster and more effectively – you save a lot of time.

Perhaps you have already experienced that e-mail communication and especially the response times to e-mails are becoming faster and faster. In former times one was still content with a response time of 2-4 days.

In today’s world, however, it’s practically good manners to write a reply within about 24 hours. So writing e-mails has become a very fast medium in the last years.

The question is: How to speed up the email writing process??

On the one hand, you can avoid an e-mail flood by not signing up to every e-mail form. There are many supposedly interesting offers on the Internet, but you should select for yourself exactly whether you really ever take advantage of these offers, or really need this information.

Now it’s easier to win customers:

The new dimension of

Customer acquisition communication

Writing e-mails was yesterday - speaking e-mails is today!

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Of course, newsletters are an interesting marketing tool. However, if you receive too many e-mails, you should consider unsubscribing from certain newsletters.

A second way to escape the email flood is to create so-called rules. The e-mail program moves the various e-mails into folders and preselects the inbox for you, so to speak.

So you can see at a glance which e-mails are really important and which ones you can deal with later on. Such inbox rules can be easily set in Outlook, but also with the various e-mail providers.

From receiving e-mails to writing e-mails

Writing e-mails was yesterday - speaking e-mails is today!

After you have separated yourself from various newsletters and have your inbox automatically pre-sorted, you can now work through the various e-mails and answer them. But as you surely know Writing e-mail very time consuming.

Apart from the time factor, it is often very difficult to answer or explain complicated issues by e-mail. Unless you write a multi-page paper on a problem, which again takes a lot of time.

When writing e-mails, not only the time factor plays a role, but also the wording, formatting and content. Because an e-mail should always be nicely structured, easy to read and preferably not contain spelling mistakes.

As you can see, there are some stumbling blocks even in simple activities like writing e-mails. Of course, now you will ask yourself how to avoid such stumbling blocks and what alternatives there are to e-Writing mail gives.

The alternative to writing e-mails: Speaking e-mails

In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, we have a wide variety of communication tools at our disposal.

We communicate via ..

  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Homepages
  • Advertising letters
  • Catalogs
  • etc.

But there is a means of communication that we have been using for thousands of years: our voice!

Because with the classic E-M ail write there is one thing we cannot teach: a feeling.

Often it is not possible to explain certain facts as correctly when writing an e-mail as when communicating them in your own language. Surely it has happened to you that you have written an e-mail, but the recipient has misunderstood the content.

Often it is necessary to write a second or a third e-mail to explain the facts exactly or to clear up misunderstandings completely. And writing several e-mails on a single topic again costs valuable working time and manpower.

But here it comes ..

Instead of having to write e-mails you can talk to them now

Writing e-mails was yesterday - speaking e-mails is today!

I have developed a tool for myself, which enables me to process my e-mail communication faster and more effectively. Because I answer my e-mails with my own language.

It is also faster – so you save time!

Content interpretation is impossible and you can be sure that the recipient knows exactly what you are talking about.

But the time advantage is only one aspect of this tool. The fact that they communicate by voice message alone makes them stand out from the crowd of different email senders. And since you communicate differently than your competitors, this tool will also help you to increase your sales.

Because one can call oneself with a voice message at any time with customers or prospective customers in memory and refer thus discreetly to offers, confirm an appointment or simply inquire whether one can help.

If you also prefer to speak than to write, this tool is exactly the right one for you. Because many entrepreneurs prefer to call their customers or their prospective customers before they write an e-mail. With i-talk24 you are able to communicate with your customers at any time.

I often found it difficult to reach prospects or customers. With i-talk24 you now have the possibility to inform your customers at any time. Be it an offer, an appointment or a friendly "reminder".

Writing e-mail is anonymous, speaking is more personal – much more personal

Writing e-mails was yesterday - speaking e-mails is today!

If you look into your inbox you will agree with me that more than 90% of the e-mails are very sterile and anonymous.

Most e-mails nowadays are sent by so-called e-mail responders. In some e-mails your first name or your family name may be included as a form of address.

But also they know that this form of address is not personal but is queried when entering the e-mail form. This data is then automatically added to mass emails using variables, simulating a personal salutation.

A voice message is therefore the best and most effective means of communication today. Your advantages are:

  • You address your prospective customers and customers personally.
  • The customer hears your voice.
  • And thus build up a relationship with them faster and more intensively.
  • You save time and money.
  • Your communication becomes more personal.

And you guessed it, for customer acquisition this kind of communication is a quantum leap.

This of course promotes the trust in your person and enables you to improve your products or services to more prospective customers and buyers.

In the future, write fewer emails and have more time for the important things ..

If you would like to set in the future on means of communication, which saves you not only time but also their conversions increases lets then you should inform more near about the Tool i-talk 24.

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