You liked to be like them

We have fulfilled our dreams.

We met warm and entertaining people.

We have experienced magical moments.

We have seen new things, experienced unknown things and tried unfamiliar things. And were surprised.

We took a lot of train. And have packed the (bike) suitcase countless times.

Thank you, 2016. You were good to me. Very well even.

Dreams // We started Rumpeldipumpel and saw the Matterhorn at dawn.

The idea of a blog has been circling around in my head for a few years now. I always found reasons not to make it happen: my agency job with lots of unpaid and uncompensable overtime, my lack of programming and social media skills, my side job as a guide and so on. But the blog idea wouldn’t let me go (or I it). About this time a year ago the thought came up again. Just like that. Without a concrete reason. I researched and started to think of a concept. How this looks, you know ;)

At the end of August another dream of mine came true: I spent vacations in Zermatt. To be precise, it was below Zermatt in Tasch ;) I got to admire the Matterhorn from different perspectives up close and discover some of the trails and huts at the foot of the Matterhorn.

Encounters // We met a real Zermatt man.

On one of my tours in Zermatt I passed a rustic mountain village with beautiful stone huts on my bike. All the cabins were in tip-top condition and seemed to be inhabited. But the shutters were all closed. Too bad, I would have liked to know if you can rent them. Spending vacations in such a hut, I imagine it to be wonderful! By chance I saw that the table was set on one of the terraces. I leaned my bike against the fence and climbed up to the hut. When I arrived at the top, a gentleman turned the corner. I introduced myself and asked if these cabins were for rent. He just laughed and said that these huts have been privately owned for years and are not rented out. But I may look at its gladly times. I got a little guided tour. As rustic as the hut looked from the outside, as modern it was inside and equipped. We chatted some more – about the development of Zermatt and that Albert was expecting friends for lunch. That’s why the table was set.

This was just one of the many encounters that enriched me last year. I could go on about many more meetings with lovely and inspiring people. This includes the many wonderful participants I have met in my courses and on tour. I have a special memory of the Ladies Only riding technique training course.

Moments // We have played early bird and experienced unforgettable sunrises.

A few times I got up very early to see the day dawn on the summit. It’s not just the magical moment when the first rays of sunshine of the day wink out that compensates for getting up early. It is also the silence at dawn and the gradually dissolving night that accompany you on the ascent and make the morning on the mountain so special. For this I like to play early bird.

News // We went to the beach for the first time with the Radl and got a surprising recognition for the many hours on the computer.

This year I went to Finale for the first time. Of course I had heard a lot about cycling with a sea view, but I had never been to the sea with my bike before. Even if the water was still too cold for swimming, I enjoyed it very much to let the tours end with an ice cream in the sand. Some things I imagined differently (for example how early you have to book shuttle), others exactly the same (the pasta portion sizes). But that’s another topic, which I might take up in the future.

We were surprised by the election to the top bike blog 2016 – first by the nomination. And then from the placement ;)

Thank you, 2016.

You have been good to me. Very good even. The many hours I enjoyed sitting in the train and the (bike-) suitcase I liked to pack and unpack again and again. Thank you.

Thank you, dear readers.

Thanks also to you for your support, dear readers :)

Have a great end to what I hope will be a very nice 2016! And a terrific start into a good, fulfilling and healthy year 2017!

How was your 2016? Which dreams have you fulfilled? Which moments will be remembered? And what encounters?

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