Your mosaicfrom 1.000 photos

About 100.000 customers Can’t be wrong: They rate us with the Grade VERY GOOD. Because we conjure up a picture from many photos.


We deliver in 24 hours express service. Because everyone wants the mosaic on the desired date, when he gives it as a gift.


You get a free mosaic preview from your photos. Do you like the mosaic, you have the possibility to buy it as XXL format.

Give a gift voucher for Christmas now

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The vouchers are valid for 3 years. You can use as partial payment or partial amounts for several payments. Vouchers can not be combined with other discounts.

Voucher – this is how easy it is

Giving a gift voucher is very easy: After purchase we will send your code directly by e-mail.

The code is immediately valid and can be redeemed immediately. You can choose from 5 voucher designs.

These can be printed, labeled and handed over at your own printer.

Create photo mosaic – How it works.

Create your photo mosaic on canvas

The photo mosaic as canvas on stretcher frame. This is how the most beautiful photos come out great!

z.B. Poster
60 x 40 cm
glossy or matte

29,90 €
incl. VAT.

Ready for shipment: Thursday, 3 Feb 2022 Create photo mosaic

This is what our customers say:

Dirk B., Swabian Hall

I had the photo mosaic created on Monday and on Wednesday she was already there. My wife was totally thrilled. And this is really rare..

Ulrike B., Oldenburg

The canvas looks really super! ALL TOP! I could not believe it when the courier driver stood in front of the door, that this is already finished. Thanks a lot! I will definitely recommend you.

Stefan M., New town

The mosaic was intended as a gift and has arrived super. Great quality and super fast delivery. I am more than satisfied and will definitely order from you again.


How long does it take to create a mosaic?

This is fast: In the 24h service, the finished mosaic is delivered the next day. But most of our customers have a little more time. Nevertheless, over 90% of the mosaics are printed and delivered within 3 days.

Does the creation cost something?

No. We create a mosaic from your pictures and send you a preview. The mosaic preview is always free. If you like the mosaic, you can order us to print it. You decide which material we should use (poster, canvas, acrylic glass…). Only with this print order costs arise for you.

How many photos can I/should I use?

You need at least 30 photos + 1 photo as main image, to create a photo mosaic. But you can up to 1.000 photos as single images for your mosaic transfer. The more photos you transfer the better.

What can I print the mosaic on??

We print mosaics on Poster, canvas, acrylic glass or alu-dibond. You can find more information under photo mosaic printing.

In which sizes can you order the mosaic?

The smallest print size is 60 x 40 cm. Mosaics up to 150 x 100 cm can be ordered directly from the website. Larger mosaics or edition print (from 100 to 100.000 copies) we produce on request.

How big are the small pictures (single pictures)?

The single photos are always 2,5 cm wide. This size has turned out to be the perfect balance, between the recognizability of the individual images and the main subject: When viewed up close, you can recognize the small images. At normal viewing distance you can see the main picture.

What is the minimum resolution that the photos need?

The Single images need 0,5 MB or ca. 640 x 480 Pixel. The Main image needs 2 MB or 3 megapixel. The required minimum resolution of the photos is low. Since the individual images are very small and the main image must work from a greater viewing distance, a low image resolution is ok. The image resolutions should not be below, but can easily be above these specifications.

Do you already know?

Your pictures as a number mosaic.
The perfect gift

The photo mosaic – a picture out of a thousand pictures

Already in ancient times, the mosaic with its small stones and tiles adorned villas and palaces. Similar to the old days, the mosaic Photo mosaic many small photos together into one big whole. This makes the mosaic photo a particularly sophisticated type of photo print: if it still looks like a normal picture when viewed from a distance, the many small photos only become visible on closer inspection.

Give away a sense of unity with a mosaic picture

The mosaic picture becomes the perfect gift idea not least because of its wonderful symbolic statement: "The whole is more than the sum of its parts". It is not only about the feeling of Community, but ultimately also to the small moments, that make up our lives. It makes the mosaic visible and thus uses the ability of photography to capture emotional memories.

For example, if you want to give your mosaic as a birthday present, you can collect many small pictures of the birthday boy or girl and combine them into one big portrait. But also as a belated wedding gift or as a loving Christmas greeting, the mosaic picture is perfectly suitable. It works just as beautifully as a farewell gift and souvenir of a wonderful time together. So you can choose for your mosaic picture even school photos, club pictures or photos from the office as a basis.

Create a photo mosaic: What you need to keep in mind

Mosaic pictures always consist of one big main photo and many smaller photos. The Main picture determines the motif and thus also to a large extent the effect of the mosaic. Therefore you should always choose it first. The best photos for this are large and clear motifs suitable. To get started with the creation of the mosaic picture, you also need at least 30 small photos. But it is even better if you 100 or even 1.000 photos use for your mosaic.

Important for the Selection of small pictures is that the motif is clearly recognizable. Since the small pictures on the finished mosaic are only 2 to 2.5 cm in size, small motifs are less suitable. They would be so small after printing that they can not be recognized properly even at closer inspection. During the Main photo a minimum resolution of 2 MB should be enough for the small photos 0,5 MB from. Depending on how many pictures you want to use for your mosaic you can also playing something with the final formatThe smallest size we offer is 60 x 40 cm, the largest 150 x 100 cm.

Once you have defined the main image, the individual images and the format of your photo mosaic, you can still choose from different image carriers select. You have the choice between canvas, acrylic glass, poster paper and alu-dibond. With the picture carrier you should consider where the finished picture is to be hung up at the end.

Did you already know: To ensure you the best possible quality, we always send you a free preview of your mosaic picture to. Only when you are completely satisfied with it, you give your mosaic for a fee with us in print.

5 tips for unique mosaic pictures

1. Don’t be afraid of color: When creating the mosaic, the small individual fotos are adjusted to the colors of the main photo. This creates a homogeneous image impression and your main subject comes out better.

2. It does not always have to be a portrait: Most mosaics, which are commissioned from us, are full portraits. This is a nice idea – especially if you want to give your photo mosaic as a gift. Nevertheless, it is also well worth taking a look at object photos, animal motifs or landscapes. Depending on what the person receiving the gift associates with the specific motif, there are no limits to the imagination here.

3. Play with different formats: It often happens that the small photos are in different formats. Just that can look particularly interesting in the end result. Our software detects these deviations. As a result, the images are no longer exactly tiled but arranged in a special grid. That strengthens the Puzzle effect of the mosaic, which often looks very original. So if you are open to a special effect, you should get a good mix of transversal and vertical pictures get it together!

4. Use as many photos as possible: Although you can also create beautiful mosaics with 30 shots and one main image, it is well worth it, more than 100 different photos to use as a basis. If you consciously use more pictures, you will achieve a special even and elegant look. On average, our customers use approx. 150 small photos for their photo mosaic.

5. Use image repetitions selectively: Just if you want to drive the-matically a clear line with your photo mosaic, you come perhaps not always on 100 to 1.000 photos from one session. But luckily that’s not a problem at all: If you ever have too few individual pictures, the algorithm arranges your pictures optimally. It is precisely through this repetition of images that the end result is often a super exciting memory effect, that really draws the viewer’s eye into the mosaic picture.

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