Your own sauna – is it worth it?

Many wellness enthusiasts dream of having their own sauna in the basement or garden. When this is worthwhile, that is what this guide is about.

The positive effect of sauna on the body is undisputed. The interaction between hot and cold trains the vessels, at least if you take the cold shower after a sauna session in any case. Heart and circulation are strengthened, the immune system can work better. Experts recommend to sauna around twice a week to achieve the optimal result for well-being and health.

Relaxing in the sauna can do so much good – is it worth investing in your own sauna?? (Copyright: @Zerocool (CC0 1.0))

However, the Finns, who invented the sauna as we know it, use their type of sweat lodge much more frequently. Here, even at business meetings, people sweat together, and even the family celebration is not complete without a little sweat. Only a few decades ago it was common for children to be delivered in the sauna. And also the deceased received here the dead washing. So this hot place was the entrance and exit to life.
Quite so far we will not integrate the sauna into our lives. Nevertheless, their importance cannot be overestimated.

How the sauna affects the body

Sauna cleanses the body

To compensate for the loss of fluids during sweating, the body extracts water from the muscles and fat and connective tissue. Sweating then also excretes waste products that were previously accumulated in the tissues. To enhance this effect, drinking should only be done after the last sauna session. But then plenty, and preferably water or herbal tea.

The capacity of the lungs increases

The respiratory tract gets much better blood flow when sweating in the sauna. Especially people who often suffer from bronchitis benefit from it. The heat relaxes the muscles, which increases the capacity of the lungs. Breathing is easier.

The relaxation factor is immense

In addition to the physical effects, the effect on the psyche should not be underestimated. The sauna not only relaxes the muscles, but also "evaporates" the stress of everyday life. One is completely thrown back on oneself and one’s body, the worries stay in front of the sauna door.

Your own sauna? But yes!

For those who have made saunas an integral part of their lives, having their own sauna is certainly worthwhile. As a rule, many public saunas are closed during the warm season. However, you should also go to the sauna in the summer in order to benefit from the positive effects on the body in the long term. Especially the applications with cold water train the autonomic nervous system.
Being able to sauna in your own four walls increases the wellness factor immensely. You don’t have to travel to your favorite sauna, you don’t have to share the place with others and you can sweat as long and as hot as you think fit.

Build your own sauna or have it built?

Before deciding whether to have a sauna custom-made or to build it yourself, for which you can also resort to a kit, you should inform yourself thoroughly. This works for example online at Here are all the advantages and disadvantages of each variant described in detail. Choosing the right environment for your own sauna is also easy with tips from the experts.

Does a sauna have to be in the basement?

The classic place for your own sauna is a basement room that offers enough space and can be well ventilated. This can be realized even in an apartment building. However, one should always ask the landlord. But many houses today are built without basements, so you have to find another place for your private sweat lodge.
General any room in the house is suitable, where there is enough space and a possibility for ventilation. Ideally, there should be a bathroom nearby, so that you can quickly get to the cold water source.
The room itself should be appropriately tiled so that walls, floor and ceiling do not absorb moisture. This comes out in large quantities when opening the sauna. A concrete floor is also well suited for this purpose, it does not necessarily have to be tiles. An unused children’s room next to the bathroom is ideal for building a sauna. But it can also be installed under the roof. But here you should consult an expert beforehand, because you need to install vapor retarders. If the bathroom is large enough, the sweat lodge can of course be built directly into it.

Garden sauna without electricity

To operate a sauna heater, you need a 380 volt power line. This usually has to be set up separately. Of course, the operation of the sauna also consumes a lot of energy. An alternative way is to build a sauna in the garden, which can be operated with a wood stove. Such a sauna is also available in the form of a barrel, which looks very rustic and cozy.
Adjusting the temperature on a wood stove is a bit of a challenge and takes some practice. With time, however, one will know how much wood to put on to achieve the desired heat. In any case, with a wood-burning stove you achieve a different, very pleasant kind of heat, which many sauna lovers appreciate. A wood-burning stove can of course also be used indoors.

Conclusion: Having your own sauna is an investment, but it’s worth it. The positive effects on body and soul prove to be priceless and save many a trip to the doctor later on. The subject of wellness at home gets a whole new component.

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