Your perfect training plan for muscle building at home

Anyone who wants to tackle muscle training at home professionally needs to know how to do it best. Because the right strategy is crucial.

When it comes to your body, your figure and your performance, you should be demanding. Especially if you want to build muscle and gain muscle mass. Our strength packages not only ensure an attractive appearance and more self-confidence, they are also important for our health. Regular strength training is now even considered the best medicine for your body. The right muscle building training for you at home depends on your goals. Some want to tighten their body and reduce fat, others want to gain a lot of muscle mass. Learn all about the most important training principles and the most effective methods here.

How does muscle growth happen?

High quality and tasty nutrition

High quality and tasty nutrition

You only get stronger muscles if you stimulate your muscles accordingly. This works best with muscle training. At the beginning of the training process the strength grows, because you force more and more lazy muscle fibers to become active. In the subsequent training sessions, the muscles that are being used learn which fibers need to be tensed for the exercise in question in order to be able to perform it correctly. This is called neuronal adaptation. That is why the exercise becomes easier for you and you can increase the weight. But only when a sufficient number of previously inactive muscle fibers are active, will the muscle also grow. That is the case after four or five training sessions. And then the following happens:

  • The sufficiently intensive training causes tiny tears in the muscle fibers.
  • This attracts so-called satellite cells.
  • These satellite cells produce protein material for repair at the injured site.
  • They divide, fuse with the muscle fiber and give it new nuclei.
  • These nuclei produce proteins and the muscle grows.

Which muscle building workout is right for me?

The planning of muscle building training depends entirely on your individual goals and requirements. If you have never done any systematic muscle training, not only the muscles have to get used to the new load, but also cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Therefore, you should take it easy in the first few weeks and slowly work your way up. You should start with a so-called strength endurance training (see below). Your big advantage: You have the greatest potential for improvement as a beginner and there are quick results even at low intensity.

For returners it depends on the training break. If you have not exercised for more than a year, you start all over again. Again, exercise some restraint at first and start with strength endurance training (see below). If you have been training for a long time, you can work at a higher intensity. This does not mean that you should permanently increase your weight limit. Only through a systematic change of exercises and targeted use of exercise variations you can continue to work on building up your muscle mass. More about this later.

What equipment helps me with muscle training?

If you want to do your muscle building training at home, you have several options:

Power Station Universal incl. 108 kg cast iron set

The complete set for your strength training at home: strength station including barbell, dumbbell set and Sz curl bar. The included cast iron weight plates, including star locks, take your workout to a new level ► Discover online now!

How do I find the right intensity for muscle building training??

SZ-Curlset plastic 70 kg

SZ-Curlset plastic 70 kg

In order to gain muscle mass, you need to set a certain stimulus. Because if you work with weights that are too light, the muscle will not respond. If the weights are too heavy, you risk overload and, in the worst case, even injury. Training at weight stations, on curl benches and with barbells has the advantage of exact weight determination. To do this, you need to regularly measure your maximum strength every six weeks. The maximum strength is the weight that you can just about manage once. And this is how you find out, best with a partner who is helpfully at your side:

You warm up for a few minutes and then choose the weight for each exercise that you think you can only do one repetition of.

✔ If you manage the weight while performing the movement correctly, wait a few minutes, add a little more weight and try again.

✔ If the weight was too heavy, you have to reduce it of course.

✔ As a rule, three to four attempts are sufficient to determine the maximum force.

✔ Write down exercise, date and weight.

If you train regularly, you should repeat this test every six weeks and then adjust the weight during training.

When training with dumbbells, kettlebells and fitness bands, it is not possible to determine the maximum strength, with very few exceptions. During muscle building training with these machines, the so-called subjective load sensation will help you:

Level 1 – light: The load is hardly perceived and plays no role in muscle building.
Level 2 – somewhat heavy: You perceive the load, but still have large reserves.
Level 3 – moderately difficult: You finish the exercise series even though you could do a few more repetitions.
Level 4 – hard: You perform an exercise until shortly before exhaustion.
Level 5 – very heavy: You go to the limit of your load capacity.

Levels 2 and 3 are suitable for beginners, advanced and professionals train in the level range 4 and 5.

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