Zeynel can wants to make administration a modern workplace “implement a new digital strategy for administration”

SLITZ (ol). The SPD mayoral candidate Zeynel Can would like to save the citizens of Schlitz the trip to the town hall in the future. "My goal is to implement a new digital strategy for the administration". This is to reduce complicated bureaucratic processes and save time for important things", says Zeynel Can. First of all, the city administration and the municipal utilities are to be equipped with new technical equipment.

But Zeynel Can has other ideas, his press release says: "Applications could be submitted online in the future via a community app. The app works like a digital bulletin board."But it’s not just technical modernization that’s important to him, he says, but also the advancement of staff: "It’s particularly important to me that employees of the administration are given opportunities for development, advancement and further training."

Can also wants to offer young people opportunities when they start their careers. The SPD Schlitzerland had already made therefore in the autumn last year a suitable request. In this, it was asked to consider whether the municipal utilities and the municipality could employ dual students. "I am convinced that young professionals bring many fresh ideas to city hall," says Zeynel Can.

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16 thoughts on" "Implement a new digital strategy for the administration""

…… and daily greet the " fallen out of time "!!
To date, I can not see anything detrimental in what Mr. Can proposes !
…… and daily greet the " not so bright in the head " which their argumentation sometimes more, sometimes somewhat less obviously, in all reports which appear to Mr. Can here, at its origin attach.
How stupid, to say the least.
Mr. Can is German citizen, advertises his candidacy, and that is what ?
Quite normal and legal !
If one or the other candidate for this mayor post should have a different PR strategy :
So, so what ?…. is that his PR thing!
By the way :
I also have ancestors who were not born in Germany.
Netherlands and Israel !

Here is not a single comment to read, which goes into the origin of Mr. Can or his ancestors. Furthermore, not a single commentator writes that he is applying wrongly. Why also?

Do you suffer from paranoia, Marlene? Do you already see racist content, even if there is none at all?

Well " psychologist " lol
Have clearly pointed out ALL the comments that have been published here on Mr. Can’s reports regarding his candidacy.
And…… well what ;-)
Many " comments " refer, to say the least, to his " origin "
Mmmmhhhh …….
Who is not powerful of the reading/ the understanding ……
What should one / woman still say to it& !

…that he is applying unjustly. .

Well at least the frequency of two competitors has become more present on O-L. if not better.
It’s a pity that the Schlitzer FDP have not thought about their own ranks and instead of the very competent Ms. Landgraf on the since the last mayoral election very quiet Mr. Laurinat sets.

Marlene, you can only be recommended a treatment. Or take a little vacation.

You are just nagging at everyone here and ranting like a teacher. And if someone says something you don’t like, they swing the racism club.

A quite bad discussion culture, which you would like to establish here.

I will gladly vote for Mr. Can, but certainly not because of such racism hysterics like you, but because I find him likeable.

I think none of the commentators attacked Mr. Can here, but rather pointed to the intensive reporting of OL. To be honest, it annoys me too. Is even more than the BGM election in Romrod&

How you directly portray all commentators here as stupid, ranting something about origin and attacking anyone who disagrees with you. The crown of creation are your contributions also not exactly, but therefore I do not insult you.

Clear Marlene! Besides you, there are only racists on here who pore over Zeynel Can’s family tree incessantly&♂️&♂️&♂️

How can you be so paranoid.

Marlene, why do you keep harping on the origin of people? It seems to me that this topic is quite important to you.

I do not know what Mr. Can or we slashers have done to you. In any case, there is nothing wrong with being from Schlitz, so you don’t have to feel compelled to constantly represent anyone from Schlitz like an "advocate of justice".

I feel very well to come from Schlitz and Mr. Can seems this also, otherwise he would hardly engage himself in Schlitz. It should be much more about the content.

Sometimes the one who shouts "fire" is the firebug himself.

The coming ELON MUSK of the Vogelsbergkreis, Mr. Can has a sympathetic positive charisma full of energy, trust him to do a good job.

I can hardly stop laughing at this comment… what a comparison&&&&&

Someone applying for a civil service job at 30 is about as opposite of Elon Musk as there can be on this planet.

Exactly. Mr. Can has two revolutionary ideas at once: An app as a digital bulletin board and hiring dual students.

In any case, he is on his way to becoming the next Elon Musk&

Mike Tyson, raining it in?

Why do the other candidates actually feature so little on OL?

Respect for his commitment, but why does not he first finish his studies and work in his profession. Studying is not an end in itself. That would be more straightforward. With experience, he can run for office again at a later date.

I do not find the "ideas" very sensational,
But would like to hear from the other candidates for comparison.

Because two of the four candidates seem to have a very weak outward appearance and performance. Quite simply. &
OL can’t help that. That is up to everyone! A consulting agency would do them good.
The mayor election campaign in Romrod showed nevertheless like one press-technically cleverly in scene has to set itself. And if you can’t do that, you might be out of place in the mayor’s office. &

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