Zweibrucken bicycle club: zweibrucken purposefully slows down the cyclists

In the summer of 2019, members of the building committee rode bicycles along Homburger Strabe.Archive photo: Moschel

Instead of promoting bicycle traffic, the city keeps putting the brakes on it, says Bernd Lohrum of the ADFC, which represents the interests of Zweibruck cyclists. He accuses the politicians and planners of a lack of expertise.

"Again, our city council in conjunction with the administration has proven to be a big brakeman. And that has meanwhile method", annoys Bernd Lohrum of the local group Zweibrucker country of the ADFC. The German Bicycle Club stands up for the interests of cyclists, just as the ADAC does for car drivers. The similar sounding name is intentional.

"No expertise at all"

Whereas even the city of Pirmasens manages to designate cycle paths, in Zweibrucken unfounded concerns and polemicizing fears are taken as an argument to reject the long overdue extension of the Rosenweg.". The administration has commissioned an engineering office that was allowed to plan a few side streets in Pirmasens, but seems to have no expertise whatsoever in the design and specifications for cycle paths. A rogue who thinks evil thereby!", Lohrum wrote in a statement to the meeting of the building committee last week.

The ADFC has understanding that the Homburger road direction Einod with the rather short-term funding program "city and country" can not be rebuilt. To plan and implement that would take five to ten years. This means that the road through Ernstweiler is not eligible for this funding program. "But any building authority could see that in advance, there would have been no need for a preliminary investigation," Lohrum is annoyed.

"Without improving the situation

In connection with the Homburger road also the Kohlenhofstrabe from the Wichernhaus at the Schwarzbach and along the Tadano area in the direction of the Ernstweiler church is to be seen: "Their development makes sense only if also the Homburger road is touched."The current planning creates an isolated solution a few hundred meters long, "without really improving the situation for cyclists".

Above all, the ADFC spokesman is annoyed by the discussion about a possible renewal of Rosenweg: "But what really takes the biscuit are the statements made by the planning office (and several members of the building committee) about the plans for Rosenweg. If our committee members think that a path that is used very reluctantly in the rain is ‘close to nature’, that may be a very personal view of closeness to nature. But that the design of a path to a year-round usable path would be against the interests of citizens, I can not understand. Also the accident danger by ‘speeding cyclists’ belongs to the realm of the fairy tales. How many children have been injured or even killed by ‘speeding cyclists’ on the well developed and much more frequented Blies Valley cycle path in recent years??"

"Ridiculous in the extreme"

In addition, the statement that the Rosenweg must be provided with a railing over its entire length is "ridiculous in the extreme": the relevant design regulations only require a railing if an edge is higher than 20 centimeters and is less than one meter from the path. "That is practically nowhere the case on the Rosenweg! And even then, a guardrail may be replaced by a sufficiently high thorn-free bush," says Lohrum, explaining the requirements in the regulations.

Unfortunately, there is no real alternative to the Rosenweg, which is integrated into the national cycle path network. "How well this looks and how well it works can be seen in its extension in the Zweibrucken-Land association municipality. Cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair and walker users, parents with strollers and dog owners use the path there," Lohrum describes the path, which leads from Contwig along the Schwarzbach stream via Dellfeld and Rieschweiler-Muhlbach to Thaleischweiler-Froschen. Lohrum’s conclusion: "Although – or precisely because – the path there is asphalted, it can be used well by everyone and is an attractive path without accident risks! He is always close to nature."

"Asking an office that knows"

The relocation of the east-west bicycle axis to Hofenfelsstrabe, which was brought into the discussion by a committee member, was illusory already because of the very high traffic load. So there’s only one thing left to do, he says: "You should ask an engineering firm that knows about this kind of thing! And also to send the members of the building committee through the city on bicycles at times. We from the ADFC are gladly ready to guide the ladies and gentlemen."

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