10 Brilliant ways to make new friends after moving house

You have done it! You have successfully moved to a new city. You have completed the most important tasks after the move and now you feel almost at home. But you are still missing something and that is the social contacts and new friends with whom you can spend a lot of time together.

Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and take on this new challenge.

In reality, making friends in a new city can sometimes be a real struggle … unless you know some smart ways to make new friends and find good friends for life.

Here are 20 brilliantly clever ways to make friends after moving to a new city.

1. Meet up with friends of your friends

You must realize that you can’t make friends immediately after moving to a new city. Of course, this does not have to discourage you. What can you do in the first place?

Ask your current friends if you happen to know anyone in the city you just moved to.

Social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter can help you a lot in this situation. Post a Facebook post like "I just moved to Berlin and I’d love to meet some cool people here. Any suggestions?". With any luck, you should be able to make a few contacts. Then contact these people and meet for a drink.

Save time& Money in your move

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2. Use mobile apps to meet new people

Making new friends in a new city is never easy – it takes a lot of time, planning and last but not least a bit of extra courage. So, in the beginning, you may be looking for good ways to meet like-minded people effortlessly.

Fortunately, there are numerous mobile apps that can help you with this. Meetup is one such app that seems to be very popular – it works in thousands of cities and should help you meet local people with common interests.

Do a Google search to find more apps to help you meet new friends. Try a few and see which one works best for you.

3. Make friends with your colleagues

Take every opportunity to make friends with your colleagues. This is probably the best way to make friends in a new city. Think about it – you already have something in common with your co-workers (supposedly!). And you interact with them on a daily basis. Now is the perfect time to get to know them better.

Many companies organize after-work activities – sporting, linguistic or recreational.

You can invite your colleagues to lunch or meet them for a drink after work.

4. Invite your neighbors to a housewarming party

Your neighbors can probably offer the best solution for you to make new friends.

You have just moved to a city where you do not know anyone. Being surrounded by complete strangers all the time can make you feel down in the dumps. What can you do about it?

Your neighbors can probably offer the best solution for you. Organize an informal get-together in your apartment by inviting your neighbors to a big housewarming party. Hopefully you’ll make some good friends among your neighbors.

5. Buy yourself a dog

It’s understandable that you may be reluctant to invest too much time and energy in finding new friends after a stressful move.

If you want to make new friends quickly, buy a dog – unless you already have one. You’re bound to meet other dog owners in the area during your daily walks.

6. A bicycle gives you many opportunities

Biking to work is a great way to meet other cyclists and also save money on transportation. Especially if you currently live in a bike-friendly city, it’s worth buying a bike. In many cities there are bicycle clubs where different activities are organized every week. If you are adventurous, you are sure to find like-minded people here.

7. Search for regional Facebook groups

If you like to dance salsa or listen to swing music, you can quickly find specific fan groups in Facebook. There is regularly published various events in this regard and the possibility of finding good friends is great.

Try with your interests, maybe there is a suitable group.

8. Visit local museums, zoos and aquariums

Stop wondering how you’ll meet people in a new city – instead, get out of your new home and meet them.

Find time to visit local museums, art galleries, monuments, zoos, aquariums and others. This way you can enjoy the sights of the new city and meet new people at the same time..

Find the courage to have a conversation with someone who has also admired a painting in the city gallery.

Check if there is a folk high school in your town and be happy if there is one. There you will surely find new friends in a pleasant way.

9. Visit local cultural events

Each city’s cultural calendar offers many and varied events to attend. Find out about it and attend a live concert or music, art festival. Feel the pulse of the city by attending new and interesting events.

The local newspapers or the official websites of the city will certainly present a list of all cultural events for the current month.

10. Find out what’s going on in the adult education center program world.

Every adult education center will help you find the right program in your area. There is a wide range of program areas to choose from.

With adult education centers you can choose among 50 languages and learn about other cultures. Groups are not large (no more than 15 people), so you can make new contacts.

You like to meet like-minded people to pursue your interests and passions for art and culture and to live out your own creativity. Check if there is an adult education center in your town and be happy if there is one. There you will surely find new friends in a pleasant way.

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Published on Thursday, June 28, 2018, Last updated on October 20, 2020

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