10 Great places for a children’s birthday party

Always celebrating a birthday at home or in the garden can be boring or exhausting. How about zoo, pony farm, indoor playground or other places? Ten ideas with the most important info for the host parents.

1. Animal fun at the zoo

For children from 5 years

The great thing about it: Going to the zoo with children is almost always a great experience. For birthday parties, zoos offer a variety of tours where kids can learn all kinds of things about zoo residents and get a behind-the-scenes look at the zoo’s animals. A playground on the premises provides variety and that the little guests can also get rid of energy. The zoo restaurant offers food, but you can alternatively bring your own.

And what could be annoying? If only one child is not in the mood for the zoo tour and makes nonsense, it usually upsets the whole group. Then it’s your turn to save the day and put the troublemaker to rest. If it rains cats and dogs on the planned day, the complete visit falls into the water.

Cost: From approx. 50 Euro for groups up to ten children excluding catering.

2. Pure action at the indoor playground

For children from 3 years

The great thing: An indoor playground is usually a guarantee for a good mood. There is something for every child to romp around in and you don’t have to entertain the party crew extra. In addition, you do not have to include the weather in the planning.

And what could be annoying? The volume level reaches its zenith, as not only your own birthday guests are yelling around, but also the other hundred kids who are just romping around there. In addition: sometimes the inventory is more than dirty, so that at least with the mothers a decent disgust arises.

Cost: From ca.12 Euro incl. Drink and birthday meal (usually chips with sausage o.a.) per child.

Tip: If the children are still under 5 years old, it can’t hurt to invite one or two parents to supervise them.

3. Riding stable for horse enthusiasts

For children from 5 years

The great thing: At a certain age, almost all girls are into horses – a birthday at the horse farm is then a real dream for them. You get to groom and pet the horses, learn about the farm’s daily routine and take (guided) pony rides. In the end, everyone gets something to chew on: the horses get food and the birthday group gets cake.

And what could be annoying? Since horses are the main focus here, you should be sure that all birthday guests like horses and are not afraid of them. Otherwise it could also be a disaster. If they all love horses, the next "problem" is pre-programmed: everyone wants their own horse right now.

Cost: From approx. 10 Euro per child without catering.

4. Cinema for movie lovers

For children from approx. 6 years. Ultimately, this depends on the age rating of the booked film.

The great thing If the film is well chosen and interests all birthday guests, a visit to the cinema is by far the most relaxed and above all quietest children’s birthday party. The kids have fun and are fully captivated, while you can sit back and comfortably eat popcorn.

And what could be annoying? If a child loses interest in the movie, if one can’t sit still and be quiet, there’s stress among the kids – and for you. And: With 10 guests, one always has to go to the toilet.

Cost: From approx. 7 Euro per child including film screening, popcorn, drink and often a small surprise. The birthday child is usually free of charge. Adults pay the regular price.

5. Farm for nature kids

For children from 3 years

The great thing: Nature and children – they simply belong together. On a farm, kids can meet and pet animals, romp and play in bales of straw, and watch and help with the everyday things of a farm life. Optionally, many country lords and wives offer a hearty farmer’s menu or a homemade cake for the little birthday party.

And what could be annoying? In bad weather it can be a real "mess" on the farm. Definitely keep this in mind when choosing a dress. Attention: hay fever alert! Allergic children are usually not in good hands on the farm between meadows, straw and animals.

Cost: From ca. 10 Euro per child without food.

6. Sports club and gym for full exercise

For children from 3 to 4 years

The great thing: Many sports clubs and fitness studios offer the complete program in the matter of children’s birthday party. Here you can book many different variants from the theme party to the climbing action to the disco. Two to three hours of playing and romping in a set-up movement landscape and even supervised – the host parents can take a breather. Many studios also offer a kids’ meal afterward.

And what could be annoying? The cost! Because this party can quickly cost 200 euros.

Cost: From approx. 130 euros for a maximum of ten children including an exercise instructor. Food is additionally calculated per child with about 5 to 8 euros.

7. Museum for the curious

For children from 5 years

The great thing about it: In the museum, you not only get older on your birthday, but also smarter. And without the dreaded boredom. Because many museums offer an extra program for children’s birthday parties. From the child-friendly guided tour to the behind-the-scenes look to the hands-on factor (dressing up, trying things out, etc.), it’s all part of the fun.) is all possible. Meals can often be booked in the museum restaurant. And if it rains outside? No matter!

And what could be annoying? For children with a great urge to move and for little bullies, the museum is not necessarily suitable, because then you are rather busy with damage control.

Cost: The prices vary here very. From approx. 60 euros for the guided tour plus admission for each child.

8. Adventure playground for little adventurers

For children from 3 years

The great thing: Here nothing is pressed into a program. Free playing and romping are the order of the day on the adventure playground, which is perfect especially for younger children. The host parents are left free to be creative here. Treasure hunt, pirate theme or free play – here you can stay spontaneous.

And what could be annoying? First the weather! If it rains heavily, an alternative plan must be found quickly. Otherwise, there is more work behind it, because you have to take care of the catering, the kids and also one or two other accompanying persons. Resting is also not announced, because you can see the children already on the climbing frames and Co. must keep in mind. Toilets are also not available.

Cost: Zero! The extra work pays off here in the truest sense of the word.

9. Nature discovery trail for explorers

For children from 3 to 4 years

The great thing: A nature discovery trail fulfills the best prerequisites for an uncomplicated and successful children’s birthday party. Here can be run and romped, it is to master a few tasks and at the same time the children can still learn something. Often you will also find barbecue areas where the birthday party can be catered for without fixed table rules.

And what could be annoying? Mosquitoes, ticks and other unpleasant insects that also like to stay in the vicinity of nature trails. There are also no toilets nearby – not for you and not for the kids. The weather is also not entirely unimportant.

Cost: Nature discovery trails are free of charge.

10. Castles for little knights and princesses

For children from 4 years

The great thing: Which girl does not dream of being a princess one day? And what boy would not like to feel like a real knight?? With a children’s birthday party at a castle or palace, you can fulfill these children’s wishes. Wearing princess dresses, shooting a bow, exploring old cellar vaults or sitting on a throne – the programs are varied and depend on the respective provider. Depending on the offer, you bring the food yourself, you can book something on site or even have the option to barbecue.

And what could be annoying? Often the way there, since castles and palaces are known to be a bit outside and not necessarily three stops away from home. Besides, one should look at the offer already exactly. A simple, albeit child-friendly tour, where you are not allowed to touch or be active, is fun for very few kids. Depending on the offer, prices can shoot up quite a bit.

Cost: Anything from 50 to 200 euros is possible.

Tip: On the Internet you can find lists of castles and chateaus of the respective federal state. For example, from those who organize children’s birthday parties in Baden-Wurttemberg.

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