20 Reasons for which we thank our mothers

No matter how stormy life is sometimes – mom is always there for us. She cares about us, long before we saw the light of day. A mother gives love, patience and attention in us and asks for nothing in return. Time to say thank you as a Mother’s Day gift.

1. Thank you for giving me life

A woman can usually tell when she is pregnant. And immediately a connection is made. When you are pregnant for the first time, everything is still unfamiliar, perhaps difficult, nerve-racking, confusing. But your mom loved you when you were just a tiny clump of cells.

How often did your hand wander over your belly? How often she talked to you? And what indescribable happiness she felt when her little screaming bundle was finally born? Probably any mom would say it was worth the pain…

2. Thank you that I can always count on you

Stress at school? First heartbreak? Arguing with our best friend? No problem, mom is there. Even if you haven’t lived at home for a long time, or even if you don’t live nearby anymore. Your mother is there if you need help, encouragement, distraction or just a kind word.

3. Thank you for encouraging us

Sometimes we are afraid to take the next step. Be it on the first day of school, before an operation, at a piano performance or when we were making love. Mom always encourages us to do things we were afraid to do. It gave and gives us courage to risk something, to try something new. Taking a different path. And she always believed in us.

4. Thank you for birthdays and other family celebrations

… and for all the other moments when she showed us that we are an important part of the family. For birthdays she took time off, organized everything, baked cakes and lovingly wrapped the thoughtful gifts. She made those days special.

Not to mention the legendary children’s birthday parties. While we played, mom watched over a crowd of kids, making up games and cooking delicious feasts. To this day, the memories of themed birthdays with crafts, games and snacking are unforgettable!

5. Thank you for hugs and good night kisses

How often mom looked under the bed for monsters? Or spending hours looking for our favorite cuddly toy because we can’t sleep without it. Whenever we couldn’t fall asleep, she came to our bedside and waited. Even bedtime rituals are often shaped by mothers: we lie under the covers, mom reads a story and sings a good-night song. Followed by a kiss on the forehead and a pat on the head.

Mothers then repeat this loving ritual every day. We take it with us in our hearts and at the latest when we have children of our own, we know how beautiful this good night tradition is.

6. Thank you for your love

Mothers show us their love through many little things. They come late to the internship when there is no bus or train and they put a cookie in the lunch box when there is a hard math test to do. She does the laundry when we come to visit long after we’ve moved out, and she always listens to problems.

Everyone has weaknesses. Always be late? Are you sometimes just annoyed with yourself? Or your room looks "like Schwein’s"? Your mother loves you no matter what you say or do. For her you are perfect. Even if she doesn’t say it – she shows it to you.

7. Thank you for forgiving

Almost everyone has lied to their mother at some point, messed up when they were young. And even in adulthood, it’s hard to call mom regularly, even when you’ve made up your mind to do so. But your mama is never mad at you forever. After a few days or at the latest weeks she has forgiven you. If only things were so uncomplicated in all relationships…

8. Thank you for your endless trust

The reason for forgiving is not only unwavering love but also the endless trust of a mother. She encourages you to go your own way. She trusts you to make your own decisions and is there for you when something doesn’t go the way you thought it would.

Your mama trusts you. Do not abuse it.

9. Thank you for being my best critic and my biggest fan

We hate to hear when the dress looks unflattering or the new hairstyle looks just awful. But mothers rarely mince their words. They tell you honestly what they think about a decision. There were more bright red comments on the bachelor’s thesis she corrected than from anyone else? Normal.

Mom is the biggest fan

On the other hand, she’s also your biggest fan. As a child you drew pictures that were really just lines and circles? More glue ended up on the table during crafts than at work? Or as an adult, you spoke way too fast and excitedly during a lecture? Her mother hung the pictures, the crafts are still on the shelf and after the lecture she cheered loudly from the front row? She is proud of you.

10. Thank you for always being there

Whether at the first steps, the first bicycle accident or after the fight with the stupid Erik from the flower group in the kindergarten – mom was always there. She put us back up, put band-aids on our skinned knee and cheered you up.

Especially sons and daughters who suffer from illnesses also know how often mom was at the bedside. How many times she found no sleep and argued with doctors, came to work later because she went to the doctor with you at the crack of dawn. Your mother was by your side. Always.

11. Thank you for your advice

How to do a tax return? How often do I have to water this plant? What was the name of the fourth German president? What to look for when buying a car for the first time? Your mother knows the answer to all her questions. And if she doesn’t, she knows someone who does. Who needs online search engines and encyclopedias??!

12. Thank you for showing me to appreciate the little things in life

The first sunshine after a cold winter spreads a wonderful optimistic feeling. And a cup of coffee at the regular cafe with your best friend is balm for the soul. These are the little things in life we should cherish.

Our moms have shown us how important just the little things are. How nice it is to have a picnic with the family or what an indescribable feeling it is when the person you love just smiles at you happily. These moments fill us with happiness, warmth, love and gratitude. It’s great that our mothers have given us this to take along with us.

13. Thank you for accepting me for who I am

Whether it’s green streaks, tantrums, bad hair days or the most outrageous outfits: your mother knows all your sides and loves you anyway.

Even in adulthood we make mistakes. Have our quirks and our lapses. Mothers accept us no matter what we are like. And they are always there for us. At some point we make our own decisions. And even if our mother doesn’t like them, she still accepts them. Because she loves us. The way we are.

14. Thank you for my siblings

You hate each other, you fight and you love each other. Relationships with siblings change sometimes by the hour, especially as a child or teenager. But they also enrich our lives and shape us into a person.

Building dens together, playing tag, or having a game marathon make a few hours the fondest childhood memories. And in adulthood, tales of deodorant wars and fights over doodles on your masterpiece are the funniest of anecdotes.

15. Thank you for every single conversation

Mothers understand our worries and problems. And when they shouldn’t, they have advice. We talk to our mothers often but not only about that. Mom also always has an open ear for current topics that are on our minds – be it political, cultural or even sports-related.

Together you can laugh with her at the strangest things, debate burning questions, or just gossip about the new classmate. Every single conversation shows that your mom takes her time and her concerns seriously. A good feeling, or?

16. Thank you for letters and postcards

The first vacation of the family without you. A bit strange, but especially as an adolescent you want to make trips with friends and not go hiking. But still your mom sent you a postcard from every vacation, continuing education or small city trip. On special occasions she took time out and wrote you a wonderful letter. Admit it: you still have everything!

17. Thank you for all the wonderful childhood memories

Birthdays, Christmas parties, vacations, game nights. Our childhood memories are always in our head. They influence our decisions and how we deal with other people. Think back to the most beautiful moments. How many of them your mother was involved in? Certainly with most..

18. Thank you for countless photo albums

Of course, you have countless childhood memories in your head. But the older you get, the more the little moments fade away. The childish dinner where the whole family balances pieces of vegetables on their faces. Or the first ice cream – which landed on the fancy new T-shirt rather than in the mouth.

So that you can travel back in time at any age, mom started early to create photo books. In painstaking detail, she pasted photos and wrote down funny quotes, information and backgrounds. Today, the collected works still stand on the shelf and provide for laughing fits at meetings with friends or family.

19. Thank you for "kicking ass"

How often we didn’t feel like going to school, piano lessons or math work? How often did our mother have to kick our asses and motivate us?? Probably far too often.

Mothers can motivate us like no one else can. And there is no need for a reward. What mom says is law. Today we are grateful for it – in the past rather less so.

20. Thank you for being my mother

"When I grow up, I’m going to do everything differently from my mom!" Oh yes, that is one of the resolutions in childhood. But we can’t really do that. Because let’s face it, mom already did a heck of a job!

When she wasn’t well herself, when things looked bad financially or when we tipped the house scales with our teenage tantrums: Mom was always there to protect us. We often don’t see the accomplishments and sacrifices that mothers make until we’re adults, and it’s certainly not really comprehensible until we have children of our own. Mothers deserve the greatest respect. And with nothing in the world would we want to exchange our mom. Because we love them.

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