4 Things to do before you sell your cell phone

There comes a time when we want to change the smartphone, and you can not only look for the best prices for our future terminal, but also assess whether you want to sell your phone to get extra money for your future purchase. That’s why we recommend 4 things you need to do before Sell your phone to protect your data and privacy.

Once you follow the 4 steps we reveal below to the letter before you Sell your phone In physical transactions or between individuals, we recommend following tricks to get the most money in the transaction.


The first thing you should do before selling your phone is the classic backup to keep any important data or content you have on your old smartphone. It is possible to copy all data to the computer via USB cable or simply upload all files to a cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Onedrive.

However, the easiest way to back up your Android data is through your smartphone settings. To do this, go to Configuration of the account> Accounts> Google and select all the data you want to synchronize in the backup.

Format and encrypt the device

Before formatting the phone to sell it safely, it is advisable to encrypt the data on it so that no one can access the deleted data one way or another. In mobile settings, go to the security or privacy menu, and in advanced settings you’ll find the option to encrypt the phone.

Clean the storage space of your device thoroughly with Secure Wipe, in this way it is almost impossible to recover the data from the smartphone memory.

Once these two processes are done, you can restore the smartphone to factory settings by accessing the backup option and enabling the option to erase all stored content.

Remove the SIM and microSD card

It may seem absurd, but on many occasions we forget that before selling the cell phone we must remove the small cards that have been in our terminal for years. It is not advisable to give away a MicroSD card when selling the terminal, because although it is previously formatted, there are methods to access the "supposedly" Access content removed from the phone.

Clean it

Would you buy a smartphone that is in terrible sanitary condition? The same happens when it comes to selling your own phone. Cleaning your device can help you sell it at a price far higher than what you would initially think. Whenever you can, clean the screen completely and remove dust from the ports to make it look like day one.

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