450-Euro-job: what do you have to consider for a marginal employment??

The most important facts about the 450-Euro-Job summarized:

In a job on a 450-euro basis, the monthly salary may not exceed an average of 450 euros or more. the annual income an amount of 5.Do not exceed 400 euros. It is also called a mini-job.

Several 450-euro jobs must be added together according to labor law. The above limit may not be exceeded even if you have several mini-jobs.

To prevent income from the 450-euro job from being counted toward the Hartz-4 rate, an allowance of 100 euros must not be exceeded.

450-Euro-Jobs resp. Mini-jobs in Germany are mainly found in sales or in the catering trade and are performed by the most diverse groups of people. Which labor law regulations apply to such a mini-job and to what extent the income is counted towards the Hartz 4 rate, we explain in the guidebook.

450-Euro-Job: How many hours you work is irrelevant since 2003.

What distinguishes a 450-Euro-Job?

Pensioner, which by a 450-Euro-Job their pension top up Want, Students, Who want to earn something in addition to parental support, or also Recipients of Hartz 4 (Unemployment Benefit 2) are mostly in a so-called Marginal employment.

When it is, is specified in § 8 paragraph 1 SGB IV (Fourth Social Code) Held:

  1. the salary from this employment regularly does not exceed 450 Euro per month,
  2. employment within a calendar year is limited to a maximum of two months or 50 working days according to its nature or is contractually limited in advance, unless the employment is performed professionally and its remuneration exceeds 450 euros per month."

As the name implies, the income for a 450-euro job may therefore be not exceed this limit. However, it is about the monthly average, which is why a Maximum limit of 5.400 euros a year is decisive. Should the mini-job maximum 50 working days or two months be limited in a year, the monthly earnings in a 450 euro job may be according to the law also be higher.

How many 450-euro jobs are you allowed to have?

Practice two or more 450-Euro-Jobs must be paid out, these are added together. If this results in your income exceeding the monthly limit of 450 Euro is no longer marginal employment, which may be higher than the basic allowance certain consequences is connected:

  • Employers must nursing care, unemployment and health insurance not take on a 450 euro job for their employees. This states § 7 paragraph 1 SGB V (Fifth Social Security Code).
  • Employees must therefore take care of themselves in the case of a 450-euro job Pension insurance as well as social security take care.
  • If their earnings exceed this limit due to several jobs on a 450-euro basis however the upper earnings limit, this falls into the Field of activity of the employer!

Hartz 4 plus 450-Euro-Job: What remains of the money?

In the case of a 450-euro job, health insurance does not have to be paid by the employer.

Unemployment benefit II recipients have, in addition to the benefits from the Jobcenter, the possibility of a 450-Euro-Job to exercise.

A Offset against the Hartz 4 rate can prevent it by basic monthly allowance not exceed. This lies with 100 euros.

With a 450-Euro-Job the hourly wage correspond to the legal wage floor (minimum wage). This is currently 9,35 Euro gross per hour (as of 2020). However, if recipients of ALG 2 thereby exceed the limit of 100 euros, their income is offset against the benefits.

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