6. Ssw: the 6. Week of pregnancy – signs, ultrasound and more

In the 6. In the first week of pregnancy (5+0 to 5+6), the uterus starts to grow in your body. Now doctors and midwife can feel it from the outside and also the cervix feels changed. Whereas before it was soft and mobile, now it is firm and less mobile, which is called the "Pschyrembelsch stick-cloth sign. This is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that can be felt externally.

Your breasts may also start to change at this stage: The areola may become darker and the veins under the skin become more prominent.

2. Your baby in the 6. Pregnancy week

Embryo Pregnancy week 6

© Eraxion / Bigstockphoto.com Your baby is now about 4 weeks old and in this week it is developing into a little "worm". This means that a small curved shape develops, where a head can be seen at the upper end and which ends in a tail at the bottom. Here you can already guess what will later develop into the spine and also the umbilical cord already connects the abdomen with the later placenta.

Even more significant, however, are the changes inside. This is the week when the heart develops and starts beating slowly at first, then faster. At first, the fetal heart reaches about 100 to 120 beats per minute, later this number increases again.

3. Signs and symptoms in week 6. SSW

In the 1. In the second trimester many women suffer from the hormonal changes. Nausea, pimples and dizziness are among the most common symptoms, which often begin very early on. However, those who have been spared so far should not think they are safe: For some women, these symptoms start earlier, for others later. Not until the 12. After the first week of pregnancy these symptoms decrease in most women and only then it is likely that you will not feel morning sickness.

If nausea gives you no peace at all, there are a few alternative remedies to try before resorting to medication. For example, accupressure bands are popular, which stimulate a specific accupressure point and thereby are supposed to relieve nausea.

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4. Miscarriage in the 6. Week of pregnancy

At this early stage of pregnancy, a miscarriage is unfortunately not uncommon. Development is in a very sensitive phase and a lot can go wrong. If something does not develop the way it is supposed to, nature is usually merciless. The young life is then rejected, the mother has a miscarriage. Since this risk up to 12. When the number of calories is significantly higher than the number of calories in the first week, many women wait to tell their environment about the good news. However, there are also reasons that can speak for telling as early as possible. It is up to each pregnant woman and each couple to decide for themselves.

5. This is important now

At the latest now you should make an appointment with your gynecologist, if you have not already done so. Who has a much later date, should keep in mind that ca. 1% of all pregnancies are ectopic pregnancies. In this case, the egg does not nest in the uterus, but a fallopian tube, which can lead to severe internal injuries. If the pregnancy is not confirmed and you have severe internal pain, especially on one side, please take it seriously and see a doctor. During the whole pregnancy: Better once too much at the doctor – than once too little.

6. Ultrasound in the 6. SSW

If you are in the 6. If you have your first ultrasound appointment at the second week of pregnancy, you will probably be able to see the amniotic cavity and the yolk sac. Here you can also find out if the baby is implanted in the uterus and the doctor can confirm the pregnancy. You may even be able to see the heart beating in this week, which is an exciting moment. If you can’t see on the ultrasound whether the heart is beating or not, don’t be sad. At this early stage, a lot can happen in a few days and at your next appointment you will certainly be able to see much more.

7. My 6. SSW (27.03.2016-02.04.2016)

In the meantime I have been pregnant longer than last time. Yes!! & I also notice that I worry less. Of course you know that a lot can go wrong in the first weeks, but I push these thoughts away as best I can. On the other hand, I also notice that I don’t really realize that I am pregnant yet. I don’t feel like I have a baby in my belly and I don’t have any connection to it yet. But since I’m really a head person, I think that will come anyway only when you see something on the belly or at the ultrasound or so.

Physically, I am actually doing quite well, apart from the fact that my breasts now pull quite strongly and I sometimes don’t know exactly how to lie at night. Besides, they are already growing and I almost look a bit like Pamela Anderson on top – well, ok, not quite but it doesn’t really look natural at the moment. I am curious how this will be later. I also have nausea sometimes but it is actually within limits. I wish very much that it stays like this.

8. FAQ

Here you can find frequently asked questions about the 6. Week of pregnancy.

8.1. How do you recognize a miscarriage in 6 weeks?. SSW?

In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, also in the 6 ssw, a miscarriage usually occurs in the form of bleeding. You may also experience slightly more severe period-like pain.

8.2. In the 6. SSW still no embryo to see on the ultrasound, is that normal??

Yes, this varies from woman to woman and also depends on the ultrasound device. In the same way it can change within a few days.

It is not uncommon to see only the amniotic cavity at this time. With a good, high-resolution ultrasound scanner, it is also possible to see the yolk sac and the embryo. It is also possible that the heartbeat is already detectable.

8.3. From when is one in the 6. SSW?

The 6. Week of pregnancy starts at 5+0 and goes to 5+6, from 6+0 you are already in the 7th week. SSW. Start of the calculation is the first day of your last period.

8.4. How much folic acid should you take in the 6. SSW to take?

For the first three months, 0.8 mg should be taken daily. After that (from 13. From the first week until the end of breastfeeding) a daily dose of 0.4 mg is sufficient.

Many gynecologists recommend Folio Forte, this is available as phase 1 until the end of 12. Week of pregnancy. In addition to folic acid, these also contain iodine, vitamin D3 and vitamin D12.

Overview of all weeks of pregnancy

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