7. Ssw (week of pregnancy): ultrasound, signs, development

Around the seventh week of pregnancy, the sog. Pregnancy symptoms are more common in most women. Especially a strong fatigue and sleep problems are noticeable in the seventh week of pregnancy. These should not worry you – they are caused by the hormone progesterone. This is secreted during pregnancy to calm the pregnant woman’s body and provide the necessary recovery periods.

Externally, the pregnancy is usually not yet visible. If your belly is getting bigger, it’s more likely due to pregnancy-related digestive issues than the baby.

However, you may already notice other signs of pregnancy. Especially increased discharge, the already mentioned tiredness and inner restlessness are evidence of the existing pregnancy at this time.

2. Your baby in the 7. SSW

From crown to rump, your baby is about five millimeters long in the seventh week of pregnancy. It looks like a bean. The growth of the little embryo is increasing rapidly from the present time. It grows about one millimeter every day from now on.

Of special importance is the heartbeat of the embryo. From about the seventh week, this can be determined – which is the prerequisite for issuing a mother’s passport. The baby still reminds rather little of a small human being. Eyes and nostrils are visible as black dots, feet and hands are not yet formed. Even the brain is only rudimentary.

In comparison with the previous weeks of pregnancy, however, it can be seen that the arm and leg systems have developed further. As a result of this development, the arms and legs are already recognizable as such. The spine is already there. The nervous system and the first muscle strands are beginning to develop.

3. Complaints in the 7. SSW

Complaints occur mainly in connection with sleep and the strong resp. frequent tiredness. Especially sleeping through problems you will have more often in this phase of pregnancy. You may also have to go to the toilet more often because of the growing uterus – the uterus presses on the bladder.

Other problems that many pregnant women experience in the seventh week of pregnancy are growing breasts, a pulling in the abdomen and circulatory problems. The latter are usually due to hormonal changes, but should be clarified by a doctor under certain circumstances.

4. The risk of miscarriage in the 7. SSW

Unfortunately, the risk of miscarriage is highest in the first third of pregnancy. Also the seventh week of pregnancy counts to this first pregnancy third. If a miscarriage occurs, the embryo has been rejected by the mother’s body. This happens when the embryo could not be supplied sufficiently.

Also in case of bad environmental influences, such as z. B. Alcohol, nicotine, other drugs or medications, the embryo may be rejected. In addition, stress should be avoided to reduce the risk of. Stress decreases the concentration of progesterone, which increases the risk of miscarriage.

5. This is important now

You should take it easy and in any case refrain from the consumption of poisons – no alcohol, no nicotine and no other drugs. Both physical and psychological stress should be avoided. If you get sick, you should see a doctor and tell him about the pregnancy. Treatment must be adjusted during this phase of pregnancy. You should only take medications if the doctor prescribes them with pregnancy in mind.

In addition, the first check-up at the gynecologist is due – at this you will receive your maternity passport.

6. You can make good use of this now

Especially the renunciation of stress is good for you. Tell your employer about the pregnancy. Then you have protection against dismissal and the employer must take your pregnancy into account.

7. My 7. SSW (03.04-09.04)

"Seventh week". To my ears, that already sounds like something& I am sometimes very excited because my appointment with the gynecologist is now getting closer (in the 8. I just hope so much that you can see the heart beating and that everything is okay. I’m not really afraid, although I always tell myself that there might be something wrong, but that we’ll manage. Of course I still hope that everything is just fine.

The nausea has now hit me full force. I eat mostly Kellogg’s and sushi at the moment. Strange combination, I know. But everything else makes me sick just thinking about it. Despite this, I have even gained almost a kilo, which is great for me because I actually weigh a bit too little. All attempts to change that before the pregnancy, have only moderately fruitful, so I want to lose weight now in any case not yet. Therefore, I just eat whatever I feel like, no matter how healthy or unhealthy.

My stomach also feels kind of sore at the moment. A bit like after the operation, when the scars still had to heal. Anyway, I don’t like to wear some jeans anymore, which are too tight at the waist. But I can’t find a real pregnancy belly yet, I also think (after extensive research on the internet) that I will have to wait for it for some time yet.

All weeks of pregnancy at a glance

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