7 Tips on how to change your baby in a relaxed way

We show you the best diapering strategies for dads – How to diaper your baby. Newly minted fathers in particular are usually still inexperienced when it comes to diapers, diaper cream and powder. As soon as the little ones kick and resist the gentle care attempts, many react with uncertainty. We aim to help in the following guide with practical tips. One thing is promised: With a little practice, patience and tact, diapering will soon be a breeze.

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Even before the baby is born, it’s time to work through a buying guide. The largest part takes care products, care utensils and diapers. In any case it is advisable to acquire a changing table. This one provides over a raised edge for more security.

Alternatively, we recommend pads for changing tables and for chests of drawers. Here, the children’s furniture industry offers intelligent systems that grow with the little ones and can be converted into multifunctional pieces of furniture in the children’s room even after the diaper-changing era. It’s best to put everything within easy reach before diapering. This way you don’t have to fish irrevocably for powder or cream with ticklish arms.

Midwives recommend practical bodysuits, especially for newborns and babies, which can be easily closed and opened with snap fasteners. In some cases, there is talk of so-called nighttime strollers – especially convenient when changing diapers quickly and easily even at night. What is still so practical in the early stages, can become more of a hindrance towards the end. Because as soon as our babies become more active, the snap fasteners tear open more quickly. In this context, practical bum pants are recommended.

  • 7 Diaper changing strategies for dads
  • 1. When dad swaddles: Serenity and a relaxed mood at the changing table
  • 2. Transfer inner calmness during diapering to baby
  • 3. When it comes to diapering, distraction is the secret to success
  • 4. Parents work as a team
  • 5. Swaddling restless babies: When the baby cries while being swaddled
  • 6. Why: Changing your baby standing up?
  • 7. Diapering Watch out: Protection from pee attacks
  • Practical tips for dad:

7 diapering strategies for dads

1. When dad is diapering: Serenity and a relaxed mood at the changing table

Smartphones and telephones have no place in the diaper-changing process. A comfortable and relaxed atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life lays an initial foundation for changing diapers with ease. Enclosed straight heaters provide a cozy atmosphere that makes babies much calmer and more relaxed. You don’t have to do anything but turn on the heaters ca. Turn on 2 minutes before wrapping, then the place is cozy and warm. Another gentle method are lullabies or soothing melodies.

  • If the little ones become restless or
  • your toddler screams while changing diapers,
  • it resists attempts to change diapers,
  • Stay calm and try to provide entertainment and variety via distractions, singing or talking.

2. Transfer inner calmness during diapering to baby

Especially with newborns and babies, who are not used to your caring hand movements, changing diapers must be learned step by step. Gentle caresses and games are just as much a part of it as the first basic trust that you are holding and protecting your baby. For many parents, this is one of the most educational experiences in the first months of life. On top of that, it is important to select the care products in a targeted manner. In this context, resort only to sensitive ingredients and tested skin compatibility.

3. When it comes to diapering, distraction is the secret to success

Babies and newborns can be wonderfully distracted from the process itself. Here, children’s toys as well as small rattles or magic mirrors are a real miracle weapon against a restless baby. Use targeted music and toys and you will see, in no time the new diapers sit and the baby’s bottom is clean.

4. Parents work as a team

What this means, you can probably guess at this point. Do not leave diaper changing to one parent, but work together. How about one parent grabs a finger puppet and distracts with a fun game or song while the other cleans the poop and puts on the new diapers. In this way you link positive experiences with diapering and will see, the next attempts succeed much better.

5. Swaddling restless babies: if the baby cries when swaddled

Especially babies at the age of 5-6 months present us with a considerable challenge. They are now able to turn and move on their own. This is not conducive to changing diapers.

You may know the following situations:

  • Toddler fights back while changing diapers?
  • Swaddling a toddler almost impossible?
  • Baby always turns onto his stomach when changing diapers?

Here helps above all a cover blanket. This can be conveniently closed in the tummy area and you keep control over the little active babies. Support pillows offer further assistance in this context. These keep a lot of kids from turning onto their stomachs. As an aside, these support pillows can also be used while sleeping, as they keep babies in the supine position. Conveniently, you can wash the covers, so you can use the pillows for diapering on one side and for sleeping on the other side.

6. Why: Standing up to change your baby?

At 18 months, it’s nearly impossible to swaddle your baby while lying down. You move and are constantly in action. Moreover, there is a rising fear in us parents that our babies might just fall off the changing table. In this case, it is advisable to put the changing pad on the clean floor and go to work with a little patience. Conveniently, there are panty diapers especially for this age, which can be easily put on standing up. In addition, you should think of a particularly exciting children’s toys, which will be used only when changing diapers. So the once tiresome process quickly becomes a popular diversion.

7. Diapering Watch out: Protection from pee attacks

Especially with little boys you should be careful, because happily grinning lurked the next attack. The key here is to be alert at all times, and take precautions with one hand. Otherwise you’ll be the topic of conversation at the next round of baby talks. For these purposes, always keep wet wipes or an extra diaper in hand, these can be placed very gently on the lower belly area to counteract the warm shower.

All in all, it’s worth taking a look at these practical hints and tips. Whereby we can only advise you to act calmly in every situation and to proceed with patience. Pressure and hustle do the opposite when it comes to diapers. The little ones will resist more vehemently and scream more intensely.

Practical tips for dad:

  1. Reach for the secret weapons like toys,
  2. sing a song and
  3. start to build up the first bonds and contacts with your child by stroking him/her.

Then even changing diapers will soon become second nature and no longer a problem

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