9 Tips to get a tan on vacation really fast

9 tips on how to get a tan faster with sunscreen

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For many of us, the vacations are the only time of year to soak up the sun and get a tan. We tell you how to get a tan faster with SPF.

How to get a quick tan without damaging my skin? We explain it. Credit: g-stockstudio Getty Images Pro via Canva.com

How to get a quick tan? I want to know that, too, because two years of Corona lockdown have made me cheesier than ever and I want it, too: that wonderful, healthy tan that I’ve been getting Instagram rubbed under the nose every day. So I researched how to get a quick AND healthy tan. These are the best insider tips from the net.

How to get a quick tan

How to get a tan at all?

Our beloved summer tan is actually a protective mechanism of the body, which should protect us from dangerous UV radiation. In our skin namely melanin is produced during strong UV exposure, which is responsible for the darker complexion. In the process, UV-B rays produce the melanin and UV-A rays make it darker with blood oxygen.

  • Übrigens: UV-A rays ensure a quick tan, which is why they are used a lot in solariums. But for a long tan you also need UV-B rays.

Due to the darker skin tone, we can better absorb sun rays and it does not penetrate as deep into our skin layers. A tan is not "healthy" per se, but simply shows, that our skin has been attacked and struggles.

  • ÜbrigensBrown skin in the summer protects only imperceptibly more from the sun. Because your own light protection is only increased by three to four factors. How to find out your sun protection factor, you can find out here.

Is it possible to get a fast.. get a healthy tan?

Yep. Because to trigger our melanin, we need UV-A and UV-B rays. In moderation, UV-B rays are extremely important for us, to be able to form vitamin D. But for this, only six percent of our body needs 15 minutes of sun a day.

Not exactly much. Anything beyond our genetic self-protection time can harm our skin and promote skin cancer and premature aging. For us lighter-skinned Europeans these are only five to twenty minutes of direct sunlight a day. But we can increase this protection time thanks to sunscreen. But this also makes tanning more difficult, because the lotions protect us from the UV rays that are needed for tanning. So what is the healthy way?

According to Dermatolog:innen there is no healthy tan. If you want the crisp tan, the Always associated with a residual risk. (More on the subject of healthy tanning, you will find here.) But there are in any case gentle methods and small boosters, which let you tan faster.

How to get a tan quickly?

So if you want to join me on the not 100% healthy, but halay gentle way of a quick tan, you should now sharpen your little ears. Because with these tips we can get a tan faster and without getting sunburned.

  • Psst:By the way, self-tanner is not a good alternative to the actual sunbathing, because the DHA used in it is very unstable and can quickly become dangerous. More about this in our article.

1. Prepare skin with important nutrients

So that your skin is optimally protected and fully functional is when tanning, the normal and skin-important nutrients should be present: Zinc, copper, selenium, biotin and pantothenic acid are important suppliers for our skin. You also get copper, for example, when you sip a delicious Iced Cacao on the beach.

  • Bullshit alarm: The much vaunted beta-carotene, lycopene or lutein has so far in scientific studies no achievement to a faster tanning effect or the skin protection shown. It merely turns our skin more orange, as the Consumer centerconfirms. For smokers:inside a dose of more than 4.8 mg beta-carotene is even harmful.

2. Skin peeling before vacation

If you know you’ll be on the beach in two days, now is the time to exfoliate your skin. Because in this way you ensure that the new tan does not appear in soon dying or already dead skin cells, but where it can be seen as long as possible.

It is important that you give the skin a little time to recover, Before the next punishment comes aka the sun. You should also use mild peelings. Chemical peels are best instead of mechanical peels.

Check out our favorite summer products here:

3. Moisturize before sunbathing

Be sure to pack your favorite body lotion or aloe vera gel, and prepare your skin about two hours before sunbathing optimally for it before. During this time the cream can be absorbed and work and does not layer with the sunscreen afterwards.

My Tip: Just put cream on your face every morning after you get up, then the cream will work over breakfast time and you’ll be ready for the sun.

4. Tanning near water

Water is both a curse and a blessing, because it reflects the sun’s rays and thus tans us better from all sides. But when our skin is wet, it’s much more vulnerable to UV rays. That means: tanning on the beach is top, but please rub yourself dry beforehand and apply a thick layer of sunscreen again.

Even in the shade you get a tan. For lighter skin types this is the better varainte. Credit: g-stockstudio Getty Images Pro via Canva.com

5. Suntan oil instead of sunscreen

On the net coconut oil is hot covet. But that alone is not enough sun protection, because the oil has just a sun protection factor of eight. But you will get the same effect as with coconut oil, when you use a sun oil with SPF. Because the oil remains on the skin and acts similar to a magnifying glass.

  • But beware: Many sun oils have a maximum SPF of 20 to 25. For lighter people, this is too little in the summer on the beach. So either shorten your tanning sessions or try it out in your garden.

Of course you can You can also use a good sunscreen, let it soak in and then use coconut or olive oil. But make sure that the sunscreen could fully absorb. If you use mineral sunscreen, the oil combination will be difficult, because it remains on the skin and then mixes.

6. Pre-tan the skin

You only have this one Malle vacation to dust off your tan for this year? I feel you. People with darker skin, so Skin with more melanin, will tan faster than people with little melanin. Of course, that has to be formed first. Therefore, it makes sense that you already prepare your skin for the vacation and "pre-tan" on the balcony or in the garden. Use SPF, of course, or just while your self-protection time is in effect.

7. The right tanning time

How long do you have to sunbathe for a nice tan? UV rays activate the skin in just a few minutes. To get a tan, you need to expose yourself to more UV radiation than before. Start with your self-protection time, i.e. ten to twenty minutes a day and increase slowly. Wear sunscreen anyway, so you can increase to one or two hours of sunbathing. In any case you do not need longer in the day.

With exercise you will tan much more evenly. Credit: g-stockstudio Getty Images Pro via Canva.com

8. Exercise or turn regularly

To avoid sunburn on your shoulders and nose and to get a nice tan on your buttocks, it is important that they also get some sun. For this makes itself Sports in the sun best. But not too sweaty, because then you sweat away the sun protection. Viking chess is great, or building sand castles is too.

  • Read moreHow you keep your tan after the vacation, you learn here. Peel is there for example no longer announced.

9. No time? Then without SPF for a few minutes

You don’t have time for long sunbathing or you are against sunscreens, but you still want to get a tan. This is critical, but surely I will not be able to stop you. So start with half your own protection time and NOT in the midday sun.

Then let your skin rest for at least two days, moisturize it well and repeat the whole thing. Then you can slowly increase the intervals, but never go over your self-protection time And keep in mind that you might be getting sun over the rest of the day, too.

But: sunburn is not the goal

Many of my friends act according to the motto: After the sunburn comes the tan. Yes, it does, but only because the skin was so shocked with the sun’s rays, had to act quickly. Because in the worst case the skin peels after the sunburn and the layer underneath is light. So this is not how you get there.

So sunburn should never be the way for quick tan. That’s why you should from following these tips:

  • Always wear sunscreen, this can also be clothing, if you do not want to use sunscreen
  • On vacation at the sea SPF 30+ is a must, for light skin types even 50+
  • With redness immediately out of the sun and spare the next days
  • Avoid the midday sun
  • Also apply sunscreen to hands, ears and feet!
  • Put on sunscreen for the eyes and also protect the lips from sunburn.

Conclusion: Brown become gladly, but not with all means!

How to get a tan quickly? With good preparation, healthy skin and sun in moderation. If you also If you don’t see any color after these tips, it’s because of your skin type and you should not be disappointed. Not everyone:r can get a crisp tan and that’s fine, because what kind of world would it be if we all looked the same?

The tendency to tan can, by the way, also quickly become an addiction. In our podcast "Wine and Women Mona and Lisa talk about Tanorexia.

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