A become ebook author – a guide for beginners

It can become a very interesting venture to try oneself as an eBook author. Ebooks are becoming more and more popular and can be sold very profitably if you have financial goals. Moreover, publishing an eBook today is a piece of cake.

More and more people are looking for ways to earn money from home, if you are also interested in this, it may be worthwhile for you to become an eBook author. Everything you need to know about it, and a guide, you’ll learn in this article.

Why should you write your own eBooks?

Of course, as an eBook author, you don’t just want to enjoy the process, you also want your eBooks to reach readers and, in the best case, buyers, so let’s take a look at whether there’s any demand for eBooks at all:

On the figure we can see the trend on Google for the search term: "buy eBook" . This term is used by searchers looking for a provider or online store on the Internet that sells eBooks.

As you can easily see, the trend is clear: there is a demand for eBooks and it is stable. It should be now at least clear whether one will find readers and buyers with an eBook.

Further, a potential eBook author should be interested in what are the benefits of trying to become an eBook author, here they are:

  • A job you like – it’s no secret that most people don’t enjoy their jobs. Passionate authors love the process of writing and publishing – especially self-publishers.
  • Quick and easy publication – unlike regular books, eBooks do not require an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), it is used to uniquely identify books and other publications. Anyone can publish their own eBook in minutes on a website or in a store.
  • Publication without a publisher – eBooks can be self-published. This means that you, as a natural person, can be the author and publisher. You don’t even have to start your own publishing company to do this.
  • Saving the environment – since an eBook is a digital publication, no paper is needed to publish the eBook. The reader or buyer gets a link and can download the eBook as a file to his reading device. It will benefit the environment.
  • Reproducible free of charge – unlike books, where each book is printed individually, or. "must be produced," eBooks are simply reproduced electronically or. duplicates. As a result, you can have your eBook 1000- or even 1 without any cost.000.000-sell or pass on.
  • Market with future – it is already foreseeable that eBooks will lead a good existence beside books. It is even to be expected that eBooks will largely replace normal books, because they can be read on almost any electronic device with a display.
  • Expert status – with an eBook you can gain expert status very quickly. This is especially interesting for people who want to work as a consultant/coach in the future.

More advantages could be listed, however the ones mentioned are already more than enough to realize that an author can do no wrong when publishing his publications as an eBook.

Can anyone become an eBook author?

While anyone can become an eBook author, not everyone can be successful at it because:

Also: there are people who are generally better copywriters than others – especially those who have learned creative writing. While some can write an interesting or entertaining eBook without any effort, others already have big problems with the first sentence!

The absolute basic requirements for an eBook author are:

  • Reading and writing skills – of course, you should be able to read and write in order to finish an eBook. However, those who can’t do it, can learn it – if they really want it.
  • Quick thinking – the more text you create, the greater your input needs to be. This means that you have to absorb ideas and knowledge from outside to be able to have a great "output". A fast comprehension must be present for it.
  • Enjoy writing – those who perceive writing as a "burden" will have unlikely success with their eBooks. You’ll never be able to stick with it long enough to finish quality eBooks.
  • Daily practice – there is hardly a day when I don’t write at least 1000+ words – this is called practice or practicing. This is the only way to really become great as a writer. Daily practice is simply part of it.

If you meet the minimum requirements, I can congratulate you, you will be able to reach readers and ideally buyers with your eBooks and even make money from your writing.

Writing on a daily basis is especially important. I have made it my daily goal to write at least 1.000 words to write. This is the absolute minimum amount of text a professional author should write on a daily basis,

Few writers can’t be good writers because they simply don’t put enough ideas on paper to use in their works. A lot of what professional authors write are text gimmicks, unfinished ideas or concepts that no one will ever read.

Can you also earn money as an eBook author?

It’s a given that if you’re an eBook author, you might be toying with the idea of making money from your eBooks as well, although I must clarify that there are passionate authors who aren’t really interested in making money either.

I wrote my first eBook around 2007.

It was just under 40 pages long and dealt with a topic on online marketing. It should be paid, however I gave it away to attract prospects because I simply didn’t know how to set up a sales system for eBooks.

Today, it’s a 10-minute job to sell an eBook automatically. Also, delivery and invoicing can be 100% automated – it’s no longer a problem to sell your eBook and make money with it.

I’ve been making real money with eBooks and other digital products since approx. 2009.

Most of the publications deal with technical topics and online marketing, because this is where I have the most experience and knowledge, which I can pass on in eBook form. I don’t publish eBooks on topics I don’t know anything about or that don’t interest me.

There are already millions of eBook authors who make enough money from their eBooks to make a living from it. Also, I know some of these authors personally and know that the eBook business can be very lucrative – there is definitely money to be made with eBooks.

To which topic write an eBook?

Before writing an eBook, you need to know specifically for what purpose you are creating the eBook:

  1. Free publication as info material.
  2. Free publication as advertising material.
  3. Paid publication.

Why this is so important?

An eBook that you give away is less attractive in terms of content as well as form and less elaborately made than an eBook that you want to sell. An eBook that you originally wanted to give away, you won’t be able to sell later on – most of the time it won’t work out.

In the case of a free eBook, the length can be only 10 pages, the topic can be chosen almost arbitrarily, and even the cover can be designed with the free program Paint from Microsoft – you will still find readers.

If you want to earn money with an eBook instead, the topic, the price and everything around it must be well researched, planned and professionally implemented accordingly. Not all topics are profitable or attractive, so you have to determine the purpose of the eBook from the start.

For example, if you look at the numerous categories for eBook and book stores, you will immediately see that the publications with a price deal with certain topics, this is not a coincidence:

There are topics, these are more profitable than others. For example, you can earn more money with an eBook on the topic of real estate than with the topic of personal development, because billions are moved in the real estate market as is well known.

Before you can decide on the topic for your eBook, it must be clear how important the "making money" factor is for you. If it is not important, you write your eBook on any topic for which there is a target audience and which interests you personally.

If, on the other hand, making money with the eBook is a central theme, things get much more difficult!

First, decide on a target audience, then research in the stores which books and eBooks are selling well and use the results of the research to write your own eBook that can compete with other publications on the market.

The steps to your first eBook

Let me show you below the steps that will lead you to your first, own eBook:

  1. Find an eBook topic – decide on an eBook topic first. If you want to earn money with the eBook, you have to orientate yourself to the market. What is bought on the market is automatically a good topic for your eBook.
  2. Create a table of contents – before you can write an eBook, you need to know its structural makeup. Therefore, you need to plan ahead the complete content of the eBook and create a ready-made table of contents from it.
  3. Writing the eBook – as soon as you know how the structure of the content looks like, you write your eBook. The eBook doesn’t have to be perfect, it only has to be 80% good. There is no such thing as a perfect book or eBook!
  4. Correction – after the eBook is written, the text must be corrected. Individual sentences are rewritten and spelling and grammar mistakes are corrected. It is always advisable to use a professional service for this important task.
  5. Disclaimer and imprint – on the second page in the eBook it is recommended to place a disclaimer – especially if you show in the eBook how to do something. An imprint from the publisher must also be included.
  6. Create a professional cover – every book and eBook needs a professional cover. If you can’t create a beautiful cover yourself, have a designer do it for you.
  7. Publication – finally the eBook can be published. The publication can be on a website or in an eBook store. Depending on the purpose for which the eBook was created.
  8. Expand and update – the eBook should be checked periodically for outdated information and expanded with fresh information, this is a great advantage with eBooks: you can edit them again and again.

After going through the individual steps, you will already have a finished eBook in your hands, which can be given away or even sold. Should you decide to sell, be sure to automate the sale and pay special attention to getting the eBook format right.


Anyone can try their hand at being an eBook author if they meet the minimum requirements. But becoming a good eBook author is not an easy walk in the park. Again, practice a lot, learn a lot, and grow as an author . This is the way to great success with his electronic publications.

When you offer eBooks you have great advantages, the biggest one is that you don’t need a publisher to publish your work. After the eBook is finished, it can be offered for free on a website or in an online store as a download – whether for free or for a fixed price, that’s up to you to decide.

Vitali Lutz enjoys writing useful non-fiction and is, among other things, an eBook author with over 10 years of experience in the eBook business. He shares his knowledge with other eBook authors and self-publishers on this website.

Click on the link below and check out the content of the e-bookinator. If you want to write a successful eBook, this is a very good guide in any case!

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