Adopting a dog: breeder or shelter?

If you are looking for a dog, you have a choice: breeder or animal shelter?

You love dogs and want an animal roommate? Prima! They were already deeply involved with the demands a dog would make on their time and money? And you are still sure that you and the four-legged friend can be a dream team? Even better! But where do you find your dream dog now? At the breeder or animal shelter?

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Breeder or shelter: how to find your dream dog

If you meet all the requirements for a new animal roommate, you can start looking for it. However, this is often not easy with the many possibilities.

Perhaps you already have a breed of choice? Then it makes sense to contact appropriate breed clubs. In addition, it’s helpful to talk to other owners and read up on what special aspects to consider with the breed. Here’s how to find out about potential health issues that may be typical of the breed before contacting breeders.

Or would you like to give a new home to a four-legged friend from animal welfare? You are open to a motley selection- The main thing is that the sympathy is right? We give you some tips on finding the dog of your dreams.

Puppy or senior?

The arrival of an adult dog can have many advantages over a puppy. Because the puppy education is very time-consuming.

However, an adult dog can of course turn out to be a "surprise package" highlight. This is especially the case if not much is known about its past. Correcting lack of socialization and basic training requires a lot of know-how. Certainly not every dog lover is suitable for this. But working with a quadruped with a difficult past can be a very rewarding and satisfying task for experienced owners.

Placement via breeder or animal shelter

You can find adult dogs in large numbers at animal shelters and animal welfare organizations. Also breeders sometimes have older animals in the placement or help a former protege in the search for a new home. In animal shelters, older dogs usually wait a long time for a new home, because they are easily overlooked by many visitors. But it is always worth to meet them! If you are looking for an older breed dog, you can also contact appropriate clubs or animal welfare organizations for certain dog groups such as "Retriever in need".

Puppies are of course mainly found at breeders of certain breeds. In addition, many animal welfare organizations, especially the internationally active ones, also often provide puppies. One advantage may be that these dogs are still very open to new experiences and imprints despite their difficult origins. However, the puppy education remains naturally in each case a fastidious task, all the same whether the small four-legged friend comes from the breeder or from the animal home.

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Cute puppies can be found not only at breeders, but sometimes also through animal welfare organizations.

A dog from the breeder

If you have lost your heart to a certain breed, it is best to look for a reputable breeder who is affiliated with a breed club. A dog with a pedigree does not only stand for purity due to a transparent line of ancestors, but also for selection according to breed-typical, character and last but not least health criteria. Breeders fulfill by the association affiliation certain controls and editions and contribute with their know-how to the typeful, healthy development of their respective race.

At a reputable breeder you can meet the puppies and their parents in their home from about four to five weeks of age. The breeder will be happy to answer all your questions about his breeding. He will also want to check you out to see if you can provide a good home for his charges. He knows the character of the little ones and can estimate which puppy could fit well to you.

The puppies should be integrated into everyday life for optimal socialization. They should have playability and of course make a chirpy, trusting, clean impression on you. The parents should also seem well-balanced.

A good breeder will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the breed after the sale of the kitten. He will also be happy to give you advice and help you with the development of your new animal family member. When handing over the puppy, you will of course receive the pedigree certificate, vaccination records and usually a small supply of the usual food.

Price a dog from responsible breeding

Of course, such a dog has its price- and this is often stately. Keep in mind, however, that you are also paying for the solid background of your new family member. This includes the chipping, the pedigree, veterinary examinations, deworming and vaccinations, the health care of the parents, the breeding inspection and, if necessary, a stud dog. The breeder also pays for exhibitions, membership in the breeding club, the initial equipment of the puppies and the litter box.

As a rule, a serious breeding is rather a beloved "loss business". Because the competent breed friend is concerned with the realization of a typeful breeding goal and healthy descendants, not with as large a profit as possible.

A dog from the animal protection

You would like to give a home to a young or older dog from the animal protection? A good idea, because in many animal shelters dozens of four-legged friends are waiting for a new home.

There are various ways to find a suitable dog from the animal protection: the local animal shelter, special organizations that specialize in the placement of certain breeds, and more general animal protection organizations that place their proteges mainly via the Internet.

There are also animal welfare organizations that provide dogs and puppies from abroad. Sometimes the conditions for found animals are particularly difficult there. In some countries they are even killed in the worst case after a certain waiting period in the animal shelter.

The local animal shelter has of course the advantage that you can pay him an uncomplicated visit. Inform yourself beforehand on the homepage about the current dog stock and note down possible questions.

Some animal shelters offer- often, however, only after an appropriate training also offer walks with their residents. In this way you can get to know your desired dog in advance. This is also a good opportunity for future dog owners to gain experience. In any case, the shelter should advise you on the character of the dog and introduce you to dogs that suit you.

In animal shelters there are many lovable dogs waiting for a new home.

Special features of dogs from abroad

When looking for a four-legged friend on the Internet, there is usually no opportunity to get to know the dog beforehand. This is especially true for animals from abroad. Make sure that the animal welfare organization enters into a dialogue with you in order to find a dog that also fits your life circumstances.

Not every former street dog is suitable for life in a two-room apartment. On the health care and appropriate examinations is to be attached with a switching from the foreign country special value. For an animal protection animal you pay usually a protection fee, which covers a part of the costs of the organization. You will also receive a written contract of sale when you hand over the animal.

No animal from puppy traders and Co.

Beagle to the bargain price or shepherd dogs from "coincidence throws": Better give such offers a wide berth! If you are looking for a pedigree dog, contact a competent breeder who attaches importance to health, type and socialization.

All this you will find at a so-called "dog multiplier" do not find. This has above all its purse in the view. For the supposed "bargain you and the animal usually pay on it- with money and health. Please do not buy out of pity, because the supply regulates the demand. Also coincidental throws carry these dangers and do not show a responsible handling of animals.

If you are looking for a mongrel, it is best to contact the animal welfare service. There are many dogs waiting for their new family. In addition, all animals are thoroughly examined for health before they move into their new home.

Breeder or animal shelter: The preparations

If you have now decided on a puppy from a breeder or animal shelter, you should take care of the preparations. Anticipation counts as well known to the most beautiful joys.

Proper preparation for your new roommate’s move-in will ensure a good start together. In addition to the basic equipment, you should take care of a high-quality food with a lot of meat in advance and, if necessary, read up with reference books as well as on the Internet.

Especially before moving in a puppy, be sure to secure the home: remove poisonous plants and valuable and sharp objects from the dog’s reach. Also, secure electrical outlets and cords- Puppies like to nibble on everything. And take plenty of time in the first few days to get to know your new addition well!

Whether you buy your dog from a breeder or a shelter, we hope you enjoy your new animal roommate!

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