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New challenge sought? | Why THIS online event will help you change jobs

Time to get a fresh start: With a single online event, you can take the first step toward a job change – and get z.B. Fulfill your career dream as an engine driver and locomotive shunter at S-Bahn Munich Photo:

1577 hours worked on average per year. Shouldn’t you be doing something you really enjoy?

Anyone who wants to step on the gas again career-wise needs courage above all, but also the right information. This is exactly where Deutsche Bahn comes in: With over 200.000 employees, it is one of the largest employers in the country, and many railroad workers have landed their dream job by retraining.

One day can change your working life forever

But what do you have to bring with you and how exactly does a job change actually work?? These and other questions will be answered on the day of the lateral entry in a special event of the S-Bahn Munich. You don’t even have to leave your home for this. The info event takes place entirely online.

On 22. February at 4 p.m., the focus is specifically on locomotive drivers and locomotive shunting drivers. Here you will not only learn interesting facts about the job description, but also get exciting insights from a career changer into his everyday life as a train driver. In addition, you have the opportunity to ask the experts and future colleagues questions about lateral entry in a relaxed setting.

Around 750 locomotive drivers or shunting engineers work for the Munich S-Bahn (suburban railroad). While train drivers have up to 840.000 passengers safely to their destination, locomotive engineers take care of the trains before or after their deployment, for example, putting train groups together and separating them. In addition, they regularly check the condition of important train components, such as the brakes Photo: S-Bahn Munich

5 good reasons for a career change

✔ In addition to allowances for shift and rotating duty, there are other attractive allowances!
✔ After passing the training, a permanent and secure employment relationship beckons!
✔ S-Bahn Munich offers a wide range of internal development opportunities!
✔ More money or more free time (up to 40 vacation days): With Deutsche Bahn’s choice model, you can decide!
✔ No overnight stay away from home. Work will always start and end in Munich!

Curious? Then why not register for the online event right now?!

Career at S-Bahn Munich: They dared the lateral entry!

Raphaela’s and Max’s career changes show just how fulfilling a second career can be. Both worked in completely different industries for years before they dared to make a new start as train drivers at S-Bahn Munich.

Raphaela: Train instead of burger

A childhood dream came true for Raphaela with her lateral entry to become a train driver Photo: S-Bahn Munchen

Even as a child, the 26-year-old had the dream of driving a train set. But instead, their path led them to a burger chain. During a time-out in Italy, the trained management assistant for system catering spontaneously sent out an unsolicited application – with success. "An interview followed just a few days later. I never thought it would happen so quickly," she recalls.

In the course of the retraining, she learned a lot about rail transport. "I love the job. Being a train driver is exactly what I want to do, what fulfills me," enthuses Raphaela. "When little children wave and families hug on the platform, my heart swells."She was also impressed by the long-term planning security: "I know my days off for the whole year," Raphaela says happily, which has improved her quality of life.

Max: From the screen out into real life

No longer in the mood for the PC: Max loves the view as a train driver at S-Bahn Munich Photo: S-Bahn Munich

Three years ago, the 29-year-old turned his back on the office routine in the IT industry. After friends of his had already had positive experiences at Deutsche Bahn, Max also wanted to try his luck with a lateral entry. Today, he particularly enjoys the view from the driver’s cab of the sunrise and nature: "It makes me happy that as a train driver I can be an important part of many people’s everyday working and school lives," he enthuses.

The varied work on different routes means it never gets boring, he says. In addition, he very much appreciates the crisis-proof nature of the company. Especially in times of Corona, it was important for Max that his system-relevant activity is combined with job security and flexibility.

You also want to make a difference on the job? Then NOW is the right time to do it. Already on 1. May 2022 could change your entire working life for you. Because that’s when the next retraining program to become a locomotive driver and shunting engineer starts!

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