All ways to smoke a trout in the smoker

Surely you have already eaten fish from the barbecue many times. Tastes properly prepared very tasty, but is not comparable with a trout from the smoker. Not only the smoky flavor convinced of the trout smoking.

Smoke the trout in the smoker

Who owns a smoker is looking forward to cooking and smoking many foods. Very well suited for this purpose, among other things, the trout. To smoke a trout is not so difficult and tastes afterwards very delicious. However, there are different possibilities depending on your preference. The most common way to smoke trout is to put the trout in the brine before smoking to put it in a brine. If you don’t like the taste of salt, you can of course do without it. A trout can be cold-smoked or also hot-smoked. Cold smoking, however, takes much longer and ensures that the trout has a intense smoked flavor gets. When hot smoking it goes much faster and the smoke flavor is not so dominant.

Trout in brine

If you don’t want to miss the salty taste when smoking trout, put them in a brine beforehand. That means that trout Smoken already begins one day before before it is allowed into the smoker. The brine is easy to make yourself from water and salt. With salt is meant simple table salt and not nitrite curing salt. The concentration of the brine can be adjusted according to your wishes. A 7 percent brine is common. You can make it yourself with 70 grams of salt per liter of water. If you want to smoke your trout for the first time, you better take a little less salt than too much. A 6 percent brine needs for example only 60 grams of salt on the liter of water. For 5 trouts you need about. 5 liters of brine. This means ca. 300 grams of salt for 6 percent brine. Get a sealable container, for example plastic bucket with lid.

When your brine is ready, put the washed trout in it for 12 to 24 hours in a. The longer they stay in it, the more they are infused with the salty taste. Ideal would be a cool storage place, for example the refrigerator. Since most refrigerators are too small for a bucket, the cool cellar offers itself also.

Seasoning when smoking trout

Of course, there is also the possibility of adding herbs and spices to the brine, because the trout is soaked for many hours in the brine. Juniper berries (previously crushed), bay leaves and herbs of Provence are popular. The water with the salt should well mixed be (whisk), so that the salt really dissolves. But you can also rub the trout from the outside and inside with various spices or herbs. Thyme and rosemary as fresh herbs are very popular.

Before smoking the trout must be dried

Before it goes to the trout smoking they still have to dry. You take them out of the brine and wash them well with clear water from the outside and inside. The usual slime layer of the trout should already have gone off in the brine. That is why the brine is also to dispose. After washing, simply dab the trout with a cloth or kitchen roll. Now the trout should air dry for a few more hours. For this you can simply hang them up at normal ambient temperature. When the skin of the trout slightly leathery will, they are well dried. The drier the skin is, the more golden yellow it will look later after smoking.

Tip: Unfortunately, in summer the flies pounce on a fish that hangs in the fresh air. That’s natural neither appetizing nor hygienic. Since hygiene should be the top priority when smoking trout, we recommend that you build a simple drying rack from slats. Two inverted V’s of 4 slats and a middle slat are already enough. You can then fix a fly net over them, which will keep the flies away keeps away from your trout. You can simply let the trout hang down on the middle bar.

Smoking and cooking trout

When your trout is dried, it is finally. They end up in the smoker. It is best to place them belly down on the grill or hang them on hooks in the cooking chamber. There are two common methods for smocking. You can smoke the trout constantly at 70°C until they are Core temperature of ca. 60°C have achieved. But we recommend to cook them briefly (25 minutes) at 110 to 120°C, so that all bacteria and germs really killed become. It also shortens the cooking process. After ca. 1 to 1.5 hours the trout are cooked. Besides the core temperature of at least 60°C, you can also recognize it by the white discolored eyes and the golden yellow skin color. The dorsal fin must easily to be released from the back.

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