Alternative burial: natural burial or diamond burial

For all those who don’t like the classic burial in the ground or cremation, there are also alternative burial methods. What is the legal situation in Austria or. Vienna from? What happens at a burial at sea? How does a natural burial proceed? What is a diamond burial?

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Alternative burial in Vienna: What is allowed?

In Austria there is basically Burial obligation. Here each state has its own Burial Law, which, among other things, regulates the deadlines for the execution of the burial. In Vienna, for example, if no one has arranged the burial 5 days after the death certificate is issued, the magistrate arranges the burial. No type of burial is permitted without a death certificate and death certificate.

are allowed by law Earth burials (grave or crypt) and Cremations (cremation and urn burial). Under the Special forms of burial fall the Burial at sea (abroad), the Natural burial and which Diamond burial. These are only possible if the health authority agrees.

In principle, burial may take place only in approved cemeteries of municipalities, recognized churches, religious communities or religious denominations. There are also Private burial grounds, where a certain group of people (family or religious community) may be buried.

The Viennese funeral homes do not only take over the organization of classical earth burials, but organize meanwhile most diverse alternative funeral kinds. Inform yourself in advance free of charge and without obligation.

Nature and forest burial away from the cemetery

The three main reasons for a natural or forest burial are:

  1. Expression of the Natural burial
  2. Relief of the bereaved (grave care)
  3. cost saving

For a natural burial it is first necessary to cremate the body. After the cremation there is the possibility to bury the ashes in the following ways:

  • Tree burialIn this type of burial, the ashes are buried at the roots of a tree. This can be either a cemetery tree or a tree in a designated burial forest. The ashes are placed in a biodegradable urn, which is then sealed. For a tree burial you have to pay €1.000,- – 8.000,-. calculate.
  • Mountain burialMountain burial means that the urn with the ashes of the deceased is buried in an approved area in the mountains.
  • Air burial: From an airplane, helicopter or hot air balloon, the ashes are scattered in the air here. Likewise, the ashes can be scattered over a steep cliff, on mountains or glaciers. This is not allowed in Austria, but it is possible abroad (Switzerland, Czech Republic, France).

Another possibility is anonymous natural burial. These are inexpensive, anonymous burial places in Switzerland. The price starts at €199,- and no further grave maintenance is necessary. The coordinates of the grave will be given to the relatives on request.

Sudden death? This checklist will help you to cope with all the tasks.

Burial at sea: Last rest in water

This kind of burial at the water is legally allowed in Austria since 2008, but not in Vienna. The funeral service takes place on a ship and the ashes are then placed in a cellulose urn to be buried in the water. The burial can take place in the Sea, a Lake or a River take place, in Austria for example on the Danube.

The urns used must be made of completely water soluble material exist. More detailed information is available from the respective water and shipping offices. The costs go from € 1.500,- to € 2.400,-. The advantage is that there is no fixed gravesite and therefore no gravesite maintenance costs arise. At the same time there is no fixed place to visit and mourn at.

No matter which funeral you choose, with the right provisions the funeral will be as you imagine it and for the relatives your farewell celebration will not be a cost trap.

Diamond burial in Vienna

Diamond burial is not a funeral in the traditional sense of the term. Much more it is a way of storing a deceased person. Therefore one also speaks of a"Diamond from ashes" or one"Memorial diamonds".

First the corpse is cremated. Afterwards the ashes will be included in the Switzerland transferred and there pressed to a diamond. This can then be Jewel or similar can be processed. In Austria, this so-called transformation is not yet allowed.

With this type of burial, there is also no grave, accordingly, there is no need to maintain it. In addition to the diamond burial, a funeral service can of course also be held. The waiting time for the finished diamond is ca. 6 months and the cost goes up to € 13.000,-.

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