Anne will attacks baerbock – green party leader counters strongly

Annalena Baerbock counters Anne Will’s questions quick-wittedly

Party leader, MP, mother – a portrait of Annalena Baerbock

The party leader of Bundnis 90/Die Grunen has been making a name for herself since her 26th birthday. Politics in the first year of life. Now she is foreign minister. Her career in fast forward:

Berlin. Did Annalena Baerbock become a Green candidate for chancellor because she is a woman?? On Anne Will, she had to face tough questions.

  • On Sunday evening, Annalena Baerbock was on "Anne Will" as a guest
  • The freshly minted Green candidate for chancellor didn’t let herself get rattled even by the tough questions of the moderator
  • The broadcast also caused discussion on Twitter – even Anne Will intervened

Last week, Annalena Baerbock took the first big step on her way to the chancellorship: She has been nominated as the first candidate for chancellor of the Green Party. But after the euphoria of this decision, the lowlands of the Bundestag election campaign are now upon us. And they look like this, for example: an appearance on "Anne Will", where the hostess is asking some tough questions.

"Anne Will": These guests were on Sunday:

  • Annalena Baerbock, Green Party politician
  • Gabriel Felbermayer, economist
  • Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, judge
  • Viola Priesemann, physicist
  • Wolfgang Merkel, political scientist

These are possible, because Baerbock brings along with all fresh wind naturally also open flanks. For example, did she only become a candidate for her party because she is a woman? "Of course, the question of emancipation has played a role.", Baerbock admitted. Both she and Robert Habeck would have liked the Chancellor candidacy trusted.

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Gender as a central factor in the K decision: On the one hand, this speaks for the Green, who thus remains true to her own social ideals. On the other hand, it also weakens Baerbock’s position, especially since she – probably out of consideration for the team with Habeck – didn’t want to say clearly what she does better than her co-party chief.

Anne Will – More info about the talk show& Moderator

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Annalena Baerbock: No government experience – a problem?

However, this factor could evaporate in the election campaign. What will remain, however, is another problem: Annalena Baerbocks lack of government experience. She also dealt with this offensively on Anne Will. Their line of defense: Firstly, this could also be a strength that makes said fresh wind possible in the first place. And secondly, she has a party behind her that can govern – and Robert Habeck next to her, who also has experience in government.

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Baerbock will nevertheless hear the criticism many more times. The political opponent has already taken her up on it: and Olaf Scholz have both pointed out her lack of Government experience referred. Also interesting: Anne Will misses opportunity – Merkel criticizes Laschet

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However, Baerbock’s rebuttal seems robust. "If government experience is everything, the Groko could well continue", she stated on Anne Will. The decisive factor will be the extent to which voters follow this argument. The chances of that are good after the leaden time of the grand coalition, Which, after all, stands for maximum government experience, not bad.

Here’s how Baerbock responds to criticism from climate activists

Ideally, Baerbock will succeed in directing the debate to content anyway. Here the green candidate looked fit. The 1.5 degree goal wants it above all in the areas Transport policy, food production, industry and housing reach. "For all these areas you need clear rules – you can also call them prohibitions."

Climate activists and for some original Greens, the still rather vague Green program does not go far enough, despite such announcements. It is remarkable how clearly Baerbock opposes such criticism: It is not enough just to formulate wishes, she argued. Instead, they say, you have to organize majorities to be able to change reality.

Baerbock at "Anne Will": viewers criticize on Twitter

At Twitter Anne Will had to put up with the criticism of the viewers. Many disliked the harshness and penetration of the questions about the role of gender in the election as a candidate for chancellor, but also about Baerbock’s lack of government experience – especially after Will’s interview with Angela Merkel, in which many viewers had found Will’s questioning style too lax.

Annalena Baerbock must let herself be penetratingly asked by Anne Will whether she became a candidate for chancellor because of her gender. Did I miss something or have we not had a female chancellor for 16 years? And above all we have no other problems in Germany?

— Sven Christian Seele&&️&&& (@svenseele) April 25, 2021

But Twitter users also backed the presenter in one respect: when the former FAZ editor and journalist Hugo Muller-Vogg against the public broadcaster, Baerbock was given too big a platform and too much airtime. This week, CDU and Greens would have nominated their candidates, but only "one candidate gets a 22-minute solo appearance on @annewill today. #oRR as it lives and breathes. More questions?", he tweeted.

Anne Will also countered via Twitter: "Yes, I do! I have one more question: which candidate for chancellor didn’t accept our invitation?" Whether Will was referring to Armin Laschet or Olaf Scholz is unclear. It’s unusual for hosts to comment on the cancellations of their requested guests.

This week, @CDU and @Die_Gruenen nominated their candidates for chancellor. One candidate gets a 22 minute solo appearance on @annewill today. #oRR as it lives and breathes. Still questions?

— Dr. Hugo Muller-Vogg (@HugoMuellerVogg) April 25, 2021

"Anne Will": The conclusion

In the end, the edition of "Anne Will" showed on Sunday, which is central for the Greens under chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock: the party should be connectable, appeal to the middle of society. One must reach 20 percent and more, demanded Baerbock. "What would be the alternative? ‘I as a Green take no responsibility, let the Groko continue’?!"

The big question will be whether Baerbock will be able to pursue this pragmatic course undisturbed until the Bundestag elections. Does a veggieday proposal or another single-family home debate end up scaring away this same middle ground after all? Without such cross shots, the chances for Annalena Baerbock are pretty good.

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