Apple ios: how to use the security feature “guided access”

You want to better control who can use which features of your iPhone at what time? We show you how to use the safety feature "Guided Access" determines which apps and features are usable or not usable at what time on your iPhone and iPad.

Guided access is a powerful tool for your iPhone or iPad. With this you can not only temporarily restrict the operation to only one app, but also disable certain screen areas or hardware buttons. All this can even be controlled by predefined intervals.

In our ultimate iOS guide, we take you step by step through Apple’s mobile operating system.

Possible application scenario is, for example, the education sector. This allows teachers to restrict the operation of an iPad to relevant content only. Furthermore, it can be prevented that, for example, children leave an app and thus come across content that is harmful to minors. Guided access is also ideal for demonstration purposes.

In another tutorial, we show you how to set up parental controls on your iPhone or iPad using iOS restrictions. Our iOS guide also contains numerous other instructions on how to use iOS.

Set up guided access

You can activate the guided access by first selecting the menu item "Accessibility" in the IOS settings Selects.

At the bottom of the following list, select "Guided access".

Activate the corresponding function at this point.

Guided access settings

Under "Code Settings Next, you set a security PIN for guided access.

Optionally activate the Touch ID option here – this allows you to end guided access by placing your fingerprint on the iPad.

Via the option "Time limits you can optionally announce the expiration of a session protected via the guided access with a sound or a spoken announcement.

Activate the "Shortcut" option, are shown operating aids for leaving the guided access.

Start and refine guided access

First open the app in which the guided access should be started. Then press the home button three times in a row. You can now start the guided access via the button in the upper right corner.

Before starting, click on "Options" in the lower left-hand corner, opens another menu with some additional functions. Here you can use sliders to define which hardware components are enabled or disabled during guided access.

Furthermore you can define an access time here. If this expires, the device must be unlocked via the security PIN or Touch ID in order to be used again.

Once you have made your settings, click on "Done".

Optionally, you can now deactivate certain areas of the screen. To do this, draw one or more circles with your finger. The resulting gray areas can then be resized, moved and removed again via the X symbol. Input is then locked in these areas of the screen.

End guided access

Guided access is terminated by pressing the home key three times again and then entering the security PIN. If you have activated Touch ID, you can unlock the device by pressing the home button once and then placing your finger on it.

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