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After purchase or relocation, aquarium fish must be placed in a new aquarium. At the same time you can do many things wrong, which leads to enormous stress.

In this guide you will learn how to catch fish catches, transports and places them in a new aquarium.

Aquarium fish catching

catching fish with landing net |

Before transporting the fish must be captured. When buying new fish, an employee takes over this job. If this is the case, you can jump directly to the fish insertion here.

The best way to catch the fish is with two catch nets, which should be at least four times as big as the fishes. With one you drive the fish into the other one. Once the fish is in the net and out of the water, you should grab the net from below. If you want to keep the Net supported from below, the caught fish will wriggle less. The fish should be as short as possible in the network and out of the water, but this is no reason to get hectic.

Safe transport of fish

Goldfish in transport bag |

For transporting fish, any container is suitable that can be a hundred percent airtight and has a smooth inner surface. For small and medium-sized fish, plastic bags from the pet store are suitable, which you can almost always get free of charge when buying fish and by asking nicely. Buckets with lids are also good for transportation. The container should always be about 1/3 filled with water and 2/3 with air its. In addition, in the case of prolonged transport and extreme temperatures, the transport container should be replaced by a Styrofoam box o.a. to be isolated.

Transparent containers, such as.B. Bags, should always be darkened to prevent additional stress due to changing light conditions. To reduce the stress, the following are also suitable Calming agent like the JBL Acclimol. different species should be transported in separate containers if possible.

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Adjust fish correctly& insert

Turn the edge upside down to prevent water from the bag from getting into the aquarium |

Once the fish are at their destination, they have the most behind them. Before they move into their new home, however, the fish must first be filled with get used to the aquarium water.

  1. First of all, the plastic bags containing the fish are left closed ca. swim on the water surface for 15 minutes, so that the temperature of the water in the bag is similar to that of the aquarium and the fish slowly get used to it.
  2. In Time intervals of approx. 10 minutes you fill now always some water from the aquarium into the bag, so that the fish get used to the water values of the tank. You hang the bag with turned up edge in the aquarium.
  3. After ca. 40 to 60 minutes you can Let fish into the tank. To do this, catch the fish with a landing net and put them in the aquarium. The bag should not be poured into the aquarium along with the water to prevent the spread of germs.

When can the first fish enter the aquarium?

When the aquarium is freshly set up, the first fish should be not too early to be used. First the water values have to stabilize. This process is also Run in named and lasts ca. 3 to 4 weeks. Products are commercially available that shorten this process. However, I advise beginners against these means. More information about the run-in phase can be found here.

Is a quarantine necessary?

Many experienced aquarists recommend quarantine before new fish move into the aquarium. Fish from the trade can Introduce bacteria and diseases, which then spread throughout the aquarium. In quarantine, new additions are first kept in a separate tank for a few weeks and closely observed. Possible diseases can be detected this way.

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