Aram mp3 no longer in need of education?

The incident was already making the rounds in the ESC scene in recent weeks. He was most beautifully documented by Irish fans and journalists: Armenian singer Aram Mp3, who with his song "Not Alone" definitely one of the strongest favorites, expressed very ambivalent views about gays at the ESC in March – and in particular about Conchita Wurst. First, the Armenian is said to have announced that when he passes a certain neighborhood of Yerevan, he passes it very quickly. He could not approve, it was probably said. He meant the capital’s Kom aygi neighborhood, which is indeed a kind of queer neighborhood with its pubs and bars of gay, lesbian and trans people. Such as Soho in London, the Marais in Paris, St. Georg in Hamburg or the area around Berlin’s Nollendorfplatz is. not a gay ghetto, but a piece of town where you can move quite freely and openly as a non-heterosexual person. Aram Mp3, who on that occasion did not disclose whether he also flees past pleasure quarters, which are very pleasing to many heterosexuals, for example St. Pauli on Hamburg’s Elbe, finally insulted the Austrian Conchita Wurst.

Woman or man, asks Aram Mp3

Aram Mp3: "Humor is my life"

At Eurovision in Concert Aram Mp3 is a sought-after interlocutor, because he leads the betting lists. Still, he talks briefly with us about favorite pressure and his comedy. more

They are on a stage in Copenhagen, but he has big problems with the man who performs as a woman. He literally said that she was "not normal", the ESC "not appropriate and joked "hopefully we will help her to decide whether she is a woman or a man". A little information would have helped him, then he would know: Conchita Wurst is a queer concept. The Austrian Tom Neuwirth is a man who entertains as a drag queen and leaves no doubt about being a man beyond the role. Aram Mp3 also said: "I don’t live like that (he probably means: gay). And no matter how the world progresses and regresses, this (i.e. gayness) is for me an unacceptable thing."At Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam in April, Aram Mp3 spoke out with Conchita and said that his comments had been misinterpreted. But do we have to put his words on the gold scale, when we know that Aram Mp3 has in his country about the image that Stefan Raab has in Germany?? In other words: Is the Armenian really disturbed because a character – at the ESC of all places – does not adhere to the "natural" way of thinking? Order of the sexes holds? The fact seems to me that the Armenian participant has lost a lot of popularity here in Copenhagen. The applause after his rehearsal in the B&W Hall was sparser than would have been appropriate for the enthusiasm on the web, which was quite intense until March.

Aram Mp3 is and remains a favorite

Aram Mp3: "Mom, Dad – I did that"

Armenian Aram Mp3 is self-confident on the sidelines of the first rehearsals in Copenhagen. He already dreams of calling his parents after the final and saying: "I did that". more

Whether the story from March generally reduces his chances of a good placement, seems to me, however, questionable. The excitement and excitement of fans usually have no particular influence on the ESC result itself. Otherwise Valentina Monetta would have made it to the finals last year, which as we know was not the case. And: "Not Alone" is an excellent tearjerker, which will earn many points, whatever its interpreter thinks beyond the stage. Discontent with his remarks in the spring will not change that.

Does irony play a role?

Ivor Lyttle, editor of the European fan magazine "ESCzine", commented almost mockingly on Aram Mp3’s statement: He obviously has a nippy lip – because he had better think it over carefully. What he said is roughly the same as if someone were to say anti-Semitic things directly in Israel. A big mistake, which is still taken him badly. But maybe what Aram Mp3 said was meant in a completely different way: namely with regard to the members of the Armenian delegation, who do not think so ironically amused about Conchita Wurst and the concerns of the LGBTI community (LBGTI stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Inter). In the end, only the Armenian himself will know what he meant – and whether he really meant what he said. I, on the other hand, would find anyway: Even an Aram Mp3 has a right to any, that is, to his opinion.

If he ironically deals with cliches against gays, if he pokes fun at them, if he plays with the images of the homophobe, if he picks up on what a great many people are thinking anyway – what’s the big deal?? Always assumed that he meant it ambiguously, i.e. ironically. And if he is, still, afraid of gays and lesbians and trans people, if he finds them unsympathetic – even then could be said: So what?

Conchita Wurst has forgiven Aram Mp3 for a long time, she confirmed yesterday during the conversation again. She gave a really cool answer to the incident a few weeks ago. Be happy to give the Armenian a little coaching on LGBTI issues. Is not that sovereign?

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