Are you ready to fight for your vision?: ask yourself these three questions

Entrepreneurship is not always easy and there are a few things regarding your mindset that are very important and crucial to your success. So today I would like to share with you three important questions about entrepreneurship and mindset with the questions you should ask yourself.

One of the most important characteristics of successful women entrepreneurs

If you’ve been self-employed for a while, you’ve probably noticed that that learning and growing never stops. We need to constantly reinvent ourselves, have new ideas and find new ways to market ourselves or find clients. Of course, this is hard work that will never stop. In my eBook "The Five Most Important Traits for a Successful Entrepreneur" I went into a very important trait that is necessary to be successful in the long run: Perseverance.

So the questions are about perseverance, about our mindset and energy, how we think about ourselves, our success and our money. Because when we put energy into it, it flows. And money is also energy.

Example of a coaching client

Before I share the questions with you, I want to tell you briefly about one of my clients from last year:
she said to me:
"Helene, this is my last money, it’s imperative that this works out now. I can’t afford not to succeed now."

She put her last money into coaching. As a result A high level of energy and a determined mindset Had. This mindset changed how she handled herself and how she marketed herself. She was able to reach completely different customers and of course generated the sales as a result.

So it’s always about how we feel when we present ourselves, make our offer, share our prices or introduce ourselves. You have to open yourself to this energy and understand that you are investing in yourself. Because that is the mindset you need for your success. Before you expect to make any money, you must Be willing to open up and give energy as well. That’s how you open yourself up to your success and to money.

Mindset& Energy

This energy cycle of money, our mindset, what we stand for and what we represent is extremely important. You need this Energy and a Obsession in a positive sense, so that you can are strongly driven by your vision and keep working at it. That’s what it takes to be successful in the long run.

If you look at people in large international companies, like z.B. When you look at Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey, you see that they live entrepreneurship. It is more than your business. It’s a vision, a life motto.

You have A "why" so strong that they are driven and motivated for years to constantly reinvent themselves and find new ways to grow even more as a person.

You have to get to the level of your vision. It’s hard to push through a big vision when your own energy is low and you think you can’t do it. Therefore, you need to be at the same energy level mentally and emotionally as your vision and goals.

Three questions you should ask yourself

To see how ready you are to fight for your vision, I want to give you three questions today.

Question 1: Why are you obsessed with achieving your business goals??

What is your why? What is it that drives you so much that you are willing to fight for it every morning and for weeks, months and years??

I saw a video the other day of a woman sharing her vision. Her vision was to earn so much money so that she could travel a lot with her mother. She came from a pretty poor background and this dream to do something for her mother was very strong. That really motivated them to work hard to be successful and that’s what ended up working out really well for them.

Question 2: What are you willing to change in your life to achieve your goals??

If you’re currently still at a low energy level, you can’t achieve great success, as I said before. You have to be on the same level. Therefore, the question is, what are you willing to change about yourself, your thoughts, your behaviors and habits?? What do you have to change to become the person who reaches the energy level, to attract success and make your vision a reality?

Question 3: What are you willing to invest to make this vision a reality??

Here it goes z.B. to the Investing time, labor or money. How important are your goals to you and what are you really willing to invest?

Many people who are successful have invested a lot in their vision. You don’t have to turn your life completely upside down to achieve your vision. But what you need is a Strong desire. This will to succeed must remain day and night. Because Success does not come overnight. 100 customers or 6-digit sales in 30 days is not possible in my opinion. Unless you’ve invented a super product that the whole world is waiting for. Entrepreneurship is not a sprint, but a marathon.


In summary, it is important to know why we are willing to have and live out this obsession. Are you willing to be a little crazy sometimes too and do whatever it takes to achieve that vision? What is your reason for wanting to become successful?

Sometimes I also encounter people who already want to somehow, but then not really. They are not willing to invest everything to reach their goals. They are Not fully serious about their cause and not willing to fight for their goals. Part of this has to do with the fact that Goals not 100% clear are. They may have a faint picture of what they want to achieve, but it’s not enough. A clear picture triggers the motivation in you and gives you the strength to stay motivated in the long run as well and to persevere until success is achieved.

So always ask yourself the question why you want to achieve your goals and realize your vision. Ask yourself, what are you willing to change to actually make this success possible. How can you get on the level? And what are you willing to invest? Because you can’t do it without investment. What you invest, comes out again.

Mindset of abundance

What I also hear sometimes and which also has something to do with mindset is: ‘No, I can’t afford the coaching right now’. I have to save first." Then people save for coaching or even for other things in their lives.

This is a Mindset of the missing person or the scarcity. Something is missing. There is no money and that is why I have to save. I can’t indulge myself now. I personally think differently. If I want something, I don’t think I would have to save, but rather I am thinking about how to make this happen. How do I get the money together so that I can buy or treat myself to it?? This can z.B. be a trip.

You should think that Money in abundance in the world is and you only have Find out must, How to get a little more of it, So you can live life the way you want to. I would like to z.B. Like to be with my family in Sweden more often, travel with them and experience something together. This is one of my reasons for achieving my goals. So don’t approach such topics with the mindset of scarcity, but rather think about how you can get the money together to buy what you want to have.

Start-up Week Dusseldorf

Everything has to do with your mindset and energy. Visualize what you wish for. I visualize or. also just internalize a nice event that will take place in April. And indeed I am one of the Host of the Startup Week in Dusseldorf. At 10. April 2019 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m I will be giving a talk at the Chateauform in the Andreasquartier here in Dusseldorf.

This presentation is in English and is called "How to set up a successful business in Germany". The cards are already available now and there is also more information about the lecture here. The Tax Advisor Sabine Schimmele and lawyer with a focus on corporate law Andreas Orlepp Will also be in attendance to talk about their areas of expertise. I will talk about how to marketed and what you should pay attention to especially in Germany if you want to market yourself.

Hub Dot Event

Also, the date is set for the next Hub Dot event. Best put it directly in your calendar. The event will take place on 28. March 2019 instead of. This time we will host Hub Dot in a different format. Last time it was a community event and this time it will be a Supper Club its. We will eat together, share stories and network. The theme of the Supper Club is Entrepreneurship and I will give you more information about this event shortly. In any case, you should already check out the 28.03.2019 note.

Female Entrepreneurs for Financial Freedom

Otherwise, if you want to network and share more with other female entrepreneurs, you are welcome to join my Female Entrepreneurs for Financial Freedom group. For example, every Monday there will be a Member Monday, where a member introduces herself, tells what she does and how to reach her. Things are posted on the subject of entrepreneurship and finances, so that we can create the life we want for ourselves.

So remember, raise your energy level, open yourself up to abundance and wealth and all that is out there waiting for you in the world. If you open up and communicate properly, you’re at the level of your vision, you’re going to attract. Because success is inevitable. The only factor is time.

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