Baby cries during diapering

Baby cries during diapering

Your baby scream during diapering? Maybe our Tips and tricks on. For us they were a big Help.

Which it is exactly, you will learn in the following.

Baby cries when changing diaper

Our baby was beaming at us the whole time and was calmness personified, but when it came to changing or Drying after washing went, he was no longer recognizable!

As soon as he was naked on the changing table, he started to cry. It broke our hearts because there was nothing that made changing him more comfortable. He screamed and yelled and cried and immediately wanted to be picked up again from that darn changing table.

After a while I complained to my midwife about our suffering. Your Tip: Running a hair dryer while changing diapers and warming our son with it. We had to feel with our hands if the hairdryer was not too hot and of course we had to avoid blowing it into his face!

hair dryer

The Hair dryer! Of course! It was as simple as it was ingenious, because our baby was naturally cold in winter. And even though our hair dryer was quite loud and a real monster, our son was fascinated by the thing. And the best: both that Swaddling and drying off after washing was now a pleasant experience.

When summer came, we then no longer needed the hair dryer.

To our regret, when it got colder again, our son was suddenly afraid of the hair dryer. Little by little he got used to the volume again, because we turned it on in the bathroom and he could listen next door, but now he is bigger and lets us dry him on our lap – wrapped in a big bath towel – even without a hair dryer.

When lying down becomes a problem

When our son started sitting down on his own, he hated to be put down while changing him. Not even the hair dryer helped anymore.

At some point, we started putting the little one on the fresh diaper and then changing him in the Sitting to wrap. Problem solved. What a luck! While sitting, his big belly stuck out a bit, which made it difficult to put on the diaper, but it still worked out somehow.

Baby sits and makes music

But then came the times when he also no longer sit still, but rather crawl wanted – on the changing table! So we learned to put a new diaper on a baby that was constantly turning onto his stomach and crawling away in just a few seconds. Even though the diaper was crooked at the beginning, we perfected this diapering method over time.

When our son stand could cry or. When our son was able to cry or did not fall down when he held on to us, we bought panty diapers (probably more out of convenience), more precisely the " Pampers Diapers Baby Dry Pants "*, which you put on the baby like a normal pair of underpants. The diaper problem was history.

In the long run, however, they were simply too expensive for us, which is why we expanded our knowledge with another diapering method: diapering while standing up.

I still found this method the easiest; standing up, the diaper fit perfectly around his big, sweet belly. The fat legs caused us some problems, but with a little bit of fidgeting it worked out.

Change of perspective

But it took us a while to come up with all these solutions. In between I was just annoyed, because it took ETERNITIES again to take off his diaper, clean him up and put on the new diaper and the rest of his clothes.

And then I would imagine I was my baby right now, lying on the changing table at that moment. Would be washed and changed and the one who does it would want to get everything over with as quickly as possible. Maybe she/he still holds her/his wrinkled nose and gives a disgusted Loud or commenting on himself.

woman holds her nose while holding diaper with two fingers

I wondered how I would feel in this situation feel Would. Well, I would feel absolutely uncomfortable and somehow "wrong" too. Unloved. Disgusting. Your child will be no different if you behave this way towards him.

So if you find it disgusting find changing your baby’s diaper because it is stinks and dirty and you’d like to get it over with, try to put yourself in your baby’s shoes. Your baby will surely not find it pleasant to sit in its own urine and excrement for hours either.

Imagine how your baby will end up nice and clean again and comfortable in his skin. But keep in mind that getting there is at least as important a.

Your baby will see firsthand how you treat his body during swaddling. Do you just do a quick Waschi Waschi or do you take all the time in the world and have a lot of fun with your baby on the way to the goal? Do you mindful with his body, you quickly move him back and forth because you see diapering as a necessary evil?

My tips for having fun while diapering

What Diapering time I’m going to tell you how much it sweetened the experience:

1. Unconditional love

If you actually find it repulsive to swaddle your baby (because of the smells or whatever), try to jump over your shadow and let your child understand that his body is great, both with and without Excretions all over the body. That you like it clean and like to help him so that it is well again smell and feel comfortable in his skin.

2. Time

Let you thereby all Time the world. It’s not about setting a new world record for speed diapering.

3. Change of perspective

Put yourself again and again in the position of your baby, to make sure that you are being mindful of your baby. Would you like to be treated like that (as a baby or as an old person in diapers)?? Would you feel comfortable and loved? Reflect Always look at your behavior towards your child to be able to answer these questions.

4. Time to have fun and get to know each other

The way is the goal: When changing diapers, have Fun and get to know each other. Give your baby a gentle massage, sing songs to them, make up funny rhymes, make up a story, make faces, tell them about your day or what you’re up to, let your child touch your hands, your face, your hair, give them something to explore in their hands.

Baby foot

Your baby will surely find it quite nice not to wear a diaper for once. Let him/her have his/her own body discover and talk about it. Or take a feather and gently stroke his skin. And if it suddenly starts to splash: Take cover!

5. Diapering methods

If your baby doesn’t want to be swaddled lying down, then stop continuing to swaddle him or her in the Lying down want to swaddle.

Especially when babies have a Developmental step accomplished and can sit, for example, it is helpful to adapt to this. It is obvious that it prefers to sit when it has just learned how to sit. That is, try to have your baby while Sitting to swaddle when it can sit independently. As soon as it crawls, to change on all fours. If it can stand, in Standing to change diapers.

I never said it would be easy, but it’s not an impossible task either. Exercise makes the master.


It sounds adventurous how we changed our child in these different positions, but at least he didn’t have to cry. The Diapering should be a pleasant experience for all involved and not become a Nightmare Become.

Baby cries when swaddled - satisfied baby

We used to say to ourselves: if our son develops, we will too. And it wasn’t that hard after all.

How did swaddling work out for you or do you have any other Tricks up to date?

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