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If you have to make a living without a job for a while in Austria, the state will help you under certain conditions with unemployment benefits. Here we give you an overview of facts and unemployment benefit calculators to help you determine the amount of your individual unemployment benefit claim.

Chart shows factors for calculating unemployment benefits: net salary, supplemental amount, family members, date of application

© | Four main factors are taken into account when calculating unemployment benefits.

Whether you live to work or work to live – both philosophies have their raison d’être. It is undisputed that work secures existence. For those who, for various reasons, are unable to find paid employment for a while and cannot secure their livelihood through their own means of production, the state of Austria provides a bridging allowance while they are looking for work.

On the legal basis of the Unemployment Insurance Act (AIVG) will be paid to citizens Labor Market Service (AMS) unemployed report livelihood security awarded. Unemployment insurance is part of Austria’s state social security system. The Public Employment Service is a service provider under public law, has its own politically appointed Board of Directors and is under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection.

The aim is that jobseekers are quickly and sustainably reintroduced into the labor market and are thus available to the state as taxpayers.

To determine the individual Calculate unemployment benefit entitlement To be able to calculate unemployment benefits, there is an online unemployment benefit calculator.

Unemployment benefit calculator

The basic amount of unemployment benefit is approx. 55% – 60% of net income plus supplements for family members (in 2020, that was 97 cents per day per person).

A Supplementary amount up to 60% or. 80% is possible for certain salary levels and under certain conditions.

Important for the Amount of unemployment benefit is also the date of application:

Will unemployment benefit between the 1st. January and 30. June applied for, the amount is based on the wage / salary of the penultimate calendar year.

If unemployment benefit is paid between 1. July and 31. December If you have applied for unemployment benefit, the amount is based on your wages/salary in the last calendar year.

Further information:

Who is entitled to unemployment benefit?

In principle, persons who meet the following criteria are entitled to unemployment benefits:

  • Able to work
  • Willingness to work
  • Unemployment

The prerequisites also include a certain minimum period of employment:

Who is entitled to first time unemployment benefit must have been employed for at least 52 weeks within the last 2 years and must be covered by unemployment insurance.

Who Unemployment benefit not for the first time Receives, must have been employed for at least 28 weeks within the last year in an occupation that included unemployment insurance.

Persons without employment who are under 26 years of age must have been employed for 26 weeks within the last year when applying for unemployment benefits for the first time.

Those who have completed a voluntary social year, a voluntary year of environmental protection, a memorial service or other social services covered by the Voluntary Service Act are not entitled to unemployment benefits.

If your unemployment benefit does not exceed a certain minimum amount, you are also entitled to the minimum benefit. You can calculate the amount with the minimum income calculator.

Other calculators:

When is the payment?

The Unemployment Benefit will monthly in arrears paid out, as the eligibility requirements are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Such a review, according to the legislator, is usually only possible in retrospect.

How long you can receive unemployment benefits?

Basically the unemployment benefit awarded for 20 weeks. It can be granted for 30 weeks if 156 weeks of employment subject to unemployment insurance have been pursued. The duration of entitlement depends on the length of previous insurance periods and age.

This duration may be increased if, at the time of application

  • The 40. If you have reached the age of 31 and have been employed for 312 weeks within the last 10 years and are subject to unemployment insurance, you are entitled to 39 weeks.
  • have reached the age of 50. If you have reached the age of 50 and have been employed for 468 weeks within the last 15 years, you are entitled to 52 weeks of unemployment insurance.

Can be earned in addition to the unemployment benefit?

It is possible to earn additional income to the unemployment benefit. The additional earnings limit is Low-income limit Of 460.66 euros (as of 2020).

The AMS must be notified of any gainful employment. If you are found working in an unreported job, it is assumed that your earnings are above the marginal earnings threshold and you will lose your unemployment benefits for the duration of this unreported employment and you will also have to expect a recovery of unemployment benefits for at least 4 weeks.

Unemployment benefits for the self-employed

Self-employed cannot claim unemployment insurance in accordance with the compulsory insurance under the Commercial Social Insurance Act (GSVG) and can therefore no unemployment benefit refer to.
However, a claim for unemployment benefits may arise if the self-employed worker

  • was subject to ASVG and unemployment insurance as an employee before taking up self-employment, or
  • according to the 1.1.has taken out voluntary unemployment insurance in 2009. Certain deadlines apply to the conclusion of voluntary unemployment insurance and the decision made is binding for 8 years. Entrepreneurs who decide later on the new model of unemployment insurance have the possibility to be included in the unemployment insurance after 8 years at the earliest.
  • The prerequisite for receiving unemployment benefits (in the case of sole proprietors who are subject to GSVG insurance) is the withdrawal or suspension of the trade license!

You can find detailed info here:

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