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Amsterdam was yesterday! If you would like to consume cannabis legally, you can finally do so in Canada. Meanwhile, the snowy land in America’s north has become a hotspot for weed tourists. Here’s everything you need to know if you feel like smoking pot in Canada:

Is there an age limit?

If you want to smoke a joint in Canada, you have to pay at least 19 years alt. In Quebec, it’s enough to be 18. However, the new government plans to raise the minimum age to 21!

How much cannabis is allowed to buy?

In Canada you can get incredible 30 grams Buy, possess and carry cannabis! That’s 60 to 70 joints, so to speak. Depending on the state, one pays between 160 and 400 Canadian dollars for this.


Can you smoke pot anywhere in Canada??

Unfortunately no! Almost every province has now banned smoking in enclosed public places. In Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia applies: Where I am allowed to smoke cigarettes, I am also allowed to smoke joints. Halifax may soon have designated zones where consumption is permitted. If you want to be on the safe side, however, you should read the official "Cannabis Act peruse.

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Can I take cannabis on the plane?

Should you have the grandiose idea of wanting to smuggle cannabis into another country, one can of course only advise against it. However, if the journey starts from a Canadian airport to the next, one may experience up to 30 grams take it with you in your hand luggage.


Are Hashbrownies and Co. legal in Canada?

Full of anticipation, cannabis gourmets have been eagerly awaiting the second wave of legalization in 2019: according to the new regulation, now are Brownies, cookies, drinks, concentrates and Co. allowed. The market is set to 2.7 billion is estimated, and the products are expected to be available for sale around December. Some people will be especially high on Christmas Eve!

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Until then, the scene remains underground. Two British Columbia chefs "The Herbal Chef" and "The Nomad Cook organize semi-secret events where they prepare whole cannabis menus. Also the collectives "The High Five" and "Matty’s Patties" From Toronto host pop-up events like markets or concerts where CBD cocktails, brownies and food are available.

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