Cheap e-bike from zundapp for the city: comfortably from a to b for under 900 euros

The Zundapp Z502 is currently available at Pentagon Sports for just under 50 percent off MSRP

Zundapp – this brand was once known for mopeds. The Chinese brand, which has been around since the mid-1980s, now also produces e-bikes in the lower price segment, which are repeatedly offered by discounters such as Lidl. Mostly the price range is 1.000 to 1.200 Euro.

In this respect, the following offer is a real bargain: The Zundapp Z502 is now sold at Pentagon Sports for 887.77 euros. As UVP 1.649 euros indicated – mostly UVPs are rather utopian prices, so it is worth a look to other stores: Here the bike moves at mostly around the 1.300 Euro.

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Zundapp Z502: Facts about the deal

  • Brand: Zundapp Z502 700C
  • Special offer price/conditions: 887,77 Euro instead of 1.649 euros MSRP
  • Frame size: 48 cm (lt. Data suitable for height between 155 and 185 cm)
  • Gear system: Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub gears
  • Brakes: Promax coaster brakes
  • Motor: Ananda wheel hub motor
  • Battery: Greenway 468 Wh
  • Weight: 28 Kilo
  • Total allowable weight: 120 kilos
  • Tire size: 28 inch
  • Range: lt. Manufacturer specifications 35 – 135km
  • Includes: reflectors, bell, mudguards, side stand, lights
  • Free Shipping


Evaluation of the Zundapp Z502 e-bike

For an e-bike well under 1.000 euros the data sounds quite decent. However, you can not expect brand components, only in the 7-speed gears rely on Shimano. 7 gears don’t sound like much, but should be quite sufficient for a city e-bike. With the brakes one sets rather on favorable Promax front brakes, as well as a back-pedal brake. The wheel hub motor makes it to the usual 250 watts, the battery from the for us unknown brand Greenway comes with a capacity of 468 watt hours. This is average at best. The range data is very vague: the e-bike should be able to take you between 35 and 135 kilometers. says: With medium support, ranges of between 65 and 85 kilometers per battery charge are realistic.

If you order the Zundapp e-bike, you get a road-ready pedelec: mudguards, luggage rack, a lighting system and a small bell are already pre-mounted. The orange accents also spice up the black frame.

Our bargain conclusion: Cozy e-bike for the city

With the Z502 you get a cozy e-bike that is quite sufficient for city tours. Advantages include a low step-in, roadworthiness including lights, luggage rack, bell and bike stand. For the e-bike we would hardly pay more than 1.100 euros, so the offer is well worth a look.


The most important questions when buying an e-bike:

How much does a good e-bike cost?

The prices for e-bikes vary widely. There are bargains for 500 euros and for the high-end devices go sometimes up to 10.000 euros over the counter. On average, however, pedelecs cost between 2.000 and 3.000 euros and especially for beginners there are excellent wheels in this price segment.

Experienced riders using either a city e-bike or an e-trekking bike should choose between 3.000 and 4.000 euros for your electric bike.

For electronic mountain bikes, the price range also opens again, although it depends here strongly on the wishes of the driver. Should it be a hardtail or Fully? How much suspension travel is desired, which components should be installed? And of course … which trails are to be ridden with it. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line device here, you should expect to pay between 6.000 and 8.000 euros on his account have.

Why is an e-bike so expensive?

There are many factors that play a role, with the motor and drive being the main reason. Both turn out to be very complex and the manufacturers need many parts that are omitted on a normal bike. In addition, they take longer to manufacture and often require new production facilities, which also affects the price. Since this is a relatively new market, a lot of new products are being developed. This leads to high development costs, which the manufacturers pass on to the purchase price.

For the battery, costs are also high because they require scarce raw materials such as lithium, which are quite expensive on the world market.

What are cheap e-bikes good for??

With cheap E-bikes you must always make cutbacks. Whether you are ready for it, you have to decide for yourself. For example, rim brakes are cheaper than disc brakes, but disc brakes have the better braking characteristics. A less powerful motor also costs less, but shows problems on inclines. Cheap e-bikes are therefore not bad per se, are suitable from their components, but mostly only for short everyday routes in flat terrain. But if you want something high quality or something for longer tours and climbs, you should dig a little deeper into your pocket.

When are e-bikes cheapest?

E-bikes become cheaper towards the end of the season, as manufacturers clear their warehouses to make room for their new range of products. At the end of autumn and in winter you can therefore make bargains like here at Fahrrad XXL. Especially since the technology does not make great leaps within a year, the "old" e-bikes are still good. The only disadvantage: If you buy in winter, you will probably have to leave the e-bike for a while because of the weather.

How many watt hours should a good e-bike battery have?

Again, this depends on the personal use of the e-bike. If you use the pedelec mainly in the city, 300 watt hours should be sufficient. For tours of medium length, you should choose a battery capacity of 400 to 500 Wh. For long tours even in difficult terrain, bring Akksu from 500 Wh enough energy. Lastly, you should think about what your personal riding style looks like. Do you drive rather sporty, you also need more juice.

The current standard is 500 watt hours, and there is a trend toward even greater capacities. That’s why you see more and more 625-Wh batteries being installed in e-bikes.

Which e-bike is the lightest?

The lightest e-bike in the world was built by a German engineer from Freiburg and even made it into the Guinness Book of Records with its 6.872 kg. However, this is a unique specimen. The lightest e-bikes available on the market weigh ca. 15kg like the Geero 2. As a rule, however, e-bikes weigh between 20 and 25 kilograms.

What does an e-bike cost to maintain?

The battery needs to be regularly charged with power. If we assume a common battery with 500 Wh and a 2020 average calculated electricity price of 30 cents per kWh, then 15 cents are incurred for a complete charge. The monthly costs depend, of course, on how often you ride the e-bike and how much you use the battery in the process. After 1.000 charges would therefore have cost about 150 euros. That is manageable. It becomes more expensive when the battery then has to be replaced because its remaining capacity only allows short ranges. Here you must expect prices from 250 to 650 euros.

Which is the best e-bike motor?

There are two important parameters for e-bike motors. On the one hand, the maximum power: It is 250 watts for almost all e-bikes, with the motors being artificially limited to this value. Because in Germany they are only allowed to support the rider up to 25 km/h and then switch off automatically. But they would theoretically be able to call up more power.

The other more important value is torque. Simply described, this is the power with which the motor supports you in addition to your own power. The torque is given in Newton meters and is usually between 50 and 85 Nm. The more Newton meters you have, the faster you can accelerate and the better you can overcome inclines.

The currently most powerful motors are:

  • Bosch Performance Line CX (4. Gene)
  • Shimano EP 8
  • Yamaha PW-X2
  • Brose Drive S

However, you can’t automatically say that the most powerful motors are also the best ones. On the one hand they consume more power, on the other hand it depends again on personal needs. Someone who wants to ride leisurely around town doesn’t need the power, nor is it easily controllable for everyone.

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