Cheats for fortnite, overwatch and co. – where are the most cheaters?

Video game cheats are as old as video games themselves. But in online worlds like Fortnite, Overwatch, Counter-Strike, Warzone and Co. Are they annoying if you play fair yourself.

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The most important facts in a nutshell

  • How to play your online multiplayer games safely over VPN
  • Where are most online cheaters at home?
  • Which games can be dangerous for you?

Anyone who plays online multiplayer games has certainly had this experience: Cheater. Especially in shooters you meet them very often. Aimbots and wallhacks there are plenty to download on the net and big publishers, like Activision in Warzone, can’t catch them all.

In today’s world of online gaming, hackers reverse engineer the underlying code of online games to give cheaters an unfair advantage. In single-player titles, you still explored the game world anew with a god mode, while cheats and hacks for online multiplayer games are just one thing: Unfair to the other players.

Ruining the game affects both players and game developers. And hackers don’t shy away from attacking fair-minded players by reading out their IP addresses either. After that DDos or similarline attacks follow. But there is a way to play safer online, via VPN *. Not only does it protect your privacy, but it also protects your IP. The principle is simple: If you can’t find you, you can’t attack you.

Which online multiplayer games have the most cheaters/hackers??

The video game with the most cheated videos on YouTube is clearly Fortnite, like has determined. In total, there are 26 million hits for YouTube videos by officially cheating on Fortnite.

This means Fortnite has three times as many cheaters as second place, Overwatch. In the tactical shooter from Blizzard there were over 9.2 million hits. With 6.7 million views, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is in third place, ahead of Call of Duty: Warzone with just under 4.2 million hits.

What is more popular? Wallhacks or Aimbots? The answer is quite clear: Aimbots, which had twice as many queries as wallhacks.

Where are the most cheaters? Fortnite leads in this ranking before Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. – Image source:

Where in the world are there the most cheaters in online multiplayer games?

Who is the world champion in cheating? According to Surfshark’s ranking, there is one country that clearly secured the "world champion" title: Sweden. The United States of America and Australia are tied for second place.

It has to be said that especially in the Nordic countries eSports has a different meaning than here in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Some of the best eSports players in the world come from Sweden, there will be some kids who like to emulate their idols and rely on cheats.

Where are cheats used most per resident in online multiplayer games? – Image source:

How hackers cheat in first-person shooters?

Hackers cheat by accessing the underlying code and memory of online games to give themselves special powers while playing them. The most common forms of cheating are Aimbots and Wallhacking.

How does an Aimbot work?

A Aimbot helps the player to aim at enemy opponents. In this case, the crosshairs automatically move to the target. There are Aimbot programs the other players are also out of the field of view.

Another form is a Triggerbot. It automatically shoots at the opponent as soon as he is in the crosshairs. The combination Aimbot and Triggerbot Is fatal for opponents.

How does a wallhack work?

Here too there are different variants, like a Wallhack works. Mostly boils down to seeing enemies behind walls or crates. Whether the walls are displayed transparently or the opponents are displayed in bright colors depends on the cheat program.

Fortnite is very popular, so it also has the most cheaters and hackers. – (C) Epic Games

Why you should gamble online multiplayer games over VPN?

There are a few reasons why you should do this, which we list for you here:

  1. The ping (latency) is reduced. VPN allows for a faster server connection
  2. People bypass geo-blocking and can play multiplayer games online that are not available in their own country.
  3. You can buy and play games that are not yet available in your own country. Also, there are different prices in stores like Steam in other countries. You can also save money this way.
  4. Your game data is safe and secure during gameplay.
  5. When playing online games data traffic is encrypted and remains anonymous.
  6. You protect yourself from DDoS attacks because you don’t reveal your own IP address.

Is online gaming via VPN suitable for all?

When playing games like Minecraft or League of Legends plays that rely on dedicated competitor servers, then a VPN solution is definitely advisable.

For just under 2 euros a month Surfshark offers you safe online gaming . At the moment there is a special offer, with which you can save 81%, when concluding a 2-year subscription.

*Affiliate link: We get a small sales commission if you buy something through this link. There are no further costs for you.

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