Chief of the employment agency warns: general vaccination obligation could have bad consequences for unemployed persons

Labor agency head Scheele expects serious consequences for unvaccinated employees if vaccination becomes compulsory for everyone. Those affected could be hit twice.

Berlin/Nuremberg – A general Corona* vaccination requirement could have serious consequences for employees. Detlef Scheele, Chairman of the Board of the German Federal Employment Agency*, assumes that this is the case. This would allow employers to reject unvaccinated or unhealthy applicants. However, the prerequisite is that there is a "general obligation to vaccinate and violations are also associated with legal consequences," he told the newspapers of the Funke Media Group.

Corona vaccination obligation for employees: lack of vaccination could lead to suspension period

But it could get even worse for the unvaccinated or the non-genese. "We as a federal agency also then have to check whether a lack of vaccination leads to a lockout period," Scheele continued. A blocking period means that the unemployed do not receive unemployment benefits for a certain period of time. At the moment, the vaccination status of employees has de facto no effect on the labor market, because there is currently no corresponding legal basis.

With the introduction of a general vaccination obligation*, however, the situation would change. "Just as currently 3G status must be queried in the workplace, employers will then get the right to check 2G status. This possibility does not exist at present," said Scheele

Corona vaccination obligation for employees: number of Hartz IV recipients could rise

The problem is that if the unvaccinated do not find a new job, they could slide into Hartz IV*. And those who don’t have or don’t want a job and vaccination fall into a poverty trap, because the way back into employment is difficult. Currently, around 3.9 million people receive unemployment benefit II. If mandatory vaccination comes, the number could rise.

Corona vaccination obligation for employees: forbid unvaccinated to enter the company

Whether and in what form there will be a Corona vaccination obligation, however, is currently still uncertain. In an orientation debate on Wednesday, the Bundestag discussed for the first time the introduction of a general Corona vaccination obligation in Germany. The traffic light coalition has agreed that members of parliament should deliberate and decide in a free vote without the usual factional guidelines. According to SPD* plans, the decision could be made in March. Compulsory vaccination has already been decided for employees of hospitals and nursing homes*.

The SPD parliamentary group also has its eye on the consequences for the labor market. "We are currently examining very closely, together with the Federal Ministry of Labor*, whether we should make it compulsory for employers to provide proof of vaccination," health policy spokeswoman Heike Baehrens told the Stuttgarter Zeitung and the Stuttgarter Nachrichten. "It would probably be more effective than a fine if health authorities banned unvaccinated employees from entering their company – but I can hardly imagine that for the entire labor market, rather for certain industries and institutions," she led off.

Corona vaccination requirement for employees: headwind from the FDP

There is also headwind against the plans. Wolfgang Kubicki has spoken out against the possible consequences of mandatory vaccination on the labor market. "That you put people in the sink simply because of their vaccination status, is now becoming unbearable for me," said the FDP* vice president on Sunday evening at Bild-TV.

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