Children’s drawings to bind book yourself& ideas for storage

I show how to Binding children’s drawings into a book yourself. Because, what do you do with the countless children’s drawings and tinkerings of the children? At some point, the folder is full, all the pretty pictures are hung up.

Say: There is just no more room for another 30 rainbow pictures of the kids. So only one thing helps: sort children’s drawings, bind them into books, hang them up, digitize them and throw them away. This really frees you up and ultimately makes everyone happy!

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What can you do with children’s drawings?

  1. Sift and clean out
  2. Pick up the special children’s pictures& expose
  3. Digitize pretty children’s drawings
  4. Throw away the rest, yes, really!
  5. Set place for new works

I do it regularly: Clean out in the children’s room. In the meantime, my two older children (6&) are doing the same 11) Self-employed. Cleaning out children’s drawings belongs to it – one does not have to be sad about it.

How to organize children’s drawings?

The most beautiful kindergarten drawings you keep at home – on the wall, in a picture frame or on the gallery. The rest is digitized or just thrown away. Honestly? It is of no use to anyone to keep twenty copies of the same motif. How to bring order to chaos and organize children’s drawings.

Very important : After structure is created, you should look for a place for finished children’s artwork together. So everyone knows where the pictures will be kept in the future. Order can move in so lastingly.

With three children now, the children’s drawings have accumulated in many folders. I now have them organized, sorted, hung up digitized or thrown away. Yes, it’s a subjective decision what is "beautiful". You don’t need to worry, in case of doubt just keep the picture or digitize it.

Children’s drawings to bind the book yourself

For a very, very long time, I’ve been planning to finally get a large part of the children’s drawings out of the folder and all the places where they are stored and to create a new book Binding a book from the children’s drawings. This is super easy with Japanese binding!

So I tried it and I am really happy with the result. You only need a strong string and a punch.

If necessary, you can also use a hole punch, but the results will not be as accurate, as you can see in my video on how to bind a book yourself.

With – My wish list finally no more double gifts! Free of charge:

Video: Binding a book yourself – children’s drawings

Honestly? It looks messy, the eye can’t rest when the pictures are seemingly randomly placed on the wall. So the children’s drawings on the wall in the hallway have been bothering me for a while:

A better idea for hanging up the children’s pictures are the self-adhesive info frames*. There drawings can be replaced again and again thanks to magnetic closure, without leaving residue on the wall.

Hang picture frames on the wall

Some pictures also hang in frames on the wall. So they can be exchanged. However, the fiddling to open the back is often so cumbersome that for years the same children’s drawings hang in the frame.

We also have the same problem with our photo gallery with children’s pictures. It wasn’t until three years later that we managed to hang a photo of our third child there… Oops!

Use interchangeable frames

Interchangeable frames offer a quick way to change children’s pictures on the wall.

What I really want to buy – and to finally replace the old picture frames – are picture frames or picture frames that can be exchanged. Snap frame.* To exchange the pictures simply open the side parts – click-clack – and simply exchanged is the picture.

Creative upcycling of children’s drawings

Before you hurriedly throw the duplicate pictures in the paper garbage can, you can think of the many Ideas for children’s pictures think that there are instead.

Sorted out children’s drawings are wonderful as Wrapping paper! You can also make friends and family happy with them.

Collages to make from them! With many sharing of the images, in turn, new posters and posters can be created. To do this, you can simply pick out the pictures of a certain color family and cut out patterns and painted elements and glue them on again. This is how many small treasures become a wonderful collection from many hours of painting.

Shopping lists / todo lists write. An idea for all parents who are still offline: with lists! Maybe it will bring a smile or two to the face when it is painted on the child’s pretty rainbow? So the picture is still practically recycled.

Natural can also Books bound from the children’s pictures which will then be used as Notebook can be used.

Painting treasure maps. You could have a treasure hunt and draw in treasure with tips on the existing kids pictures. Perhaps the tips could also be designed as a puzzle, which must first be put together?

Wrapping notebooks and books. Why not wrap the favorite planner or books with the memorable children’s pictures? So you have the beautiful things always close at hand.

Photo canvas with brackets as a gallery

My favorite storage solution for the most beautiful children’s drawings, however, is the sturdy photo rope, which has recently been in use in our house. This is available in various designs.

We have chosen a steel rope, which promises longevity. For this we chose wooden staples. From this supplier, however, there are also colorful brackets with smileys.

Attach photo leash to the wall

The photo rope is attached to the wall with four nails. Afterwards the children’s pictures can be hung up on the photo rope. My daughter thought it was funny! Another idea is to hang the pictures only on the corners on the line, so here is an even more colorful gallery.

I am super happy with this brand:

Instructions for the photo canvas

Have materials ready: Hammer, folding rule. Photo line, nails and staples

Measure the height: If the photo line is to be stretched tightly or loosely? It’s best to measure the height of the ends and mark where the nails should go into the wall. For me, the leash is rather tightly stretched.

Hanging children’s drawings on the photo rope : Even children can do this!

Align pictures : Compared to before, the same kids pictures on the wall look much neater now. We love it very much!

For us, the gallery is now the way to more order and the regular change of children’s drawings on the wall. Because quite honestly? My big son doesn’t want to see his daycare pictures there either. The message is received. ;)

Folder for storing children’s drawings

The simplest solution for storing children’s drawings is a file folder, in addition to standing files and boxes in A4 format. This is what I have done with my three children so far.

I have always made sure that they Adding names and dates to children’s pictures are. So one finds everything again and can file or file these accordingly.

Sorting out painted pictures – sometimes together with child, sometimes alone – and the beautiful drawings were allowed to be punched or put in a foil. A nice idea, which also serves the children’s occupation.

The Idea with the storage of the pictures in the folder has only one catch: It is full at some point. Sooner or later you have to sort out if you don’t want to have six folders with kitta pictures on your shelf.

The A2 folder for all large drawings

We keep special pictures that are not hanging on the wall in a large A2 folder*. In them are all the treasures of our three children together. This way we make sure that we really only keep the kids’ pictures that are close to our or their hearts.

If the folder is not needed at the moment, it either lies on the cupboard in the children’s room or it stands on the craft chest. This allows the kids to look at pictures there themselves, which at least our 3 year old likes to do.

Some of their large posters from the daycare center go directly into the collection folder. A few others become the book covers for the new books from child drawings with Japan binding.

Digitizing kids’ drawings

With three children we are richly blessed. Not only with the children themselves, but also with children’s pictures. We can’t keep or recycle all of them. Considering that a good 20 pictures can be created in one morning while painting with watercolors – per child. We save great artwork and crafts from the kids digitally because of it.

How to digitize pictures of children?

On the NAS

On the iPhone I use the Synology Photos app, which directly backs up all stored photos on our NAS – i.e. the external hard drive. This way the photos won’t be lost should my phone go bye-bye. The app is also available for Android. With this, all photos are stored in extra folders and can be quickly retrieved.

For this then a NAS must be purchased. A solution I recommend for anyone who would miss data if the hard drive collapses. I’ve seen it all before.

In the cloud

Another option is to use the cloud service. At Apple, the already starts from 99 cents per month, after 5 GB of storage are used up. With Android you can u. a. Work with Google. With Google Drive, 15 GB of storage is free.

Scan as PDF

If you want to create a special storage location (on your computer / smartphone), you can use the Scan child drawings also as PDF. Afterwards these can be stored in the preferred folder, so that you can easily find and look at them again.

We use the free version of SwiftScan to do this. (iOS | Android). Thus, we digitize all the tinkerings that we really can’t and don’t want to keep all on a regular basis and with a fixed storage location.

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The idea of digitizing children’s drawings has not occurred to me yet. I also have to try the bookbinding feature.
We sent pictures painted in lockdown to relatives the other day.
For the storage I made a kind of display box, in which you can collect the images and exchange the presented image in the front. I saw the tutorial on Twitter.

Dear Anett,
I don’t know this idea from children’s pictures, only from the library for magazines.
Very, very cool!
Love greetings

Great post, great idea with the Japanese binding!

… and the post reminded me to finally take care of a NAS for our media. Could you maybe make a post about this? :) If you are using the Synology App, you are probably also using one of the Synology servers? That almost screams for an affiliate link ;)

Love Ciachen,
I have to say honestly: I have to find my way in!
We store everything locally on the NAS, that’s why we have chosen to do this.
This is also saved twice – on another system.
Unfortunately I cannot contribute much more. :D
Except that I would definitely do it that way again.
Time Machine then (Mac) backs up automatically every day, the iPhone photos whenever I manually trigger it.
The NAS will turn on at a fixed time and then everything will be saved. :)

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