Cool hairstyles for guys: great haircuts to re-style

Here are casual and cool hairstyles for boys that your son is sure to like and that you can easily style yourself.

Here you will find:

Stylish hairstyles for guys cut

Here are three hairstyles for boys that can be quickly conjured up with a razor or scissors.

#1 Undercut for little rock stars

This boys’ hairstyle is for real rock stars: keep the hair long and tousled on top, and practically short on the sides. Here’s how:

Instructions Undercut for boys:

  • Use a hair clipper and choose the appropriate attachment for the desired length.
  • Work your way up from the bottom until you reach the desired height
  • Now trim the "mohawk" a bit with scissors and you’re ready with a modern hairstyle for guys!

#2 Easy Care: The Short Shaved Haircut

Keep hair falling in your face while playing games? Then maybe off with it! This hairstyle for boys guarantees ease of care and is perfect for hot days, especially in summer.
Instructions shaved haircut
You’ll need a razor for this, and you’ll have to hope for your child’s patience for five minutes. You can’t really do anything wrong. You or your son can decide how short you want to shave it.

#3 Like soccer star Christiano Ronaldo: Tribal symbols

Shaves and tribals are also trendy again. Especially little soccer fans like to look like Cristiano Ronaldo, who regularly shaves different tribal symbols into his hair.

For the boy’s hairstyle to look really good, it is worth going to the hairdresser. The good thing – with this hair length the hair grows back quickly, so that a new motif can be tried out quickly. On Pinterest you will find a large selection of motifs for the "hair tattoos".

Hairstyles for boys style with gel and comb

In the meantime, less is more. Since hair styling products are very effective, even a small hazelnut-sized amount of hair gel or hair mousse is enough for the restyle.

#4 Cool pinned back

Can it be even cooler? Hardly. For this boy hairstyle you need only gel and a comb.

Instructions gel hairstyle

Comb the hair with a comb from front to back and fix the hair with a little gel. Already the hairstyle is ready and it can go to play!

#5 Stylish clean-cut look

The clean cut look is one of the most popular men’s and boys’ hairstyles. It is timeless and suitable for any occasion and age. The great thing about this hairstyle is that you can get it restyled with very little effort.

Instructions Clean-Cut
Take a little gel on the palm of your hand and distribute it evenly from left to right (or the other way around, depending on which direction you want the hair to fall). Make sure that all strands on the top of the head lie smoothly.

#6 Strictly gelled: For special occasions

Strictly gelled hair to the side is the perfect hairstyle for boys on special occasions such as christenings, birthdays or weddings. But also in everyday life this hairstyle looks really chic!

Instructions chic gel hairstyle

  • Use a comb to draw a side parting along the top of his head.
  • Comb the remaining hair strictly on the opposite side.
  • Rub a little gel on the palms of your hands so that it warms up and put it in your hair.
  • Finished is the chic hairstyle for the little, noble knight!

Long hair: Let it grow!

If your son’s not into boy hairstyles, natural, wild hair might be just the thing for him. Wavy or curly hair is especially suitable for this style. This gives the hairstyle a real sassy and cute look. With the right hairstyles for boys with long hair, the hair is not annoying even when playing and frolicking.

#7 Casual boy bun

The so-called "man-bun" (men’s bun) can also look hip and trendy on boys. If your kid has very fine hair and a chignon can’t be twirled, you can do a braid as well.

Instructions boy bun
For this you only need a hair tie and take the hair that falls into the face and a little hair from the top of the head and tie them together. It looks even cooler if the braid does not look perfect, but casual and playful.

#8 Extraordinary dreadlocks

Dreadlocks (short form: dreads) need skill and patience, if you decide to do it yourself.Depending on how the hair structure is, the hair tangles faster or slower. Therefore plan a little more time. This hairstyle is especially suitable for long hair.

Dreadlocks instructions

  • You will need a handle comb and small hair ties for the felt hairstyle:
  • Divide the hair into equal sized strands with a handle comb.
  • Take one strand and pull it long. Hold the strand at the end of the hair.
  • With the comb you then pull against the direction of growth from the end to the base of the head.
  • While toupeeing the hair strands you can shape the dreadlocks by rolling them between your palms.
  • This step is repeated for every single strand of hair until there is nothing left.
  • Then the impressive dreadlocks are finished.

#9 Long surfer hairstyle

Who says that only girls wear long hair? Long hair on boys not only looks extremely cool and casual, but directly reminds us of surfer boys, sun and waves.
With this surf mat, son-man will become a trendsetter directly. The good thing is: mom hardly has to do anything for this – just let it grow and put a little hair wax in for the perfect texture!

Hairstyles for boys: which hairstyle suits which head shape?

There are three different face shapes that are particularly well suited for certain hairstyles for boys. Here’s what you can consider:

The oval face

If your son has an oval face, almost every hairstyle for boys suits him. The height of the forehead is also important here. Children with a high forehead can wear hairstyles with ponies well. But if your son has a rather low forehead, the hair can also be styled up very cutely. This balances the proportions in the face.

The narrow face

Boys with a narrow face look good with medium to long hair. Steps can also look really good and visually help to get more width in the face.

The round face

Boys with round facial features like hairstyles, such as the under-cut or the rooster comb. That’s because these hairstyles visually stretch the face.

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