We offer in the brewery with pleasure free salt sticks to the beer, however, one does not become full of it of course. You are therefore welcome to bring your own snack resp. on site also order from one of the countless delivery services. Feel free to bring your own food, we will have plenty of beer. Don’t forget plates and cutlery, we really only have salt sticks.

2 liter bottles for draft beer to go

At the bar you get all available draft beers in a 2 liter siphon freshly filled from the dispensing system. Ideal for this if you want to drink it within 2 days.


There are "free beer vouchers to give away. In a convenient business card format, the voucher can be purchased at the bar for a desired amount. So free beer for the recipient, do not misunderstand :)


The interaction of hops, malt, water and yeast offers a variety of ways to brew a beer. So why focus only on a standard range of beers (z. Bsp. Pilsner, wheat, dark beer) focus when you can do so much more:

Since 2013 I brew beer passionately, then still as a hobby brewer in my kitchen. I have then over the years my small brewing system (50 liters) fully developed with computer control, etc., I learned the art of brewing through technical literature, brewery visits and various other events and Internet forums, until the demand from friends consumed the small amount of beer after 7 weeks of storage within a week. Therefore, at the beginning of 2015, I went in search of a small corner where I can commercially make a little more beer. The vault in Leibnizstr. 17 was a lucky chance hit, but it made me decide to build something bigger from a small corner after all. Courageous step of the part-time self-employment, I have then made the expansion, which is now realized after 1 1/2 years after some hurdles and numerous applications and expansion services.

My brewery includes a 500l brewhouse, with which I brew different kinds of beer in a total of 6 fermentation and storage tanks. Fortunately this has just fit through the front door. Depending on the type of beer, at the end of fermentation and cold storage (4 – 7 weeks), the finished beer is between 400 – 500 liters, which I bottle in kegs for serving and in bottles to take home. All naturally unfiltered, untreated and brewed with Leipzig water. The way it comes out of the tank, it goes into barrels and bottles. Each bottle is rinsed, filled, corked and labeled individually. Handwork so from the beginning to the end.

The variety of opportunities will therefore always produce different beers. At the beginning I think about which beer style I want to implement for the next brew. Then I look at many recipes and build my own recipe from it, what by change of the malt and hop portions as well as the yeast and fermentation guidance a different taste and/or a new taste. Character gets. With these changes alone, you can create a variety of different flavor orientations within one beer style, and that’s exactly what I want to do. For the time being there will be no beer like this, even though I have developed some recipes over the years that I could always brew like this. Once one kind of beer is drunk, the next one will follow. So it will be very varied and hopefully for every beer taste what is there. So let yourself be surprised and have a look at the current beer offer, what is in stock at the moment and what will come next.

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